Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giving Up Alcohol

There are so many different things in the world that people love to do.  We all have different hobbies and interest, which makes us all different from one another.  Then there are some that really have no interest in anything in their lives, because they have been caught up in an Addiction of some sort.  Nothing is really important to them except the Alcohol or Drugs they are addicted to. 

Some may depend on Drugs and then some with an Alcohol Addiction.  These folks are missing out on so much that life has to offer.  If only they can just start a new life by "Giving Up Alcohol."  Easier said than done, but it can be done with the right attitude in mind.

When I decided to change my life for the good, I thought about what it might feel like to never have any harmful substances in my body again.  I was hesitant to give up the alcohol do to that feeling I might have with the absence of the almighty drink.

Well, I then said what in the world would I do with no drinking involved in my life?  How will I survive?  This is my crutch that I lean on when life is not going on a smooth pace.

Finally I said this is enough of the playing games, and now it's time to do some real bussiness with my demons that lurk in me.  It's time to tell them who is the real boss here.

As I have learned over time, and still today, I made a pack with myself to always keep a Positive Attitude in everything I do from this time forward.  If you start out with that frame of mind, it will help you so much to achieve not only Sobriety, but anything you do in life.  It has helped me achieve many things in my life in only a short period of time.

Your mind is a powerful and beautiful thing.  You can train it to go in any direction you wish.  Some unfortunately choose the wrong direction and get caught up with the Addiction. 

In order for you succeed to your Road of Recovery you will have to stand strong and agree that if you are going to make this change, you have to promise yourself, NOT anyone else that you are willing to NEVER pick up a drink again.  Don't let your addiction run your life, and ruin the love and friendship of families and friends. Keep thinking what you will lose if you do not change your ways.  Then, think of what you will gain continuing with your addiction. 

You have to do this for YOU!  If you don't have respect for yourself and just do not care about yourself, then it will be a little tough to even have any feelings or care about anyone else.  Even though everyone will be on your side and support you in whatever you decide, this is your life, so give yourself that second chance you deserve-SOBRIETY!

When you find Sobriety, hold you head high, be proud of your accomplishments, smile, and say to yourself,
I DID IT!  I have conquered my Addiction, and now I can Live a Clean Life again.

Stay Positive, Stay Sober, Go For It, you will not regret it!