Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How To Avoid The Temptation To Drink During The Holidays

The Holidays are coming up soon and there will be many of parties and get together s throughout Christmas and the New Years.

The problem for many people that have an addiction to alcohol is "how to avoid the temptation to drink during the Holidays."

The biggest problem for many with an addiction to alcohol is when they stop drinking just before the Holidays are coming, like I did over 3 years ago.  I stopped drinking on October 27, 2009 when Thanksgiving and Christmas were near by.  It was a tough time for me, but I was determined to stay sober no matter what the Holiday was and who I was with during those Holidays.

Once you make up your mind to stop drinking you have to stick with it no matter what happens in your life and no matter what the day of the year is.

If you have surrender to your demons, don't ever give in to them ever again, because if you happen to do so you will be back in the same boat as you were before, and that is drinking and abusing alcohol.  Believe me it will not be pleasant knowing that you gave into your demons the morning after.


  • Continue to think of how hard you worked to get and stay sober.  
  • Continue to keep that Positive Attitude every second of the day.
  • Remember how you felt when you drank alcohol and all the mornings hungover.
  • Look at your spouse and family and think how disappointed and hurt they would be if you drank.
  • Look at yourself and how disappointed you would be of your own self if you drank alcohol.
  • Drink your soda or coffee and mingle with all those at the party just as if you were drinking right along with them.
  • If they ask you why you are not drinking, be proud and say, "I stopped drinking and never will drink again."
If you want to stop drinking alcohol and live a clean and sober life, then CLICK HERE to read just how you can do it and live the rest of your life with sobriety.
So when you are out at your Holiday parties don't be embarrassed that you are not drinking and carrying on with the others.  Be proud that you have the strength to say no and that you don't need alcohol to have a great time.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

How To Get Ready To Walk The Road To Recovery

Here is my version of "how to get ready to walk the road to recovery."

First and foremost, you must want to change your life and start to live a life of sobriety.  Until you have admitted you have an addiction to alcohol, and need help, your road to recovery is not in the cards just yet.

You have to really want to live life clean and sober, and I don't mean for a week or month, I mean Long Term Sobriety. Forever without another drink of alcohol.  Do you think you can handle that, or do you think you will cheat while sober and just have a drink or two every now and then?

If you are sober now that is wonderful, but as the Holiday's are approaching us the alcoholic that has sobered up has that temptation and the urge to drink.  I know for myself it is a touch road when these Holiday's come around each year.

You see some many people drinking alcohol and just having a grand ole time while you sit there sober and drinking your soda or coffee.  The parties are everywhere around Christmas time, and then New Years Eve comes and the booze really is flowing at many New Years parties.

How can you stop the urge to drink alcohol during these times of big parties?

  1. Remember just how hard you worked to get on the road to recovery.
  2. Remember how you felt each morning after a heavy night of drinking.
  3. Remember how you acted when you drank too much alcohol and made a fool of yourself.
  4. Remember what you almost loss when you were addicted to alcohol.
  5. Remember how much money you have saved from stopping drinking.
  6. Remember the arguments and fights you had with your spouse or friend because of your drinking.
  7. Remember those days you got behind the wheel being so drunk because you just didn't care.
  8. Remember being pulled over and given a DUI.
  9. Remember the horrible things you said to someone that meant so much to you.
  10. Remember the buzz you had was only temporary, until the next time you drank.  It is nothing but a vicious cycle, day after day.
It will take lots of work to get on that road to recovery, but once there, and you stay on that road, life will be so much better for you and those that love and care for you, such as your families and friends.  


  1. I took a good hard look at my life as it was at that moment.
  2. I looked around at those that loved and cared for me and wondered if drinking alcohol was worth losing all of this love and respect they have for me.
  3. I had to get out of the mood of being negative and change that to Positive Attitude.
  4. I looked at what I was depriving my family from my addiction to alcohol.
  5. Preparing yourself for the road to recovery takes thought and the willpower to stop drinking alcohol.
  6. You must have the willpower, determination and the strength to say NO MORE to the demons that have run and ruined your life, and when you see what they have done to you and what they are going to do to you in the future, you may what to think long and hard to stop drinking and get on that new road to recovery.
**Here is a great website by a friend of mine that will help you sober up and have long term sobriety back into your life.  He has great Pod Casts, and so much information on stopping drinking alcohol and turning your life around, as I have, and he has as well.  It is called Living Sober Sucks, (but living drunk sucks more).  Check it out for it will help you get on that road to recovery.

**As for myself, I wrote this eBook a couple years ago regarding how I started drinking and and my life of alcohol addiction.

So if you want a new life and get out of the addicted life of alcohol then here is what you should think about doing:
* Think positive, and continue to tell yourself that you can and will find long term sobriety.
* Have the strong desire and the willingness to change your life once and for all.
* Don't let anything or anyone steer you off the road of recovery no matter what.

God Bless all those that have an addiction to alcohol and want to change their life around.  Keep telling yourself that you can do it, and before you know it you will be on that road to recovery.  Stay strong, believe in yourself, and keep that positive attitude in everything you do in life.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Why Do Alcoholics Live In Denial

If you are, or know someone that is an alcoholic, answer me this.  "Why do alcoholics live in denial?  Can you answer that question?

I bet I can answer this question because I was one of those people that had an addiction to alcohol and lived in denial every single day of my drinking days.  Those days are long gone now, Thank God.

No matter what anyone told me, I thought that what they said was completely crazy and out of order.  I would think and say to them, "you are out of your mind and don't know what you are talking about."  I can handle my alcohol just fine, and as far as drinking everyday, who cares, I am not hurting anyone!"

Man was I wrong with that statement.  I never knew I was so addicted to alcohol and certainly didn't realize I was hurting so many people that loved and cared for me. The alcohol ran my life and told me what to do and say.  I was completely blinded to the outside world and never thought I was hurting anyone, but myself and my health.

Alcohol made me feel as if I would never get sick from it, and thank God that never happened, but if I were to continue drinking and going down that destructive path of life, sooner or later it would of got me, as it will get every alcoholic one way or another in the end.  Whether it be sickness, or a horrible accident caused by over drinking and abusing alcohol and for the worst part, drinking and driving accidents.  With drinking and driving as we all know, we are not only putting your life in danger, but you would be putting innocent lives in danger as well.

The alcoholic just can't accept the fact that they have a real alcohol problem.  They think that their life is just fine and they are not bothering anyone.  Well, I have to say, your life is not fine and you are bothering many of people by your addiction to alcohol.  You can't see it because you are living in denial and blinded by your own addiction.  I can say this, because what I am stating here was me three years ago until I finally saw the light and stopped drinking alcohol.\

The alcoholic thinks they are living a normal life, because many of their friends are also alcoholics and share the same interest which is drinking alcohol.  The drink and carry on, having a great old time and when the booze starts to flow they are all the smartest in the subject they are talking about.  Does any of this sound familiar to you at all?

What I did, and what you should think about seriously is to look at your life as you are living it at that moment and think to yourself where you will be in a year or two from that moment.  Look around you carefully and take notice of the people that are in your life and that love and care for you, such as your spouse and children.

Think real hard if it is worth having an addiction to alcohol and abusing alcohol everyday or be apart of the family that care for you so much.  The choice really isn't that hard to figure out.  It took me years to be able to look past my addiction to alcohol and see the world around me as I was sober.  You can't look at things in the right way having alcohol in your system.  Take a break for a day and really look into your life and what is all around your.  The vision will be clear and it just might give you a wake up call to turn your life around and start enjoying life being sober.  Sobriety is a wonderful thing if you just give it a chance!

One other important thing to mention once you get out of denial and what to live a life of sobriety is, "YOU NEED TO THINK AND ACT WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!  

By having a positive attitude in your quest to living a clean and sober life, you will see the denial start to just go away just as it did for me over three years ago.  Once I admitted I had problem with alcohol, and it was out of control, I got out of the denial I lived in for so long and I wanted my life back the way it was before alcohol took over.
                                             MY eBOOK AND HOW I STARTED TO DRINK
You too can do the exact same thing if you have it in your heart and soul to live a better life for yourself, and for your families and friends, you will give them a better life just by being around you sober. 



Monday, December 3, 2012

Quit Drinking Cold Turkey

The question I asked myself when I thought it was time to stop drinking alcohol is, "should I quit drinking cold turkey?"

I wanted to quit drinking and knew it was way past time to do so.  I have wasted many of years of my life, and other lives as well, all due to my addiction to alcohol.  I am sure many alcoholics have thought about stopping drinking alcohol, but were afraid of how they would feel with the abstinence of alcohol in their bodies.  Thinking this way will tend to hold up the process of recovery and getting and staying sober.

As for me, I thought, and knew I was doing wrong and harming my body with each drink I consumed, but no matter how I thought, and what other people would say about my drinking, I just wasn't ready to give up the one thing I loved, and the one thing that was a huge part of my life and other lives as well.

The alcoholics really don't realize what harm they are doing not only to themselves, but those that love them and care about them.

I was lucky enough to be able to quit drinking alcohol cold turkey.  I had it in my mind that no matter what happened in my life I would never go bad to my old ways of drinking alcohol again.  I heard a life changing whisper that night.  I made my mind up once and for all that I had to stop drinking, before it was too late for all involved.

I made a promise to myself that lonely night in the garage drinking alone.  I told myself, " I will not let this addiction to alcohol run and ruin my life, and other lives for one more second of my life."

The promise to myself was that I would never pick up another alcoholic drink for the rest of my life, because I knew by past experiences I would be doomed if I did.  It is all balls out or nothing!

For any alcoholic that wants to quit drinking you must know that there is only one way to do this, and that is never to touch a drop of alcohol ever again, if and when you stop drinking.  If you are okay with this promise, as I was when I made mine to myself then you are on the right road to recovery.

There is no such thing as, I will only have one or two drinks.  This will NEVER work if you have had a addiction to alcohol, and have abused alcohol for some time.  There can be NO cheating whatsoever.  It is all or nothing!

I must add this in: I am not saying quit drinking cold turkey.  I quit cold turkey, but I was taking a chance and was afraid of what could happen when I stopped drinking.  I worried for days and weeks of the DT's and just getting sick from stopping that fast.  If you are concerned about what may happen to you if you do quit drinking cold turkey you should look into a Rehab. Center that has trained professionals to help you detox in a safe manner.

So if you are serious about getting and staying sober, the first thing to do is to admit you are an alcoholic.  Second, promise yourself that once you stop drinking alcohol you will never touch it again. You need to believe in yourself and love yourself enough to make this sobriety work for you.  You need to continue to have a positive attitude each and everyday from that point on and never let anyone or anything stand in your way of your recovery and long term sobriety.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Living With A Spouse That Has An Addiction To Alcohol

Are you living with a spouse that has an addiction to alcohol?  If so, what do you do to try and make living with that spouse a bit more easier?

I don't have all the answers, but I can tell you that my wife put up with me drinking alcohol everyday for years.  Sometimes when love is so true and unconditional, spouses seem to just hang in there hoping for a miracle that the person they love will see the light and stop drinking alcohol forever.

In my case, and I am sure millions of people throughout the world, have had the same problem.  They wish so bad that their loved one would stop abusing and drinking alcohol.  They wait and wait hoping they will quit drinking and start living a life of sobriety.

How long should you really wait until you just give up on your spouse surrendering to his/her addiction to alcohol?  I just think it depends on how much you love that person and how determined you are and want that person to see the light and stop drinking alcohol and get back to his/her real self without relying on the crutch of alcohol.

Life is so precious and we the alcoholics don't even realize what we are doing to the people that love and care for us so much.  We are not only killing ourselves, but we are destroying our families and the ones that love us.  Alcohol blinds us so much and runs our lives everyday, we can't see what we are doing to others,a and if by chance we do see it, we don't care because the alcohol tells us different.


  • You are helping your spouse by enabling him/her in their addiction to alcohol.
  • You have to be strong and be able to say no, I will not give you any money to support your addiction.
  • You have to be stern. but not so that you and your spouse begin to fight and argue over the addiction that is ruining your lives.  I have seen, and have been there, when my wife would approach me regarding how much alcohol I drink and that I should really stop.  I would listen as many alcoholics do, until the sober spouse has said so much that the alcoholic gets more upset and starts to drink even more just out of spite.  It is a vicious cycle, day in and day out.  
  • You must talk to the alcoholic in a way that you make are making a strong point letting them know how unhappy you are and you want this relationship or marriage to work and not be ruined by the addiction to alcohol they have.
  • I have found that talking in a civil manner helps more than screaming and yelling at your spouse.  Be calm, but stern about your concerns of their addiction.  Try to explain to them that they are ruining their health and destroying the love that they once had.
  • I know from my experiences of drinking alcohol for years that no matter what a spouse says to the alcoholic, the alcoholic will never stop drinking until he/she is ready to do it on their own and not be forced into sobriety.  
  • I had quit drinking a couple of times just to make peace in the household, but over time when I felt that everything had calmed down, I felt save to start drinking again.  I would start out with a beer or two and then BANG I went right back to old ways of pounding them down all night long.  I am sure many alcoholics have done the exact same thing.  To stop for awhile to just make peace.  It will never work, believe me. You have to want sobriety and until then no matter what anyone says or what Rehab. Center you may go in, long term sobriety will never happen until you have it in your heart to stop drinking and stop forever.
  • It is really a hard thing to do if you fight it, but if you just look at your life and those around you that love you, sobriety will happen when you are ready and not before.
  • Rehab. Centers are wonderful, but you have to stick to it even after being released and not think you can have a drink or two at a party, etc.  You will relapse faster than you can shake a stick, as they say.
**Love yourself and others enough to stop drinking alcohol forever.  Save your life, and save your relationship and marriage.  Don't let alcohol run and ruin your life.

Anyone can stop drinking if you put your mind to it and think with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE that you will get and stay sober.  Believe in yourself and love yourself enough to stop drinking.

Monday, November 19, 2012

How Alcoholics Can Fight Their Addiction

Have you ever been in a fight and have lost?  Have you ever been in a fight and won? Alcoholics fight their addiction every single day of their lives.  How alcoholics can fight their addiction is in the hands of each and every alcoholic.

Some alcoholics feel as if they don't have a drinking problem and are very content with the life they are living and then there are those that live in hell each and everyday wondering how they can fight back and win over the addiction they have.  This is no easy task believe me.  I have had the unpleasant experience of alcohol addiction being first on my priority list and first in my life above all.

This addiction to alcohol is like living in hell. If you have it in your heart to be clean and sober, but just don't have the willpower or enough determination to get sober, you are one step in the right direction. You want sobriety deep down in your heart, but something deeper tells you that you may not be ready just yet to get sober and find yourself and your sobriety. So what is the next step in frighten back at your addiction?

Anyone that is addicted to alcohol knows exactly what I am talking about.  It is a rough ride trying to get sober, but if you want sobriety bad enough it will come, and stay, if that's what you want in your life.
  1. You know that sobriety is possible, but how to you go about achieving it?
  2. You know your life is not normal and depend on your addiction to alcohol to get through your day.
  3. You know that your family is falling apart due to you addiction to alcohol.
  4. You know that alcohol is your crutch and without it you are lost.
  5. You maybe losing days at work due to being so hung over from the night before.
  6. Your health is declining each and everyday you drink.
  7. You look into the mirror and wonder if that is you staring back.
  8. Your looks have changed and you have either lost or gained weight.
  9. Your self-esteem is about none.
  10. You have no positive attitude and living in a world of negativity because you are depressed.
  11. You wonder why nothing works out for you.
  12. You wonder why the only friends you have are only drinking buddies.
  13. You family is becoming distant from you and don't want to be around you when you start drinking.
DOES ANY OF THESE THINGS SOUND FAMILIAR TO YOU? I bet they do, and you are at wits end to finding your sobriety.  What can you do to get and stay sober is the question many alcoholics ask.
Here is what I have learned when I finally surrendered to my addiction to alcohol three (3) years ago.
I took a good hard look at my life (while being sober and not drinking) and asked myself these questions.

Where will I be in years to come if I continue drinking alcohol like I am right now?

Will my family stay with me until the end of my time, or will they just get fed up and leave because of my drinking problem?

Do I have enough willpower to beat the demons within? 

Do I really want long term sobriety, or just a short break in my drinking to dry out a bit? 

Do I want to live a long healthy life to see my children grow up as adults?

Do I want to walk my daughter down the Aisle on her Wedding Day?

Do I want to see my Grand Children be born and have their own families? 

None of the above will happen if you and I don't stop drinking and abusing alcohol.  Sooner or later the alcohol will catch up with all of us.  We alcoholics thing it will never happen to us, but believe in time it will bite you on the ass and you will be so sorry you continue to abuse your body with drinking alcohol every single day of your life.

Just imagine how great you will feel getting up in the morning with no Hangover and feeling like plain old crap, until.... that next drink inters your body and then all is well for then.  It is a vicious cycle, day after day, week after week, month after month.  It is not the life God had intended us to have.  Smarten up and stop drinking and abusing your body.

Think of what you are doing to your body and the family and friends that love and care for you so much.  You are breaking their hearts by them watching you destroying your body slow, but sure.

It is not that hard to stop drinking alcohol.  I thought it would be for me, but after the first few weeks had passed and I realize, "I have be alcohol free for 3 weeks."  It is a wonderful feeling and a huge accomplishment.  If you can make it 3 weeks, or a month you have the capability to doing it for the rest of your life.  You just can not CHEAT!!

None of this stuff like, " I think I will have just one drink."  That crap WILL NOT WORK EVER!
You have to go all out sober or nothing.  Once you make up your mind to get sober and have said, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" is when you will be heading to recovery and making your sobriety Long Term.

Believe and you will achieve.  You have to believe in yourself and promise yourself that you will never ever pick up a drink of alcohol again.  If you are okay with that promise to yourself then you are going in the right direction and have taken that first and MOST IMPORTANT step in your life.

Stay strong and keep that positive attitude in everything you do in life and your sobriety will happen.  Sure it will take some hard work in the beginning, but nothing good happens in life without hard work involved.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do You Know What Your Addiction Is Doing To You?

Alcohol does many things to the human body. First, and the most important thing is that it is designed to get you feeling good and drunk as heck.  That is the main purpose in my opinion, and it does a great job at it.

Many people that drink alcohol can handle them self in a sense that they know when it is time to stop drinking alcohol and then there are those, such as myself, that don't know when enough is enough.  When we start out experimenting with drinking alcohol many of us don't realize if we are not careful this fun time drinking can turn into an addiction.  Do you know what your addiction is doing to you?  I bet not, for the simple reason, this addiction to alcohol has been slowly creeping up on you and now you can't figure out why in the world must you have alcohol every single day of your life.  Many of us can not live without this harmful poison in their bodies. We would start to go crazy and feeling on edge, nervous, shaky and the whole nine yards due to the absence of this poison we call alcohol not in your bodies.

Many people live, breathe, sleep with alcohol continuously on their minds. I have the right to say this because the minute I would wake, of course after drinking all night, my first thoughts were not, " I wonder how my day will be today." "I wonder if I will be productive today." No, the first thing I thought of was, "when is it time to have my first beer."  How pitiful is that I might ask you? I am sure many people that have an addiction to alcohol the same and some might even crack open a can of beer or take a shot of booze minutes after they wake up to start their day and get their head out of the clouds from the night before drinking alcohol.

When you start to think to yourself, what is this addiction I have doing to my life and what is it doing to my family and friends?  None of us that are addicted to alcohol ever for a moment think about the damage we are doing to our self and the hurt and pain we are causing to others, such as you family, spouse, and your children.

So, what do you think alcohol is doing to your body? 

  • Are you gaining weight?
  • Do you look in the mirror in disgust?
  • Are you not getting along with your spouse?
  • Are you feeling useless?
  • Are you short with your children and friends?
  • Are you missing work due to being hungover?
  • Are you spending money on alcohol that you don't have to spend?
  • Have you loss your positive attitude?
  • Is you self esteem gone?
  • Are your dream and goals put behind your addiction to alcohol?
  • Are you beginning to be a loner and drink by yourself person?
  • Do you head to the bars right after work?
  • Do you have the "I don't give a shit attitude?"
These few things can define what and alcohol addiction can do to you.  The fact of the matter is many people that are addicted to alcohol can't even see it when it is right smack in front of their eyes.

Wake up people, as I did, and see the light and lets try to change your life around for the better with a positive attitude and living life sober.  Sobriety will never hurt or kill anyone, ALTHOUGH, your addiction to alcohol will in time make you lose your job, your family, your children, your health and in the end losing your life all because of an addiction to alcohol that can be avoided and stopped.  The only think you have to do is take action and stand up to the demons that are controlling your life.  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Life Can Change By Not Drinking Alcohol

Many alcoholics wonder how life can change by not drinking alcohol and I am here to tell you it is one remarkable journey.  To finally find sobriety in ones life is something many alcoholics don't think will ever happen.  Sobriety will certainly change your life and all those around you that love and care for you.

I can't stress it enough in my blogs and other sites I write on that sobriety is there for all those that want it, and anyone of us can achieve sobriety if you put your minds and hearts into it 110 percent.

So many of us live, breathe, and sleep with our addiction in first place in our life.  If only these people that have an addiction would realize that life is so much better living it sober.  You don't realize what you are missing out on in life by putting your addiction first before all else, and that includes the ones that put their addiction before their own families and friends.

Any of us can change our lives into a positive way if we would only look deep into what you are doing to yourself and others.  You just don't realize how grand life is because your addiction holds you back from seeking out and exploring what the world has to offer in a sober way.  I can tell you from my own experience with drinking alcohol, that surrendering to my addiction to alcohol has change the world I now live in.

Those that stand up to their addiction and what to change their life will then see what true happiness is living life sober.  I have accomplished many things since I have surrender to alcohol, such my life long dream to live where I grew up as a child and that is a home by the sea.  I would have never been able to fulfill that dream if I were still drinking alcohol.  My wife and family can now enjoy me as me and not the make believe person I was while I was drinking alcohol.

You wake up in the morning feeling healthy, refreshed, with no hangover and ready to enjoy your day all being sober and happy.  There is nothing you would be thinking of when you awake, wondering did I say or do anything last night that would have hurt someone else while I was drinking and acting like a fool?

You will enjoy each minute of each day being sober and look forward to the next. You will think and plan with your family what should you do next to have fun and enjoy each other, while if drunk you really wouldn't care now would you? I know I didn't.  I just wanted to drink and that was my day between drinking and hitting the toilet.  What a waste isn't it when you really think about it?  Don't get me wrong I am not a anti drinking guy because I loved to drink.  It's just that the drink didn't love me and wanted to destroy me and everything I had in my life.  If you can drink alcohol responsibly and not abuse it, than God Bless You.

There are millions of alcoholics in the world, including myself, that are not that fortunate enough to have a few drinks and walk away.  So, if you are one of those like myself, the answer is to stop drinking alcohol all together.  That is exactly what I did and I could not be happier.

Read more about an addiction program forever, click here.

Is Alcohol Ruining Your Life

Think about how your life was before you started drinking alcohol.  Is alcohol ruining your life or do you think you have a great life even being addicted to alcohol?

Many people would more than likely say that alcohol doesn't effect their life at all, but maybe they should take a closer look around them and see what is being effected by them being addicted to alcohol.

So many alcoholics live each day in denial and really don't see what is going on around them.  They can't see who is being effected by their addiction and who is crying inside that the alcoholic will not get out of denial and seek help.  They are basically blinded from their own addiction and don't have to willingness to surrender to the addiction that is slowly ruining their life, and I might add, slowly killing them self.

There is no one that can change an alcoholics life except the alcoholic them self.  If every person that is addicted to alcohol would stop and look at their life and those lives around them, they will realize that something is horribly going wrong.  Alcohol addiction not only ruins the addicted person's life, but their spouses, children, family and friends suffer right along with them.  The difference is that the alcoholic is slowly killing them self and making their families and friends start to become distant because of the lifestyle the alcoholic leads. So, the alcoholic is losing everything in their life ever so slowly and they don't see it coming until the bottom falls out completely and they hit rock bottom.  Then they may wake up and change their life. It's sad, but true.  Sometimes it takes a huge life upset in order for the alcoholic to realize there is no way to beat this addiction, except to surrender to it once and for all.

Alcohol will certainly ruin your life and others, but you have the power within to stop this poison from destroying everything you have.  All you need to do is admit that you have a problem and then DO SOMETHING about it to correct this addiction you have.

Once you step up to the plate and get out of the denial you are living with and take all the necessary steps to get and stay sober you will see how your life will begin to change in a positive way.  It's all up to you whether you want the life of addiction or a clean and healthy life of sobriety.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quit Drinking Alcohol And Start Living Life

Are you in control of your life or is your addiction to alcohol controlling life for you?  Quit drinking alcohol and start living life with doing what you want and doing it sober.

Don't let your demons control your life, because they will certainly do just that, and even more.  They will ruin everything you worked so hard to get in you life.  Alcohol can and will destroy you slow, but sure if you let your drinking get out of hand.  An addiction just doesn't pop up over night.  It takes time as you know.  There is no time frame that you will become addicted to alcohol, because these addictions sneak up on all of us slowly and before you know it, you are asking yourself, "what just happened to my life?" Your life will become out of control.  You will start to think unclear and make bad and hasty decisions.

Things start to happen such as missing work because of a bad night out drinking alcohol.  You begin to argue with your spouse or boy/girl friends.  You begin to get distant from you family and friends so that you can drink in peace with not being hassled by those that love and care for you.

Your addiction starts to take over your life and before you know it your addiction to alcohol is your first priority and everything else becomes secondary, including your own well being and your families and friends.  I can say this because this is what happened to me.  Don't let your addictions run your life, because an addiction will if you are not strong enough to say no more.

You may think it is impossible, but it is very possible to quit drinking alcohol if you have it in your mind and heart to change your life and live it clean and sober.  You need to admit that you have a huge drinking problem, and if you can get out of the denial you have been living in and face the facts you are an alcoholic and need and want help, sobriety will follow.

Granted, it will take much work and strong determination to get and stay sober, but what in life doesn't need hard work to make something good come out of it?

Having a positive attitude in life will indeed help you in quitting drinking.  Many people live their lives in a negative way and think they mean nothing in life, so they drink alcohol to ease the pain of feeling useless.  They are doing this to themselves.  Alcohol certainly helps get you into a negative mode and you then lose your self esteem and feel helpless to your addiction, but the thing is, you are not helpless or useless.  You are a human being and people do love and care about you.  The problem is you are beginning to be blinded by your addiction to alcohol and can't see past your addiction.  You might want to try sobriety out and see just how life can be lived without your addiction being with you.

You have to learn to love yourself and do good for yourself.  Respect yourself and believe in yourself.  There is a life after an addiction, believe it or not.  I thought there was no life at all without carrying my crutch everywhere I went and I am sure many alcoholics feel the same.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Face Your Inner Demons

Have you ever had something or someone in your life that you were scared to death to face?  How afraid are you to face that situation?  There is one thing many people that are addicted to alcohol are afraid to face and that is their addiction and the demons that lie deep with in them.

You have to be a strong and determined person to know how to face your inner demons.  Many of us learn the hard way and then there are those that nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. The sad part is that we don't know what to expect when we decide to get clean and sober and are scared to death to live without our crutch and addiction by our side.  I know I was so afraid of how my body would react with the absence of alcohol and I am very sure every person with an addiction that wants to get sober feels the same.

We all have to learn to face our demons and addictions head on and not let anything or anyone stand in the way of us achieving long term sobriety.  I know it sounds easier said than done, but if you want a better life for you and your family you have to face this addiction problem head on and full force.

First and foremost, you have to want to change your life and get clean and sober in order to face your demons.  If you are not ready to stop drinking all together and completely then it will hard to face anything including your inner demons.

Be stronger than your addiction and stop letting your demons and addiction run and ruin your one and only life you have. Anything can be achieved in life including sobriety if you really want it bad enough.

Look at yourself, you are getting tired and more depressed each and everyday.  You think you are nothing in this world we live and no one even cares about you so why not just drink alcohol to ease the pain.  Don't run from your problems and turn to alcohol to try and solve them because I can tell you, "IT WILL NOT WORK", it only makes matters much worse.

So if you really want sobriety in your life again then I would advise you to stand up for who you are and stop drinking or using.  Stand up to your inner demons and start living the clean life like you were meant to do.

Monday, January 23, 2012

What Is A Functioning Alcoholic

Can you handle your alcohol? How do you get along each day with or without alcohol in your life?
Do you miss work or late to work because of a hard night before "drinking alcohol?"

What is a functioning alcoholic, and do you think you are one?  For myself, I would certainly consider myself a functioning alcoholic.  I never missed worked because of my drinking.  I went to work and preformed my job just like the sober ones, but the difference with me was my head was in a fog for most of the day until evening when I was right back to the beer and the fog would disappear and I thought I was thinking straight again.

The booze really does tricks on your mind and body don't you think?  There are so many people that are addicted to alcohol and go about their everyday lives as if they didn't drink at all and many people may not even know that these people have an addiction or a problem at all.  Have you ever heard the old saying, "I never knew he/she drank till I saw them sober?"

That is so true, but we are only fooling our self and no one else.  Even though we can function in our everyday lives does not mean we are not an alcoholic.  It seems that many that are functioning everyday and drinking at night gives the impression to their self that they do not have an addiction to alcohol problem.  That is exactly what I thought and I was dead wrong for sure.  It took me many years, as it may for those that have an addiction to alcohol, but hide it well, to admit there is a huge problem with our drinking and something must be done before the days that you never miss at work because of drinking, turn into something totally different and start to go into a full addiction and may change your life forever.

It can only go on for so long until something happens to your health, your job, your family life and possibly your own life.

So if you think by being a functioning alcoholic gives you the permission to continue to drink alcohol, you are mistaking, exactly what I thought.  Now clean and sober for over two years now, and counting, I now realize alcohol means nothing to me and I don't need it to have a so called great life. Having a great life revolves around sobriety and the ability to think and act straight and clear minded. Out of site, out of mind.

As the months and years have passed I totally have forgotten about my past addiction to alcohol and have not looked back only forward to a more and more brighter future and a clean and sober life.

The only time I think about alcohol now, is when I am writing about it, and that's the extent of it. Goodbye forever my addiction, you will never be missed, but not forgotten of how you almost destroyed my life!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Overcoming The Fear Of Getting Sober

Have you ever thought to yourself how sobriety and living a clean life could change your life?  Are you afraid of getting sober? Have you ever thought to yourself by overcoming the fear of getting sober would change your life in so many ways?

I am here to tell you, that there is nothing to be afraid of when you want to get sober and live a life of sobriety.  I too was scared to death when I decided to get sober and I have to say the fear almost stopped me from even trying to get clean and sober.

Many people in our world have had many fears and things that they are truly afraid of trying, but if you are afraid of change, or simply trying to change, you will be stuck in the rut that you are presently in.  Being addicted to alcohol for so years seems like it is a huge part of my and your life and we are afraid to let it go and live life without our crutch.

Any of us can overcome anything in life including the fear of getting sober if we set our minds to it and have that pure determination to make a change.  Never be afraid of sobriety, but be afraid of what your addiction is and will do to you and your family.  That's the thing you must be afraid of my friends, your addiction!

Set you mindset and get the strength you need to overcome your addiction and get sober. If you have it in your heart to get sober than you will achieve it.  This holds true for anything in life as well.

Believe in yourself and be not afraid of getting sober for it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life, and when you have achieved your sobriety, you will thank yourself for standing strong to your demons and not letting them take over and run your life anymore.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drinking Alcohol In Moderation

For all those that are addicted to alcohol, is drinking alcohol in moderation the way to go?  Can drinking alcohol for the alcoholic be controlled or should they just not drink at all?

For myself, I was not the kind of person that could have two or three beers or mixed drinks and call it the night till the next time.  No, I had to drink until I got that buzz my body longed for.  As many people that are addicted to alcohol they can't drink in moderation because once they start there is no end in site until the booze is gone or they are plastered.

It takes great will and strength to know when you have had enough and to limit yourself before you even walk out the door to go to a party or meet some friends at the local bar.  You need to set your limit of how much alcohol you will consume that evening. 

If you set your alcohol intake to 3 or 4 drinks, than that is all you can have, but many of us have great intentions to stick to our 3 or 4 drinks, but once we start having a good time and realize that we have hit our limit for the night we tend to cheat and say, "I'll just have one or two more drinks.  Well, if that's the case then we can not drink in moderation because if we could we would of stopped at the limit we set before we went out for the evening.

I truly believe that people, including myself are just fooling ourselves saying we have set our limit, but if you are not going to stick by your word then there is no reason to even set a limit at all.  These are the people that just should stop drinking all together, in which I did.

I could never stay true to my daily consumption, so why even try.  I knew in the back of my mind it would never work.  It didn't work in the past and would never work now, so I simply surrendered and quit drinking all together in which I might add was the best thing I have ever done in my life.

It's pretty sad when one can not even trust their self.  This is when you must decide what is best for you and your health.  I wish, and I am sure many alcoholics wish they could drink in moderation, but unfortunately it isn't possible for all.  I love my drink just as much as the next person, but it tends to be hard to stop and know when enough is enough, so in that case I must not drink at all.  I recommend to those with the same problem to not torture yourself and destroy you life with the tease of alcohol.  If you can't drink on occasion or in moderation just quit as I did and believe me you can have more sober fun that being that alcoholic drunk that doesn't even remember the night before.

So, if you think and know for a fact that you can not drink alcohol in moderation then you should consider doing what I did and that is to surrender all together and start living a clean and sober life.  You will not regret living a life a life of sobriety.  You will begin to start feeling your old self again and much happier and healthier.

Always stay positive and continue to keep a positive attitude in everything you do in life and by doing so things will start to look up and you will overcome your addiction to alcohol.  Stay focused, determined and have the willingness to change your life, and by doing these things you will find your sobriety once again.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things To Do To Stop The Temptation To Drink Alcohol

Temptation is in every ones life one way or another, but for the alcoholic that is trying to stay sober temptation is their worse fear.  Here are some of the things to do to stop the temptation to drink alcohol from my own experiences.

When I decided to quit drinking alcohol, deep in the back of my mind I always feared that the temptation to drink alcohol would always be there.  I asked myself, "how would I be able to ever go to another party where there is alcohol being served."  "Will I have to stay away from all my drinking buddies?"

These thoughts will forever be embedded in my mind, but in order to stay sober, I must be stronger than my temptation and the urge to drink.  After many months of being sober I tried my luck at going to a party with alcohol being served.  I knew I would be tempted, but I also knew I couldn't just hide the rest of my life from those that do drink alcohol.

I took the chance and I was completely fine.  There was no temptation or the urge to drink, and why is that you might ask?  The reason that I had no temptation or urge to drink alcohol was because I prepared my mind in a positive way to deal with what I was about to do, which was mingle with those that were drinking alcohol.

Your mind is a powerful tool that we all have.  It is just the matter if you choose to use this powerful tool to benefit you and your life. When you have a positive outlook in life you will be able to achieve anything you want including your sobriety.

If by chance you do get the temptation to drink, stop what you are doing for a minute and look back in time to remember just how hard you have worked on getting and staying sober.  Think of what will happen if you took that first sip of alcohol.  Do you think you could do it and set the drink down and never pick it up again?  I bet not, because if it were me I would be doomed and right back at the alcohol as my demons greet me back into the their world of hell.  I have a feeling that many alcoholics would say the same about them self.  So, just be strong and have that determination to stay sober. Be stronger than your addiction or you will be so sorry your addiction came back into your life again.  I know I would be.

I can't even imagine letting our demons take back over our lives again after being clean and sober for so long, but it does indeed happen to many of people that are addicted to, not only alcohol, but drugs as well.

All of us need to keep that positive attitude and not let our past addictions take over our lives again.  We all need to be stronger than our addictions and keep telling ourselves that no matter what happens in our lives we will never pick up that alcohol beverage again, and you must be firm about this promise to yourself.

Staying sober is indeed a hard thing to do, but it is only as hard as you make it.  Remember, sobriety will never hurt you or kill you, BUT your addiction to drugs and alcohol WILL hurt you and sooner or later kill you one way or another.  So just think before you drink and don't let the temptation and urge to drink ruin the life of sobriety you worked so hard to get.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Going Back On Your Word To Stay Sober

Staying sober for many alcoholics is the one of the hardest things they will have to endure in their lives.  I can say this because over the last few years many things happened in my life that would of driven any alcoholic that is trying to stay sober right back to drinking alcohol again.

You and I must stay sober now matter what happens in our lives and stop making excuses for going back on your word to stay sober.  I don't know about any other alcoholics out there, but when I decided to surrender to my addiction to alcohol, I made a promise to myself to never ever pick up a drink of alcohol no matter what life throws at me, and I am not a person to break my promise, especially to myself.

Just imagine if you went back on your word and starting drinking.  How do you think you would feel after you took that first sip of alcohol because of something in your life didn't worked out as you planned or it up set you enough to start drinking again?  I know for a fact I would be so disappointed in myself and so sad that I let my addiction run my life again.

All of us that have suffered with an addiction and are now sober have to stand strong to our past addiction and not let it get hold of us ever again.  I know it is easier said than done, but never go back on your word or it might be the worst mistake you have done in your life.

If a situation does arise in your life and drinking alcohol comes into your mind, don't do it.  Don't break and don't give in to your demons.  You and I will get through any situation that life gives us and none of us need to revert back to drinking alcohol to resolve our problems.

Stay Positive, Stay Focused and Stay Sober no matter what! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Having The Urge To Drink While Trying To Stay Sober

For all those that are trying to get and stay sober sometimes having the urge to drink while trying to stay sober is a tough thing to handle.  Getting sober could be short term for many, but staying sober is the key to long term sobriety.

Is there a secret to staying sober?  I don't think there is any kind of secret, it's if you want to stay sober and have the strength to turn down the urge and the cravings to consume alcohol.  I write and speak from my heart and from the experiences of drinking alcohol and just how I found sobriety on my own with no 12 step programs, no AA or any kind of meetings, only the willingness and the help of God to get me sober and to remain sober.  Staying sober is the hard part, but only has hard as you want to make it.  "I am by no means downing the 12 Step or AA programs because they do work very well, although I was fortunate enough that I could get sober without them.  This is not true for many people addicted. They will need Professional help and the proper care and counselling to detox in a safe and healthy way and to be guided in the right direction in life and towards getting clean and sober."

I would imagine if you want something bad enough and you are willing to do anything in order to achieve your goal or dream, it will happen, not only with getting clean and sober, but anything in life.  I have learned this while I started on my road to recovery, and believe me, if you want sobriety in your life you will do anything it takes.  You have to change our outlook on life and start thinking positive and continue to tell yourself that you can and will get sober no matter what it takes.

Many alcoholics, including myself has had many urges to drink maybe a few times a day, but you need to stop that urge in it's tracks and say that most important word "NO" I can't break and take that sip of alcohol.  I will not let my inner demons control my life anymore.  These demons that bring that urge to drink will be with you throughout the rest of your life.  They will hang inside of you just waiting for the moment to strike, but you must be stronger than them.  They will appear at the least expected moment.

If and when you get that urge or strong desire to drink alcohol, stop what you are doing right away and think of what you will have done to yourself if you take that drink or one sip.  Think of all the hard work you have
done over the last months or years and to ruin all you hard work for a sip of alcohol would be devastating.

You will be so mad at yourself and so disappointed that you gave in to those demons, plus then you will have to start back at day number one of trying to get and stay sober again.  You Must not let anything that happen in your quest to stay sober, and if by chance you do satisfy that urge you will never forgive yourself.

I know for a fact that I would be devastated that I wasn't strong enough to say "NO" to my addiction and demons that think they have you right where they want you.  Stay Strong.  Stay Positive and believe and love yourself enough to stay sober and enjoy this great life of Sobriety!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Preparing Yourself For A Life Of Sobriety

Preparing yourself for a family vacation, and new job, or just anything in your everyday life may seem very easy compared to preparing yourself for a life of sobriety.

Sobriety is something that the alcohol or drug addict would love to have, but the big problem is that their addiction has taken over their life and they may feel as if they are helpless to their own addiction, and that is so untrue.

Anyone that has an addiction of any kind has the choice of living the way they are with their addiction or making their minds up to make that huge life change and surrender to their addiction once and for all.

Many people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol seem to think it is too late to change their life for the fear it may be too late to even try to change.  Preparing your mind to get clean and sober is a huge part of sobriety.

First off, the person that is addicted must finally admit to his/her self that they indeed have a problem with their alcohol or drug abuse and they must get our of the denial that they have lived in for so long.  The reason I say get out of the denial is because I for one never thought I had a problem at all with drinking alcohol.  What the heck, everyone drinks alcohol so why am I any different then all the other drinkers?

My difference was, I didn't know when enough was enough.  I didn't know that there was a life out there without having to drink to have fun.  I am very sure that many alcoholics and drug addicts feel as I did and just figure what hell, it's too late now to change.  My body is probably ruin now anyway, so why quit drinking or using now.  This is not the case my friends!  It is never to late to change your life around for the better.  Although, if you continue to prolong your sobriety and the way you live your life, yes, sooner or later will come a time that it will be too late and many of us will be very sorry we didn't make that life change years before.  So, don't let this time pass you by.  Remember, we are only here on earth one time so make every second of it count and live it in a clean and sober way.

The way I prepared myself for the journey of a lifetime was I began to think of all the things I have missed out on by putting alcohol before anything and sometimes my own family and friends.  Alcohol was running and ruining my own life and taking down many people that I love and that loved me with my own addiction.  So when you look around and see just how your addiction effects other people you begin to think,"I am causing pain to those that I love all for the love of alcohol.  It is really worth destroying other people's lives because I am addicted to alcohol and don't have enough courage to surrender.

You have to look at everything around you in order to prepare for this journey to sobriety, meaning weigh your life and what is worth to save.  Are you worth saving?  I bet you are and if so, why in the world do we do these things to our bodies and the one that love and care so much for us.  They are all crying inside for us to finally see the light and change our habits and lifestyle.  Many of us, including me, are blinded by our addiction and can not see past it, but I must say, you can see past your addiction if you only try.  Don't let your demons ruin your life for one more second.  You are the only one that change that and you can change if you have the determination and the willingness to change.

Preparing to get clean and sober is all in the mind and if you think of where your life will be months or even years from now, and if you continue to drink you may see that you are only going to go downhill from now on. On the other hand think what your life would be if you were to surrender to your demons and start a life of sobriety.  I don't know about you, but I chose the life of sobriety and it couldn't of been a better choice

Drinking alcohol or using drugs gets you nowhere in life except poor health and death far earlier than that it should of happened.

You have to prepare your mind with positive thoughts and have that positive attitude telling yourself that you can and will achieve sobriety no matter what it takes to do it.  You can't let anyone or anything stand in your way of getting sober.  You trained your mind to be an alcoholic or a drug addict and you can train your mind to become clean and sober only if you really want sobriety bad enough.  Positive thoughts bring positive results, at least that is what I have learned in my journey to sobriety.  "It can be done for all of you if you want that to be the way of life you wish to have, until the day comes that you are taken from this earth by God's terms and not your demons."

First, you must want to be sober on your terms and not be forced into getting sober, because if you are being threatened or forced into getting clean and sober it will not work because you are not ready yourself for this change in life.  You need to want it so bad you will do anything to get sober .

Think positive every step of the way, and as time goes by you will see sobriety is really a great thing and it will be easier to get through each day without the crutch you have been holding for so many years.  One step at a time and one day at a time and sooner or later the urge and the desire to drink alcohol or use drugs will slowly disappear out of your life.  It has for me thank God, and now I am writing to hopefully help all those that have a life of addiction and to just say there is always hope and if you love and believe in yourself you can do anything in life and sobriety will be back into it as well.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How A Positve Attitude Helps With Getting Sober

Have you any idea how a positive attitude helps with getting sober?  For many people that are suffering from an addiction to alcohol sobriety and getting sober is the last thing on their mind.  Why, you may ask?  When an alcoholic has been drinking for so many years they forget just how sobriety and being clean and sober feels.

They have a hard time with excepting that they may have an addiction problem, and don't what to admit that they are living in denial and think nothing of drinking and partying, just like it is the way of life for everyone.  Well everyone in our society and in our world drink and abuse alcohol to the point of getting addicted to it.

When I finally said, "enough is enough" and surrendered to my addiction to alcohol is when I realized that a positive attitude has had a huge impact on my sobriety and has helped me to get sober and using that positive attitude continues to keep me sober as well.

Can you imagine walking around with that chip on your shoulder and thinking nothing but negative thoughts, saying why me?  How in the world can anyone get sober thinking negative and telling them self that they will never be able to kick their addiction and get clean and sober. Thinking is this manner no one will ever get sober.

Just think about it.  Negative thoughts give negative results and positive thoughts give positive results.  Sound right to me, how about you?

I can certainly say from my experience with drinking alcohol, and then getting sober, that my positive attitude helped me to get sober, and without thinking this way I would still be stuck in my little world of my own addiction and self destruction.  Our minds, and we all have one I might add, can and will do anything you tell it to.  If you want to live in a world of addiction and telling yourself you will never get sober than that is exactly what your life will be.

Now, lets turn the coin and say you are thinking nothing but positive thoughts and thinking with that positive attitude telling yourself that you can and will get and stay sober no matter what it takes to achieve your sobriety.  Which of the two attitudes do you think will work the best for you?  I have my answer, how about you, do you have your answer?  I think the answer is a no brainier in my opinion.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Words From One Alcoholic To Another

Here are my words from one alcoholic to another and my questions to you.

Can you say that you love yourself?
Can you say you love your families and friends?
Can you say you put your addictions above all else?
Can you stop your alcohol or drug addiction?
Can you say you love your addiction more than anything else in your life?
Can you say you are happier being drunk or high?

These are just a few questions to think about if you are suffering from an addiction of any kind and don't know where to turn or how to get clean and sober.  My advice to you goes as follows, and this is only my personal experiences with drinking alcohol and not Medical advise to you.

Lets start with question number one shall we, regarding, do you love yourself.  I think anyone suffering from an addiction has a underlying problem deep down in them self and doesn't know how to express their feelings, so they keep this inside and possibly drink or use to get a release from whatever maybe bothering them deep down inside.  Many of us may not really know what the problem is, but know something is not right with their life.  I felt that something was bothering me inside, but couldn't pin point exactly what it was, so I drank alcohol to get that feeling of freedom from whatever problem was bugging me and before I knew it I was addicted. I now know that drinking alcohol never did answer that mysterious question of what was bothering me deep down and in fact, drinking alcohol will never fix or heal anything.  It will only mask the problem for a short time until you sober up and reality sets back in.

Question number two is in regards to loving your families and friends so do you really love them and have unconditional love?  We all say "I love you" but do you really mean it or just saying it to save face?  Can you honestly say you love your families and friends enough to stop drinking or using drugs?  I bet not only because your addiction has taken over your life and is first and for most number one in your life and everything else is secondary and above all, you really don't love them because you are hurting all of them deeply by your actions and behaviors regarding your addictions.

Question number three is in regards to putting your addiction above all else and I can honestly say that I did put my addiction before anything and never thought once about who I hurt by doing so.  There are some tell tail signs that I can tell you regarding my actions and putting my alcohol addiction first above all.  I will never go anywhere unless there was alcohol being served and if it wasn't served I would bring and hide my own stash.  It is like having a broken leg and you need to bring your crutch with you to help you deal with your broken leg and help you walk.  Well alcohol was my crutch and I didn't feel comfortable going anywhere without it.  I am sure just about any alcoholic can and will agree with me by their actions and the way their life is without their own crutch. Addiction come first for the alcoholic and everything else is next in line.

Question number four is about stopping drinking and using of drugs.  Do you think you can walk away from your addiction and never look back.  Of course you can, But you really don't want to for the fear that lies inside of you and your fear of how you will survive without you addiction in your life.  When I quit drinking alcohol, I was scared to death and I fear of how my body would react with the absence of the alcohol I learned to love and what was a huge part of my life.  Any of us can quit drinking or using if and only if you have made your mind up that you have had enough and what your old life of sobriety back.  When you have finally made your mind up to surrender to your addiction and have admitted you have a problem and need help is when you life will begin to turn around all for the better, but you must be determined and willing to do what it takes to make this huge change in your life..

Question number five is loving your addiction more than anything else in life and I can say for myself, I loved to drink alcohol and treasured the feeling it gave me and the confidence and so called strength it gave me, so I thought.  I would be mingling with the best of the drinking and felt so in with the other alcoholic. I felt like I really fit in with all that were in the same boat as I was saying to myself that this is a great life and the hip thing to do.  I would say that anyone that didn't drink alcohol didn't know what life was really about and just to have fun.  Man was I dead wrong on that one.  Now sober I feel so sorry for those that are still addicted to this horrible disease of alcoholism and this is exactly why I write every night in hopes I will hit home to someone in need of a clean and sober life.

Question number six is all about being happy and if you think you are a happier person being drunk or high.  Many people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol really forget what true happiness is in their life.  Many of the addicted think by drinking or using will make them a happy person, but in fact they are getting more and more depressed as each drink is drank and each drug is used.  Sure in the beginning you think, wow this crap is good and I feel like I am on the top of the world and nothing is bothering me now as long as I continue to stay buzzed.  Yeah right, what about when the buzz wears off?  How do you feel then?  I bet you felt like crap, and this is exactly why we drink and use again, to get that feeling of so called happiness back into our life.  In fact, we are all drinking our life away.  As each day passes, you will never be able to regain that day back again.  It is gone forever.  If you really want to experience true happiness in your life, try changing it and stop drinking alcohol and work on getting and staying clean and sober.  Remember, we all are here on earth but one time so why not be happy in a natural way and clean way. 

I am not a Doctor or a Therapist by no means, but I can tell you a few things about drinking alcohol and how to ruin your life if you let your addiction get the best of you.  I am here to say that I am clean and sober for over two years and my life couldn't be better, so why can't you at least give sobriety a shot and give your one and only life you have a second chance and let yourself experience true happiness in the light of being Clean and Sober.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sober Up 2012

For all the people out there that are suffering with an addiction, how about we Sober Up 2012 and make this the best year of your life, with many years great to follow.

We can all do it if you support and help each other.  So what do you say, do you want to give a shot or stay in the destructive world you live in now?

Sobriety is waiting for us and it has been calling you and I for some time, but we the addicted are fighting to stay in our own little world of denial and going along with our demons advise, which is to kill ourselves slow but sure.  I don't know about you, but the words, kill, death, dying or getting so ill you can't do any in your life scares me to no end.

We are all starting a new year 2012 so why not begin it on the up with living life sober.  Yeah I know the word sober or sobriety makes the person that is addicted to alcohol or drugs a little nervous or on edge and I can't blame you for feeling that way, but there is always a better life out there if you want it bad enough and believe me you don't need to be drunk or high to enjoy it.

Don't get me wrong, getting sober and staying sober will take some work, and in some cases some very hard work to achieve your sobriety.  Nothing is easy when you want to make your life better.  Believe me, once you take that first step towards sobriety you will see that all the work and pure desire to get sober will pay off in the end.

If you truly want a better life for you and your families than you are the only one that can make that happen and no one else.  If you have the willingness, the strong desire and the strenght to give up your addiction then it will happen.  You must continue to stay positive and continue telling yourself that you CAN and WILL get sober and STAY sober.

Believe in yourself.  Love yourself more than ever and make sure you love yourself enough to live a long and happy life enjoying each and every minute with your families and friends. 

If you like the Ocean or Bay, then take a ride there one day and take a good look at what you maybe missing out on if you were to continue down that road to self destruction, and more than likely you will experience poor health, and possibly death, all because of a avoidable addiction that you can stop.

Smell that wonderful fresh salt air, something that isn't in hospital rooms.  Look at the deep blue skies that you will only see ceilings in your hospital room or bed ridden in your home with no sign of daylight.  Are you getting the point yet?

These are only a few of many things you will miss out on in life if you were not to change.  I don't know what to write to change your minds to get sober and get out of the addicted life you live in.  Does it take a horrible scare for you to change your ways and habits and your way of life?  Lets not let it go that far Okay!

You can change your life RIGHT NOW!!

Change your outlook on life.  Change you Attitude and make it POSITIVE.  Believe in yourself and love life, not destroy it.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Man Verses Addiction

Man verses addiction has been around for hundreds and even thousands of years and will remain in our lives for thousands of years more and till the end of time.  There is nothing we can do to make it ever go away except to stand up to the addiction and surrender to the demons that can and will ruin your life. These addictions will cause health problems and death if action is not taken promptly.

Many people with an addiction have been overcome by it and many have lost lives because of their addiction, but then there are those that have beat their addiction and became clean and sober once again and hopefully forever.  An addiction is nothing to laugh about and must be taken serious or people will lose everything they had worked so hard to get throughout their life, including, spouses, homes, jobs, families and friends as well.

Wouldn't it be nice to cure all addictions with a wave of a wand?  We all know that is not possible, although we, the sober ones can try our hardest to help those that are having a tough time in life with their addictions and offer as much help as we can through writing our own experiences with drinking alcohol or using drugs via the Internet, ebooks and just word of mouth to let every addicted person in the world know that there is always hope and to never give up trying to have sobriety be a part of your life again.

So in short, addictions to whatever it may be will be in our society and in our world forever, so the best thing we can do is to help those in need of help and make them understand that sobriety is waiting for them.  Addictions will never go away, but all of us that are sober or have recently got sober have to team together and help all those that have the same problems or addiction as what we have beaten. Let them know they are not alone and there is help waiting for them.  All they must do is to ask for it and we will be there with open arms to help them get and stay sober.