Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alcohol Tolerance - It Can Sneak Up On You Quick

Remember the old days, or for some of us now, how we felt after our first Alcoholic drink?  We felt like we where floating on a cloud.  But, our body was not used to that strange liquid in our system.

I remember my first.  A friend of mine stole a beer from his parents refrigerator and we shared that one beer.  What we did was to use a straw to drink out of, only because someone said it would give you a quick buzz.  After we finished the beer we then ran around to get the alcohol moving faster into our body.  Sounds funny right, but it did work, at least we thought so.

So,  we did our experiment  and we where satisfied with the results.  That was the end of our drinking day at a young age, So we thought.

As we get older and the times of our lives get tougher, we tend to lean on different things to get our stress out. Some may turn to Drugs and some my turn to Alcohol.  Either way, both will do the same harm to us over time.

When we do start to abuse our bodies with these things, we start off lightly and slowly, because we don't know how it will affect us in the beginning.  Some of us have gotten very sick, including myself, when we have drank to much, and didn't realize just how fast the alcohol would sneak up on us.  So, we say to ourselves, that's it for me, no more drinking for me.

After a day or so, we say, well I feel a lot better now, so I guess I'll have a drink or so.  We get to the number of that drink that put us under a day ago, and realized nothing has happened.  No throwing up, No feeling sick.  So, we then continue to drink until we get to that sick point again, and then call it quits for the night.

This goes on and on as our Alcohol Tolerance gets higher and higher.  As for me, this has happened as I'm sure million of other people feel the same.

As our Tolerance builds higher, we can hang in their with the best of the drinkers.  For myself, nothing to be proud of for sure.

So, for me, to finally be Sober again everyday of my life is a Blessing.  But, if we never started to use Drugs or Alcohol in the first place, then, the word Addiction would never be in our vocabulary.