Monday, December 2, 2013

Over Drinking During The Holidays

Many people like to drink alcohol, but over drinking during the Holidays gets to be too much for many of us.

I only wish for myself, and others that have an addiction to alcohol, is to be able to have just a couple glasses of wine, or one or two glasses of beer just to be sociable during this Holiday season.  The problem for myself, and so many other people is that we just can not have one or two alcoholic drinks because it just doesn't satisfy our needs, and why is that?

When we have a dependence on alcohol, and being so addicted to it, means that there will be no satisfaction to those that would have those one or two drinks.  That is why if you or I do have an addiction to alcohol and have got sober, like myself, there is no way that we can have even one alcoholic drink, because you and I know for a fact that we would be doomed and more than likely relapse and go back to our old ways of drinking and abusing alcohol everyday of the week.

Those that do not have an addiction to alcohol, but like to have that one or two social drinks, just keep in mind not to over drink during the Holiday seasons.

Accidents and getting sick from over drinking can happen to any of us whether you have an addiction to alcohol or not, so just be careful not only during the Holiday Season, but every time you sit down and have that alcoholic beverage.

Be safe, and I wish each and every person that read this a Happy and Prosperous Christmas and New Years.