Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quit Drinking Alcohol-Start A New Life

This is for those, including myself, that have or had a addiction to alcohol.  There are many people in all walks of life struggling with an Alcohol Addiction and can not seem to control or even stop their addiction.  I for one, loved the beer and it showed by my appearance, that went down hill overtime.

When you look into the mirror, and say to yourself, "who are you?"  Your not the person I knew my whole life. That is the time to really start to make some decisions of what you want in your life.  This is just one thing that I did everyday, and with each day that passed, what I saw looked worse each time.  So, I said  to myself, well it's time now for the biggest change in my life.  I have seen enough and have done enough, now it's time to try your very hardest to Achieve Sobriety.

As they always say, pictures and mirrors don't lie.  If you want a true picture of yourself just take a look in a mirror or a photo from years ago.  Granted, we all age over our life time but, why try to rush the aging with some avoidable addictions.   I was kind of embarrassed and self conscious of my appearance and how I have changed over time.

So, what we have to do, and what I did, was to face the fact that we need to admit to ourselves that we have a addiction, and it's time to Quit Drinking Alcohol and start a new life.

Now, we have first admitted that we have an alcohol addiction.  Secondly, we have to agree to ourselves that  we want to make this One Way Trip to Sobriety, then we have to start by having a Positive Attitude from now on in.  These Positive thoughts will not only help us to Sobriety but will also help us in our everyday lives.

Another thing that we have to do when heading on the road to Recovery, is that we have to say to ourselves that we will not ever be able to tilt the bottle up again.  If you can handle that, and agree to yourself that you won't let those demons take over your life ever again, then you are on the right track to a new life.  Once you can agree to that, you should be proud of yourself, as I was when I made that promise to myself.

Anyone can achieve anything in life, provided that you have a Positive Attitude, Inner strength, and the Willingness to reach out for help if needed.  Also, think of all those dreams that you can achieve when you are Sober. These ideas will help give you the drive to get to your destination in life.

When I decided to go Sober, I thought what is my future going to be if I stay on this path of destruction? 
What is my future, if I decided to change my life?

The answer was this... MY DESTINY IN LIFE= SOBRIETY