Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Steps Are Needed To Getting Clean And Sober

There are so many people that have an addiction to alcohol in our world today.  Sad to say, but so very true.  You have no idea just how many people suffer from alcoholism and want a better life , but have no idea how to go about getting that life of sobriety.

They are caught up in the world of addiction with nowhere to turn, or should I say, they choose not to change for the fear of how their life would be without their crutch.

What steps are needed to getting clean and sober?

Step #1 -  First and most important, the alcoholic needs to want to be clean and sober and not get sober because someone is forcing it on them.  They have to want sobriety so bad that they are willing to do anything to get their life back on track and get sober.

Step #2 - They have to get out of the denial they have been living in and finally admit to them self that they are indeed an alcoholic and need help to get clean and sober.  I think once the alcoholic admits there is a huge problem with them and their family life, in which is totally effected by the actions of the addicted person, things will begin to make more sense of why they should try their hardest to surrender to their addiction to alcohol.

Step #3- They have to look at their life and how they are living it in comparison to the way they lived before getting addicted to this horrible addiction we call alcoholism.  They must see for themselves that they are destroying their bodies and their family as well. 

Step#4 - They need to visualize how their life can be living it sober.  Once they can see that their future can be brighter they may then just surrender to their addiction to alcohol.  All they have to do is to look around them and see for them self who is avoiding them.  People that may have been close friends and falling distant because of the poor life style the alcoholic has could be the reason they steer away and avoid being around the alcoholic. The alcoholic can surely see that something is missing in their life and without changing their life they might just lose everything they have over time including their own life.  Addictions are nothing to mess with.  It is like holding a loaded gun and playing Russian Roulette.  Sooner or later you will pull the trigger and the one single bullet in the chamber will be fired.

Step#5-  The alcoholic needs to take a good hard look at their spouse and children a see just how his/her addiction is also effecting them and ruining their lives as well.  You really have to be blind not to see that your bad habits effect many people, not only yourself.

Step #6- The alcoholic needs to change his/her outlook in life and stop feeling sorry for them self and start doing something about it and then take massive action to get sober if they truly want to be free of their addiction once and for all.  Sobriety is out there for all.  It will not come to you.  You need to go after it and shut down the demons inside of you that run and ruin all those addicted in time.  The only way to beat you addiction is to SURRENDER to it.

Step#7- Tell yourself and promise yourself that you will never pick up another alcoholic drink the rest of your life.  If you can hold true to this promise to yourself then you are serious about getting clean and sober.  So now, all you have to do is to JUST DO IT and don't look back.  Run as fast as you can from your addiction.  Never be weak and let your demons back into your life no matter what happens, whether it be bad or good.  Don't back down or give in because something may have happened to upset you and feel as if you need to drink to fix the problem because believe me it won't work.

Step#8- Keep a Positive Attitude towards get sober.  Believe in yourself.  Tell yourself no matter what happens in your life you WILL NOT relapse. Stay strong.  Keep determined to stay clean and sober forever.  Stay busy physically and mentally.  Take up a hobby that you are interested in.  Spend quality time with your family. If you feel uneasy at a party that is serving alcohol, don't go!  Stay clear of all those that are still drinking alcohol and partying. ( These people just may try and shame you into drinking again, but don't give in.)  Just walk away and say NO THANKS.  You know those words, "MISERY LOVES COMPANY"  Don't be the company.  Be stronger than your addiction and with all this and the determination and desire to get and stay sober you should have no problem getting clean and sober.  It's all in the mind and that mind you have can do miraculous things if you let it, so lets get sober and stay sober!!