Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Have you ever wondered why some many people go overboard when it comes to drinking alcohol? Sure, we all want to have a great time when we are out and about with our family or friends, but where do we draw the line between having fun and getting drunk?

We all know how to drink alcohol, but do we really know how to stop drinking alcohol? This will be a question we will always ask ourselves throughout time.

Alcohol is everywhere in our society today and so many are becoming addicted each and everyday, unfortunately.

As young people start on their way in life, many think that drinking alcohol is the cool thing to do in order to impress their peers. Little do they know by starting to drink at such a early age some will become a prisoner of the bottle. The tolerance to alcohol will become greater as they continue to drink and party away like it was their last day on earth, and for some, unfortunately, it very well may be.

What I learned through my experiences with alcohol and being addicted to it was that my attitude and outlook on life was pretty negative which kind of made me feel worthless. So, what did I do? I opened another beer figuring this would be the fix all of all my problems.

Alcohol will never fix anything in life, it only makes things thousand time worse than they really are. Many people turn to alcohol in hopes that their problem will just vanish, and yes it may vanish when the person is in the drunkin state of mind. They forget about their problem, but only for a short time while drinking. Once the drinking binge stops the problem still is there the next day.

When you finally admit that you have an alcohol addiction you must then make up your mind to surrender to it. As hard as it sounds it can be done.
Many of people are basically afraid to quit drinking do to the fear of living with out their crutch.

They may worry about alcohol withdraw and everything that may go with quitting an addiction. We can not let those thing stand in our way of sobriety.

Here is a few tips that helped my become clean and sober.

* First I changed my attitude from negative to positive in everything.

* I looked at the pros and cons of drinking verses sobriety.

* I basically looked at my life as it was in all areas including the
effects it had on my family and their lives.

* I made a promise to myself to never pick up a drink again for the rest of
my life, no matter what happens that may give me the urge to drink.

* I prayed to our Lord God for the help and strength to be able conquer
this addiction once and for all.

* I had to leave behind some of my drinking buddies that were a bad
influence on me, and kept myself from things that may have given me the
given me the urge to drink.

* I keep myself busy not only physically, but mentally as well. I had to
keep my mind away from thinking about drinking

If you want to quit drinking alcohol you must first surrender and keep a positive attitude throughout the rest of your life. You must have the willingness and pure desire to become sober. You must learn to love yourself more and give your life a second chance to live.

Some folks my need Professional Help with entering a Rehab Center where they will get the tools needed to become clean and sober and in a safe manner.

Keep focused on what you have set out to do, and believe me, with some work on your part everything will fall into place, and before you know it, your life will be what it should be, and that is living sober, healthy and longer. BELIEVE AND YOU WILL ACHIEVE Click Here"