Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How Can Sobriety Change My Life?

For anyone that has an addiction to alcohol may often wonder what it would feel like to be sober once again, and may ask them selves and others how can sobriety change my life?

I am here to tell you, that I drank alcohol for many years, and alcohol many times came before all else, including my family and friends.

Once I decided to finally surrender to my demons, and get out of the denial I was living in for so many years, everything began to get better in my life, and if you try the same thing you might find your life will improve also.  The thing is that many alcoholics are simply afraid to quit drinking alcohol for the fear that they might not be able to get along in life without their crutch named alcohol.

Believe me, I did it and so can you my friends.  I feel we all are friends and have the same thing in common which is an addiction to alcohol and just don't know how to stop drinking or are afraid to stop drinking as mentioned above.

Please never be afraid of changing your life for the better.  Sobriety will never hurt you, it's your addiction to alcohol and abuse of it that will kill you in the end, and if it doesn't kill you it will make your life turn upside down and you will then experience rock bottom if you haven't already.

Alcohol does exactly what is suppose to do, and that is to make you feel drunk, act like a ass, hurt people you love, say things that you would never say sober, and so many other things.  Alcohol when drank responsibly is okay in my book, and I wish so bad I could have one drink and just socialize with some friends, but my problem was, I didn't know how to drink responsible and never knew when enough was enough.

This I am sure, is the problem with many people that just don't know how to have a social drink.  It is never enough until you get that buzz your body longs for.


  • I was a very negative person when I drank alcohol, but now being sober for four years I am now a very positive and healthy person.
  • My social life is now enjoyable being sober, and I act like the real me, and not a fake and a drunk.
  • My family life is excellent and my marriage has improved so much.
  • I spend quality time now with my wife and family, when before I spent my time drinking at bars or drinking alone.
  • My appearance has improved 100%.
  • I lost 50 pounds by not drinking all that beer each and everyday of my life.
  • I eat great now and have plenty of energy to do what I want each day.
  • I can go out in my car anytime I please without worrying about being pulled over and giving a DUI for drinking and driving.
  • I have fulfilled my life long dream of living at the Ocean, when before when I drank, I still wanted that dream to come true, but alcohol held my back from achieving that dream.
  • I never wake up anymore with that horrible massive hangover.

Listen everyone, I am not here writing to piss off people or preach to everyone.  I just want to tell all those that will listen, that there is a great life out there after an addiction, and not to be afraid to change your life.

Just think, you can save your own life just by making that change in your life.  It really isn't that hard if you have that will, determination and that positive attitude to get and stay sober.  GRANTED, there will be those that need to enter a Rehabilitation Center, and that is the smart thing to do, for sure.  To be treated and cared for by Professionals. Get Sober the safe and healthy way!

For myself, I went cold turkey and was worried every minute of everyday wondering will anything happen to me. Will I get the DT's and get deathly sick?  Don't put yourself through that, do it right, but first off, you MUST want to have sobriety in your life before all else works. 

You are the only one that can make sobriety happen in your life and nobody else.  It is up to you, and you alone to make that choice to change, and to make a new life, not only for you, but your family as well.

Get out of denial and make up your mind to surrender once and for all.  You need to take that first step and all others steps will follow.  One step and one day at a time. You will reach the top of those steps before you know it.