Friday, October 28, 2011

How To Beat Your Addiction To Alcohol

Have you ever wanted to beat something so bad, but just didn't know how to go about it and win?  This is the problem with many people that are addicted to alcohol.  They want deep down to surrender to their addiction, but don't know or are afraid to take that first step in doing so.

How to beat your addiction to alcohol can be right in front of your face, but you are blinded to all of it because your addiction has gotten the best of you, so you think.

I have learned over these two years, exactly today, October 27, 2011 clean and sober and still going stronger than ever and continuing to fight my inner demons.What I have learned is that there is nothing better or greater than sobriety.

Anyone can beat their inner demons and their addiction whether it is alcohol or drugs.  The only thing and the biggest part of surrendering is to want to quit drinking and using.  Without the WANT, it is a hopeless case, in my eyes. 

I messed around saying I will just drink on weekends or major Holidays and special occasions, but I was only fooling myself.  I knew, and my family knew, I would never be able to do that special occasional drink  for I was an alcoholic and needed that booze everyday and not on occasions or on weekends. 

I thought it was a great idea and it may of stopped the nagging about my drinking.  It didn't work and would never work.  Some people can't just be a social drinker, like myself.  We can't just have one or two drinks and say that is enough for me. No, we need to drink until we are drunk or till every drop of alcohol is gone.

If you want to beat your addiction,than here is what I did in order for me to become clean and sober and hopefully some of this will help you as well.
  1. I finally admitted I had a huge drinking problem.
  2. I wanted so bad to be sober and live a normal life again.
  3. I promised myself I would never touch alcohol again, and I am a man of my word.
  4. I prayed to God to help give me the strength and willpower to get sober.
  5. I would not let anyone or anything stand in my way of me getting and staying sober.
  6. I changed my outlook on life and started to think nothing but Positive thoughts.
  7. I started to love myself and my live like no other, and wanted to give my life a second chance.
I hope some of these things I stated about my own life and what I did and thought of will touch some place in your heart and give you the strength to beat your addiction to alcohol as I did.

If you really want to get clean and sober, then stand up to your demons and shut them down in their tracks.  You can do it believe me.  If you have the will to change and the pure determination to make that change in your life, than sobriety is waiting for you.  Don't ever quit on finding your sobriety and never back down to your demons and relapse after you have gotten clean and sober and worked so hard to get there.

You will have many times on your road to recovery, that temptation and the urge to drink will come into your life, and if that happens, as it has many times for me, SIMPLY SAY NO!!! 

Beat your addiction, and get clean and sober and stay clean and sober.  You will never regret the hard work put forth to have a new and healthy life.