Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is Loaning Money To An Alcoholic Enabling Them?

Here is a question to think about for all those that loan or give money to an alcoholic.  Is loaning money to an alcoholic enabling them?

For anyone that does this, I know what you are thinking right now.  You think that you are helping the alcoholic by giving or loaning them money to buy their alcohol, but in fact you are enabling them and making them think that is perfectly okay to drink and abuse alcohol as they are doing.

They then think by you giving them money to help them get the alcohol necessary for their fix you will continue to do so whenever they ask again.

You, the enabler, feel bad by saying, "NO I will not feed your addiction by giving you money!"  You hurt inside by saying no, so you give in and give the alcoholic what they need to make them happy. You are not helping by any means by giving in and saying yes here is some money so that you can buy your alcohol.

By doing this and giving in, the alcoholic will expect this yes for an answer everytime they ask for money.  You have to be firm and same No I will not support you habit and your addiction no longer.

I know this will be hard for you to say, but I have been there in my life of my own addiction to alcohol.  I used to ask my wife, "please go out and buy me more beer because I was so buzzed and drunk I couldn't drive, so I pleaded with her to go out for me, or simply take me so that I didn't have to drive.  She didn't like it, and in fact hated that I would ask her this, but she always said yes just to shut me up.

See she thought she was doing good by shutting me up, but in fact she was letting me win all the time if I bitched and complained enough.  You simply have to say NO I will not go out and buy you  more alcohol, and I will not drive you anywhere to buy it.

She just wanted to keep peace in the house and I can see that, but in reality it was making it worse,, until one day when her words to me were, "IT IS ME OR ALCOHOL...YOU MAKE THE CHOICE!"

She meant business and I knew it.  It really made me stop and think. "what really is more important, my wife or my addiction to alcohol?"  I was smart enough to figure out I'd better change my ways real fast before it is too late.  So I did, and that was over 4 years ago and haven't touched a drop of alcohol since.

Our married life improved 1000 percent and life couldn't be any better than it is right now.  Our love has grown more than ever and we are closer than ever before, and why is that you may ask?

Because she laid the law down, and stuck to it, and I made the choice to stop drinking and chose my wife over my addiction to alcohol.

Life is great and so is SOBRIETY!

For anyone that has an addiction to alcohol, just try out living sober. You will be very surprised of how your life will turn around all for the good!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Should You Do If You Are Just Tired Of Drinking

The question is, "what should you do if you are just tired of drinking?"  Have you had enough of the life you are leading drinking and abusing alcohol each and everyday?

I bet you would love to stop drinking alcohol, but you are afraid of how you will feel with the absence of alcohol in your body right?

Here is what I did to overcome my addiction to alcohol.

  • I took a long and hard look at the life I was leading.
  • I looked at all the things I missed out on because of my addiction to alcohol.
  • I looked into my families eyes and saw fear on each face I looked at.  The fear that I just might die because of my addiction.
  • I thought of all the money I spent on my addiction.
  • I looked at the appearance of my body and how it was failing.
  • I thought of all the morning waking up with a huge hangover.
  • I thought of all the things I said and did when drunk.
So what does someone do if they are too tired of drinking alcohol?
You need to make up your mind once and for all that you want and need sobriety back into your life. You need to want sobriety and not be forced in to it.  If you don't want sobriety for yourself first, than what anybody says or does won't help you whatsoever.  (At least that was the way my life of alcohol went for me.)

Make up your mind to stop drinking and stick to your decision and don't let anyone or anything change your mind ever!

Everything gets old after a while, including drinking your life away.  It least it got old for me, and so what did I do? I stopped drinking and will never touch a drop of that poison again as long as I should live.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Go Cold Turkey Or Go To Alcohol Rehab.

Go cold turkey or go to alcohol Rehab. is what I want address in this post because of a few comments from readers on my previous post regarding going cold turkey is deadly.  Well, yes we all know that cold turkey is dangerous and could be deadly, but why did I choose going cold turkey when I decided to stop drinking alcohol?

The first thing was I was so afraid to even go to the Doctors for a check up because I was so worried of what he may find regarding my health due to over drinking for so many years.

I took a HUGE chance going cold turkey when I decided to quit drinking and I would not recommend anyone to do like I did.  It is very dangerous, and could indeed be deadly.

Go to a Rehabilitation Treatment Center to get the proper care and guidance for this life changing thing. I say life changing because it was sure a life changing experience for me.  To drink alcohol every single day of the week for many years and to not have one drop of alcohol is sure a experience.

If you do have a addiction to alcohol and want to stop drinking, PLEASE check yourself into a Rehab. Center to get the Professional help you need to get better.  They will be right there for you and keeping you safe from anything that could happen during detox from your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

I was so foolish to go cold turkey, but I was a shamed, and afraid to be placed behind closed doors to get help, so I did it myself, and thank God nothing happened bad to me during this time.

Get out of denial.  Make up your mind you want to stop drinking alcohol forever.  Ask for Help. Check into a Rehab. Treatment Center and start living the life of Sobriety!

Why It Is So Hard To Stop Drinking Alcohol

There are many reasons why it is so hard to stop drinking alcohol.  The number one reason for so many alcoholics is that they are just not ready to stop drinking and start living a life clean and sober.

As for me, it took many years to finally realize I was slowly killing myself by drinking and abusing alcohol. If you truly want sobriety back into your life, you will need to first get yourself out of the denial you have been living in for so long.

I know that I lived in denial for many of years, thinking and saying that I had no problem with alcohol whatsoever.  Once I got out of denial and admitted that I truly had a huge problem with this addiction I had, it made it easier to stop drinking and start to live the life I was put on this Earth to live, and that was living sober, not drunk.

Many people just don't want to change their live, or they are simply afraid to get sober worrying about what might happen if they gave up alcohol.  They worry about if they would get sick for not having alcohol in their system, something they are so used to having.

They may worry about losing their long time drinking buddies, but do they worry about dying or losing their family because they pay more attention to the addiction to alcohol they have then their own spouses, children, fathers or mothers?

When I finally got clean and sober back in October of 2009 I never realized just how easy it was once I made my mind up to quit drinking.  The thing is, that you must want to stop and not be made to stop drinking.

I have to admit though, it was hard in the beginning when I stop drinking alcohol, and the reason being was, I was so used to having alcohol everyday of the week, and to go from that to nothing was a hard adjustment to make, but I made up my mind that I had enough of the life I was living and I wanted a new life for not only myself, but my wife and children as well, and that was enough for me to stick to my guns and never go back to the old ways of drinking and abusing my body anymore.

I did it when I thought it would never happen, and so can you!!  Keeping a positive attitude is a must my dear friends, and staying away from all temptations, and people that are still drinking is a MUST.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Abusing Alcohol And Your Body

Abusing alcohol and your body is one thing we the alcoholics never think about.  Once we get that first taste of alcohol of the day, the eye opener so they say, we think of nothing but trying to reach that buzz we had only hours before.

It truly is sad for me to think and talk about something like alcohol that was a huge part of my life, and my families life as well for so many years.  Being sober now for over 4 years I get sick to even think about what I put my body through all those years abusing alcohol and my body.

Now is the time like no other for each alcohol and anyone who is addicted to alcohol and can't seem to stop drinking.  Sobriety is right at your finger tips if and only if you choose to change your life for the better.

I have found out through my own experiences with drinking too much, that drinking and abusing alcohol and your body is so foolish.  I often asked myself, "why can't I just have one or two drinks and call it the day just like others I watched through my dark days of addiction?"

They seem to be perfectly satisfied with one or two drinks, and I and other alcoholics just can't get enough alcohol in our bodies.  I think for myself that I was just too weak and let the demons inside me run and try their hardest to ruin my life.

I often wonder till this day, why and how did I get clean and sober 4 years ago?  Why couldn't I have done that years before?

The answer I came up with was, "I JUST WASN'T READY TO CHANGE MY LIFE!" I guess you just have to hit rock bottom in order to do something drastic to change you life.

A dear friend of mine, and the one that changed my life with his website says in his addiction site, TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!! Taking action to change your life is great but MASSIVE ACTION is what needs to be done in order to have success and sobriety in your life.

Just remember this one thing when you are abusing your body with alcohol.  Each and everyone of us have only BUT ONE life here on Earth, so why would we destroy this one and only body with alcohol when we can just stop drinking and start living clean and sober?

I know it was super hard for me to quit drinking alcohol, as it is for all of the alcoholics out there, but I made my mind up and stuck to the promise I made to myself saying,  "I will never, after this day (October 27, 2009, my sober date) touch another alcoholic drink for the rest of my life no matter how good or bad life gets!"

Once you make up your mind, and stick to that decision, you are on your way to living the life of sobriety just as I am right now.

I did it and so can you!!  Get out of denial, and just take a look around at the lives you are taking down with you all because of your addiction to alcohol. It is so possible if that is what you want out of the one and only life you have. Get out of denial, think positive and be stronger than your addiction, and believe me things will start to get better each and everyday from that point on.

Check out some other articles I have written about alcohol and positive attitudes in life.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Make A New Life For Yourself After An Addiction

Here is how to make a new life for yourself after an addiction from my own experiences with drinking and abusing alcohol.

I drank alcohol for the majority of my life, but in October of 2009 I had had enough of the life I was living and was pissed off at myself for what I put my wife and children through all the years I drank and abused alcohol. SO what did I do to fix this?  I STOPPED DRINKING ALCOHOL!


Here are few things I think about when that urge to drink alcohol comes over me, and hopefully they will help you to say NO when the urge and temptation comes over you.

  • Remember how you felt when you drank.
  • Remember what you looked like from drinking and using drugs or alcohol.
  • Remember what you did and said to the ones you loved and cared for.
  • Remember how much money you spent on your addiction.
  • Remember those huge nasty and painful hangovers.
  • Remember when your drank and drove your automobile under the influence. 

Lets just say you are sober, and you go somewhere that is serving alcohol and your mind starts to spin out of control thinking about all the so called good times you had back when you drank alcohol. Were they really good times or just the alcohol saying to you that life is so great being drunk and stupid?

You need to think of all the times you felt so sick and what you did and said to people that you loved and cared about because the alcohol was making you say things you would normally not say being sober.

How many times have you said something nasty, and hurt the ones you loved? I can count many times for myself.  Would you really say those things being clean and sober?  I bet not my fellow friends!

Making a new life for yourself after an addiction to alcohol, or even drugs for that matter will be hard to get adjusted to because  you and I have been living with this addiction, and that addiction was a huge part of our life, and now that we became sober it will be a new life to get used to. Where has our friend and crutch gone?

A life of sobriety is the best thing in the world, and you will then see what your life is truly about when you get and stay sober.  It will be loving and respecting yourself, and loving yourself when you hated yourself and your life when you were using and drinking alcohol for so many years of your life.

You and I need to keep ourselves busy each and everyday in order to keep our minds off the addiction that we just gave up.  Keeping your mind and body busy will indeed keep your mind off of your past addiction.  I know it helps with me to staying sober.

Writing is now my passion, and knowing that I might just help one person in the world realize that there is a beautiful life out there being sober means more than anything to me.

Alway keep that Positive attitude and keep telling yourself that you will continue to beat this addiction you once had.  Your attitude in life can make or break you in anything you try to do, and that includes getting and staying sober forever.

Spend that quality time with your family and friends that you never did when you were drinking and abusing alcohol and drugs. It will be like a breath of fresh air to you, as it is to me right at this moment.

The best thing I had ever done in my life was to get out of my denial and stop drinking alcohol forever.  Sure, I will always be an alcoholic, but I will never let my past addiction to alcohol take control of my life and the lives of all the people that love and care for me.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Over Drinking During The Holidays

Many people like to drink alcohol, but over drinking during the Holidays gets to be too much for many of us.

I only wish for myself, and others that have an addiction to alcohol, is to be able to have just a couple glasses of wine, or one or two glasses of beer just to be sociable during this Holiday season.  The problem for myself, and so many other people is that we just can not have one or two alcoholic drinks because it just doesn't satisfy our needs, and why is that?

When we have a dependence on alcohol, and being so addicted to it, means that there will be no satisfaction to those that would have those one or two drinks.  That is why if you or I do have an addiction to alcohol and have got sober, like myself, there is no way that we can have even one alcoholic drink, because you and I know for a fact that we would be doomed and more than likely relapse and go back to our old ways of drinking and abusing alcohol everyday of the week.

Those that do not have an addiction to alcohol, but like to have that one or two social drinks, just keep in mind not to over drink during the Holiday seasons.

Accidents and getting sick from over drinking can happen to any of us whether you have an addiction to alcohol or not, so just be careful not only during the Holiday Season, but every time you sit down and have that alcoholic beverage.

Be safe, and I wish each and every person that read this a Happy and Prosperous Christmas and New Years.