Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Having The Urge To Drink While In Recovery

All of us have had the urge to do something in our life that we know will hurt us in the end, but having the urge to drink while in recovery can be devastating to the reformed alcoholic or the alcoholic that just surrendered to their addiction to alcohol.

When the alcoholic finally admits they have a drinking problem and decides to quit drinking alcohol there will be many urges to drink while starting this long road to recovery.  For myself, when I surrendered to my addiction to alcohol there were many times in the beginning and even in today that the urge has come over me to drink alcohol, but I promised myself over two years ago that no matter what happens in my life and what road blocks I come up against I will never pick up a alcohol drink ever again.


1.  First you must admit you have a drinking problem and need help to get sober.
2.  You need to want to get clean and sober and your heart has to be into it and not just doing
     it to make someone in your life happy or to get them off your back with the nagging
     to you regarding your addiction and your life style.
3.  As hard as it might seem, you need to promise yourself never to drink again and never
     break that promise to yourself no matter what happens in your life. 
4.  You must be and stay strong to yourself and respect yourself enough not to ever drink
'    again.
5.  You have to be stronger than your addiction.
6.  You need to eat and sleep right, eating all the right foods and drink that water to 
     cleanse your body that you abused for so many years.
7.  You need to exercise, run, walk,  lift weights or what ever it takes to get your body 
     back into shape.
8.  You need to stay busy, mentally and physically to keep your mind off the booze.
9.  You may need to stay away from you past drinking buddies and the bars you used to
     visit and drink your nights away.
10. Stay away from all things that would bring temptation to drink alcohol again.   

These are just a few things that helped my get and stay sober for over two years now.  The longer you stay clean and sober the easier it will be to handle different things that may happen bad in your life. 

I can tell you, as I said before, that many things happened to me and my family in those two years, and even though I thought about alcohol and drinking again to fix the problem, (in which it never fixes the problem, it only makes things a thousand times worse) I was strong enough to say NO!

Anyone can do the same thing as I have done, if and only if you want sobriety bad enough in your life, and if you are not positively ready to surrender to your addiction, and what a new life, then it will not work.  (YOU HAVE TO WANT SOBRIETY AND HAVE IT IN YOUR HEART TO GET AND STAY CLEAN AND SOBER)

Stay focused and keep that positive attitude, and with the willing and the determination you will indeed achieve sobriety in your life.