Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Can't I Quit Drinking Alcohol

Have you ever wanted to quit something so bad, but you don't where to start in quiting.  One thing alcoholics may ask them selves is, "why can't I quit drinking alcohol?"  The reason I have found that I or you can't quit drinking alcohol is because we don't want sobriety bad enough to take action of our addictions.

If someone wants something bad enough we will do and try anything to achieve what we want to do, and in my case and every alcoholics case, is that we need to put our addiction to the back and look at our life and the horrible life we are living plus, we are setting a poor example for our children if you have any.

Quitting drinking can and will change your life as it did mine.  I always put my experiences of drinking alcohol and my life and the results of my addiction out to the world in hopes that many will learn by my mistakes.  Sobriety is waiting for all of us.  The only thing we the alcoholics have to do is first to want sobriety, and if you want it then just go for it. 

Sobriety won't come to you unless you go after it.  If you want to live a long healthy life then I would recommend thinking about quitting drinking alcohol.  Sure, it will take some hard work, but what doesn't take work for a positive outcome?

When you or someone else ask, "why you can't quit drinking your answer should be because you just don't want to.  There is no such word as "I can't."  You can do anything in life that you want, but the big problem is to get to that point of wanting something, and in this case, you have to want sobriety back into your life.

When I surrendered to my addiction to alcohol over two years ago I never thought it would be possible because I depended on alcohol thinking it helped me get through each day and in fact it helped me destroy my body and my life each day instead of helping. 

You know, sometimes it takes a huge wake up call or something bad to happen to someone in order to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't ever say you can not do something, because as I said, if you have the will and determination, anything is possible in life, including getting sober and staying sober.