Saturday, January 7, 2012

Preparing Yourself For A Life Of Sobriety

Preparing yourself for a family vacation, and new job, or just anything in your everyday life may seem very easy compared to preparing yourself for a life of sobriety.

Sobriety is something that the alcohol or drug addict would love to have, but the big problem is that their addiction has taken over their life and they may feel as if they are helpless to their own addiction, and that is so untrue.

Anyone that has an addiction of any kind has the choice of living the way they are with their addiction or making their minds up to make that huge life change and surrender to their addiction once and for all.

Many people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol seem to think it is too late to change their life for the fear it may be too late to even try to change.  Preparing your mind to get clean and sober is a huge part of sobriety.

First off, the person that is addicted must finally admit to his/her self that they indeed have a problem with their alcohol or drug abuse and they must get our of the denial that they have lived in for so long.  The reason I say get out of the denial is because I for one never thought I had a problem at all with drinking alcohol.  What the heck, everyone drinks alcohol so why am I any different then all the other drinkers?

My difference was, I didn't know when enough was enough.  I didn't know that there was a life out there without having to drink to have fun.  I am very sure that many alcoholics and drug addicts feel as I did and just figure what hell, it's too late now to change.  My body is probably ruin now anyway, so why quit drinking or using now.  This is not the case my friends!  It is never to late to change your life around for the better.  Although, if you continue to prolong your sobriety and the way you live your life, yes, sooner or later will come a time that it will be too late and many of us will be very sorry we didn't make that life change years before.  So, don't let this time pass you by.  Remember, we are only here on earth one time so make every second of it count and live it in a clean and sober way.

The way I prepared myself for the journey of a lifetime was I began to think of all the things I have missed out on by putting alcohol before anything and sometimes my own family and friends.  Alcohol was running and ruining my own life and taking down many people that I love and that loved me with my own addiction.  So when you look around and see just how your addiction effects other people you begin to think,"I am causing pain to those that I love all for the love of alcohol.  It is really worth destroying other people's lives because I am addicted to alcohol and don't have enough courage to surrender.

You have to look at everything around you in order to prepare for this journey to sobriety, meaning weigh your life and what is worth to save.  Are you worth saving?  I bet you are and if so, why in the world do we do these things to our bodies and the one that love and care so much for us.  They are all crying inside for us to finally see the light and change our habits and lifestyle.  Many of us, including me, are blinded by our addiction and can not see past it, but I must say, you can see past your addiction if you only try.  Don't let your demons ruin your life for one more second.  You are the only one that change that and you can change if you have the determination and the willingness to change.

Preparing to get clean and sober is all in the mind and if you think of where your life will be months or even years from now, and if you continue to drink you may see that you are only going to go downhill from now on. On the other hand think what your life would be if you were to surrender to your demons and start a life of sobriety.  I don't know about you, but I chose the life of sobriety and it couldn't of been a better choice

Drinking alcohol or using drugs gets you nowhere in life except poor health and death far earlier than that it should of happened.

You have to prepare your mind with positive thoughts and have that positive attitude telling yourself that you can and will achieve sobriety no matter what it takes to do it.  You can't let anyone or anything stand in your way of getting sober.  You trained your mind to be an alcoholic or a drug addict and you can train your mind to become clean and sober only if you really want sobriety bad enough.  Positive thoughts bring positive results, at least that is what I have learned in my journey to sobriety.  "It can be done for all of you if you want that to be the way of life you wish to have, until the day comes that you are taken from this earth by God's terms and not your demons."

First, you must want to be sober on your terms and not be forced into getting sober, because if you are being threatened or forced into getting clean and sober it will not work because you are not ready yourself for this change in life.  You need to want it so bad you will do anything to get sober .

Think positive every step of the way, and as time goes by you will see sobriety is really a great thing and it will be easier to get through each day without the crutch you have been holding for so many years.  One step at a time and one day at a time and sooner or later the urge and the desire to drink alcohol or use drugs will slowly disappear out of your life.  It has for me thank God, and now I am writing to hopefully help all those that have a life of addiction and to just say there is always hope and if you love and believe in yourself you can do anything in life and sobriety will be back into it as well.