Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Can Trigger A Relapse

Every person that has any kind of addiction, whether it be drugs or alcohol and want to get sober work very hard to get sober and stay sober, but there are many times these people that had good intentions to staying sober relapse.

From my own experience drinking alcohol I'll try to explain what can trigger a relapse, because it happened to me before, but not this time.  I learned the tricks to getting and staying sober with no urges for the drink.

My sobriety is for good this time and I want to help alcoholics realize that you can get sober and stay sober without the fear of relapse.

I have found out that many things can trigger a relapse, but there are some measures to take to avoid this horrible thing we call relapse.

Say for instance you have been clean and sober for a month or two and you are invited to a party were there will be alcohol served.  You are not sure if you can handle being around people that are drinking alcohol, but don't want to disappoint the person that invited you.  What should you do right?

Think to yourself, "what is more important, your sobriety and what you have been working so hard to keep, or hurting someone feelings?"

As hard as it might seem, you have to tell the person you can not attend, because you would feel tempted to drink being around those that are drinking alcohol.  If this person is any kind of friend he/she will realize and understand the position you are in and that you need to stay away from the temptation to drink until you feel that you are ready to be in the presence of people drinking if or ever.

You have to stay away from those bars you used to hang out in and for that matter, don't even drive around those bars or clubs at all.  Take the long route home if need be to stay clear of all temptation and the chance of relapse.

You don't want in any way to tease yourself or the inner demons inside you that are just waiting for you to relapse so that they, your demons, can begin to take over your life again. 

Continue every single day of your life to continually tell yourself that you will never drink again no matter what happens in your life, whether it be good or bad.

Stay clear of all the people and places that may trigger the urge to drink alcohol.  Continue to think just hard you have worked to get where you are today being clean and sober and if you relapse because of a foolish mistake, you will need to start all over at day number one.  How do you think you would feel by starting all over again at day one?

Would be disappointed in yourself?  I can tell you that you would very pissed at yourself that you were not stronger than your demons, I can  promise you that. 

You know, I am not a Doctor or a Therapist by any means, but I can tell one some stories and experiences of drinking alcohol, something that is not in a text book.  Sometimes you need to learn by your mistakes and others mistakes as well.  This is why I try to write and explain that your addiction to alcohol will sooner or later catch up with you and you might just lose everything you have including your family, friends and in some cases you own LIFE, and why, because you didn't have the power or the strength to stay sober.

Yes we all know how much fun we used to have while partying and drinking alcohol all the years ago, but when you really think about it was it really as much fun as you thought back then.  Remember all the times you got deathly sick from over drinking?  Was that fun?  I bet you said to yourself that you would never drink again after being so sick right?  Did you stay true that thought or did you start to feel better in a day or so and hit the bottle once again?


Problems in the household.
Break up with a boy/girl friend.
A family member getting ill.
Loss of employment.
Over your head in debt.
Having problems with your children.

I could write hundreds of things that would make one relapse, but you get the idea right?  The thing is, that no matter what life throws at you one must never be too weak and relapse to their addiction.

There will be many road blocks and thing that make try to make you relapse, but you can't give in or give up.  Face any problem that may come about head on and never think that by going back to drinking alcohol is the fix all because it is NOT!

Remember no one needs to drink alcohol to be happy.  Life is beautiful living it clean and sober.

Stay focused on staying sober, stay strong, stay positive and if you believe you will continue to achieve.  Never Give Up !!