Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Is It So Hard To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Oh yes, drinking alcohol is what most people do at parties, picnics, family functions and so many other things that always seem to have alcohol.  The question is, "why is it so hard to stop drinking alcohol?" 

It seems like everything we do in life always involves alcohol is some way.  Why do you think this is I might ask?   Can't we have a fun time without involving alcohol?

Well, back in my drinking days and I'm sure many alcoholics will agree, is that we never wanted to attend any kind of function if alcohol wasn't being served.  Thinking back, I now know this was a sickness and an addiction to alcohol.  How many people do you know that live each day for their addiction and when it comes to doing something without alcohol they are not interested in going or doing anything.  The absence of alcohol is heartbreaking to the alcoholic. They think to them self, "who am I going to cope with this day without my crutch?"  Will I have any fun being sober?

I used to make fun of people that didn't drink and I thought they are missing out on some fun times.  Man was I ever wrong with that theory.  I have found out over the last two years that I have had more fun being clean and sober than the best drunk I ever had.

To stop drinking alcohol is harder than most people think, especially those who have no addiction and can have a few drinks and call it quits for the night, or those that don't drink alcohol at all.


  • Trying to stay sober,but still hanging around with your old drinking buddies.
  • You may think you can't get along in this world without your crutch.
  • You probably forgot what it feels like to be sober and so used to being drunk and that's your world you know best.
  • You have a fear of being sober.
  • You may think you will miss out on so great times with family and friends.
  • Your worried of how you will feel with the absence of alcohol in your body.
  • You may wonder what your friends will think of you being clean and sober and if they will still be your friends because you stopped drinking alcohol.
There are many reasons why it is so hard to stop drinking alcohol and each alcoholic has different reasons for this hard to stop addiction.

Try not to make this recovery process harder than it is.  Believe in yourself and continue to tell yourself that you can a will beat your addiction to alcohol and will never let anything or anyone stand in your way of your sobriety.