Saturday, January 4, 2014

Leaving Behind The Old And Bringing In The New

Here is our home that was purchased by my Parents back in 1971
and had to be demoed because of Hurricane Sandy.

The home that was a huge part of my childhood is now gone thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  My sister and I had, and still have many fond memories of this house on the Bay.  It broke our hearts to see this childhood Summer home being demoed.  A house that our Parents bought back in the very early 70's.

This is the new home almost completed sitting right on the Barnegat Bay.

I have to give a A+ to L.B.I House Raising for a fabulous job they have done from the beginning to almost now the end of this remarkable transformation of a little Summer cottage to this 2 story beauty.

The Summer cottage on the bay may be gone forever, but my sister's and my fond memories will last a lifetime.  This will be the future home of my sister and her wonderful husband to enjoy for a lifetime.  As sad as it was to see this summer cottage be demoed, it is a happy time to have a new home sitting right on the bay with all brand new things and with all the modern equipment.  Central air and heat is a must down here at the Jersey shore, especially now that this new home will be a year round home, and not just a Summer home by the Sea. 

May this new year round home on the Bay bring Love, Joy and Happiness to my Sister and her wonderful Husband!

God Bless You Both.
Love your Brother Mark