Monday, November 19, 2012

How Alcoholics Can Fight Their Addiction

Have you ever been in a fight and have lost?  Have you ever been in a fight and won? Alcoholics fight their addiction every single day of their lives.  How alcoholics can fight their addiction is in the hands of each and every alcoholic.

Some alcoholics feel as if they don't have a drinking problem and are very content with the life they are living and then there are those that live in hell each and everyday wondering how they can fight back and win over the addiction they have.  This is no easy task believe me.  I have had the unpleasant experience of alcohol addiction being first on my priority list and first in my life above all.

This addiction to alcohol is like living in hell. If you have it in your heart to be clean and sober, but just don't have the willpower or enough determination to get sober, you are one step in the right direction. You want sobriety deep down in your heart, but something deeper tells you that you may not be ready just yet to get sober and find yourself and your sobriety. So what is the next step in frighten back at your addiction?

Anyone that is addicted to alcohol knows exactly what I am talking about.  It is a rough ride trying to get sober, but if you want sobriety bad enough it will come, and stay, if that's what you want in your life.
  1. You know that sobriety is possible, but how to you go about achieving it?
  2. You know your life is not normal and depend on your addiction to alcohol to get through your day.
  3. You know that your family is falling apart due to you addiction to alcohol.
  4. You know that alcohol is your crutch and without it you are lost.
  5. You maybe losing days at work due to being so hung over from the night before.
  6. Your health is declining each and everyday you drink.
  7. You look into the mirror and wonder if that is you staring back.
  8. Your looks have changed and you have either lost or gained weight.
  9. Your self-esteem is about none.
  10. You have no positive attitude and living in a world of negativity because you are depressed.
  11. You wonder why nothing works out for you.
  12. You wonder why the only friends you have are only drinking buddies.
  13. You family is becoming distant from you and don't want to be around you when you start drinking.
DOES ANY OF THESE THINGS SOUND FAMILIAR TO YOU? I bet they do, and you are at wits end to finding your sobriety.  What can you do to get and stay sober is the question many alcoholics ask.
Here is what I have learned when I finally surrendered to my addiction to alcohol three (3) years ago.
I took a good hard look at my life (while being sober and not drinking) and asked myself these questions.

Where will I be in years to come if I continue drinking alcohol like I am right now?

Will my family stay with me until the end of my time, or will they just get fed up and leave because of my drinking problem?

Do I have enough willpower to beat the demons within? 

Do I really want long term sobriety, or just a short break in my drinking to dry out a bit? 

Do I want to live a long healthy life to see my children grow up as adults?

Do I want to walk my daughter down the Aisle on her Wedding Day?

Do I want to see my Grand Children be born and have their own families? 

None of the above will happen if you and I don't stop drinking and abusing alcohol.  Sooner or later the alcohol will catch up with all of us.  We alcoholics thing it will never happen to us, but believe in time it will bite you on the ass and you will be so sorry you continue to abuse your body with drinking alcohol every single day of your life.

Just imagine how great you will feel getting up in the morning with no Hangover and feeling like plain old crap, until.... that next drink inters your body and then all is well for then.  It is a vicious cycle, day after day, week after week, month after month.  It is not the life God had intended us to have.  Smarten up and stop drinking and abusing your body.

Think of what you are doing to your body and the family and friends that love and care for you so much.  You are breaking their hearts by them watching you destroying your body slow, but sure.

It is not that hard to stop drinking alcohol.  I thought it would be for me, but after the first few weeks had passed and I realize, "I have be alcohol free for 3 weeks."  It is a wonderful feeling and a huge accomplishment.  If you can make it 3 weeks, or a month you have the capability to doing it for the rest of your life.  You just can not CHEAT!!

None of this stuff like, " I think I will have just one drink."  That crap WILL NOT WORK EVER!
You have to go all out sober or nothing.  Once you make up your mind to get sober and have said, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" is when you will be heading to recovery and making your sobriety Long Term.

Believe and you will achieve.  You have to believe in yourself and promise yourself that you will never ever pick up a drink of alcohol again.  If you are okay with that promise to yourself then you are going in the right direction and have taken that first and MOST IMPORTANT step in your life.

Stay strong and keep that positive attitude in everything you do in life and your sobriety will happen.  Sure it will take some hard work in the beginning, but nothing good happens in life without hard work involved.