Monday, March 8, 2010

Alcoholism In A Family - Who Really Suffers?

When a person, like myself, decides to take up a habit of drinking Alcohol, we don't think of the side effects it will have upon others.  We start with a casual drink or two on different occasions.  That's okay for the ones that can handle one or two drinks, and then walk away from the bottle.  But, for some of us, for some reason or another we just crave for more and more.

The one or two casual drinks are just not enough for us.  As we continue to feed our bodies with more Alcohol,  our bodies get used to it and say to us "give me more".  As you feed more alcohol to yourself you don't see the world around you. The world you only see is the make believe world, where everything seems great as long as you are high on your drink.

You are now becoming dependent on the Alcohol, which turns to an Addiction. You think that you are fine and there shouldn't be any problems of what you are doing.  You are basically blinded to the outside world.  Everything now revolves around drinking.  I can say this because I was once blinded to the outside world and saw nothing around me but my drink and never even realized it until I became Clean and  Sober.

Some of us are what you call a working or functional Alcoholic.  You can do all the normal things in life, like going to work, yard work, family functions, and the everyday routines.  That is why I thought I had no problem at all.  I functioned just fine, so I thought.

Alcoholism In A Family can do some real damage to everyone involved..  The people that love you and care about you are on your back burner.  But, the Alcoholic can not see this happening, when it is right in front of their faces.  The families suffer so bad, and the alcoholic is happy as a lark. They try to convince us to slow down or even quit drinking all together.  As we all know, you can not tell someone, or make someone  quit unless they are willing to surrender to their Addiction on their own.

As time passes, with your addiction progressing, you then are wondering what have I done.  I have an Addiction that is now out of control.  So, all the fun times in the beginning are now turning into some bad times in the end.

So, some of us may lose our jobs, our families and friends, and unfortunately some of us may lose our Lives, all due to an Addiction that we could of prevented, only if we had the strength within us to keep this under control, from our beginning casual drink or two.

Always remember that when your drinking down that alcohol, your not only killing your body, but your are killing your relationships, friendships, and the most important the family that loves you so.

So just think about it before you tilt the bottle again, and take a look around you and ask yourself "Who Really Suffers the most"?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alcohol Detox - Ways I Survived Doing It

In the world we live in today there are so many stresses and things we all have to endure.  Some of us can handle these these stresses on our own, and then some may turn to a different source.  Unfortunately, we tend to turn to some sort of habit which most of the time is bad.

When I decided to turn my life around, and take the road to Sobriety, I had to do a lot of preparing, both mind and body.  I knew I could not just slow down the drinking, because of my last experience, it didn't work.  So the only other thing that I could do is to just go Cold Turkey.

I picked a Sober start date, and I stuck to it.  It was hard to say goodbye to my so called second love, or as I always say my Demons.  But, I did, and I will never look back at the past. I knew deep down inside that this addiction I have is destroying my family, my dreams and goals, and my Life.

So, I said to myself, how I am going to feel with my Alcohol Detox program that I'm about to start on my own?  Will I be able to do this own my own?  I answered both questions with a Positive Attitude, saying, Yes I Can and Will achieve this goal of getting Sobriety back into my life.

So, during my Detox of Alcohol, I needed to find things to do to keep my mind and my body busy.  One of the first things I started to do was to start writing about my Addiction.  Believe it or not, it has helped me so much to be able to express my thoughts and my feelings of my life with Alcohol.

As I continue to write many things pop into my mind.  Some are good and then their are the ones that I am ashamed of.  Those are, what I have put my family through all the years of drinking.  I am not happy nor proud of it by far.  I never realized what I was doing due the Alcohol.

One of my Goals is that, I hope that someone in the world will get a chance to read what I have written, and be able to maybe use some of the things I have learned to help them Achieve Sobriety in their lives.

The Detox program that I did on my own, will unfortunately not help someone completely, that really has a far worse addiction then I.  But, if they really want to Achieve their Sobriety, then I strongly suggest by first Getting that Positive Attitude going in your life.  Without that first you are fighting a losing battle.

Once you Surrender to your Addiction, and  grab a hold of that Positive energy you will succeed.  You will also have to agree to yourself that you will never be able to pick up a drink again ever in your life.  We all know what could happen if you do so, and no one wants a Relapse after working so hard to Achieve their Sobriety. 

With a lot of prayers, and to put your life into God's hands he will help you through all of the things you never thought you could ever do.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alcohol Tolerance - It Can Sneak Up On You Quick

Remember the old days, or for some of us now, how we felt after our first Alcoholic drink?  We felt like we where floating on a cloud.  But, our body was not used to that strange liquid in our system.

I remember my first.  A friend of mine stole a beer from his parents refrigerator and we shared that one beer.  What we did was to use a straw to drink out of, only because someone said it would give you a quick buzz.  After we finished the beer we then ran around to get the alcohol moving faster into our body.  Sounds funny right, but it did work, at least we thought so.

So,  we did our experiment  and we where satisfied with the results.  That was the end of our drinking day at a young age, So we thought.

As we get older and the times of our lives get tougher, we tend to lean on different things to get our stress out. Some may turn to Drugs and some my turn to Alcohol.  Either way, both will do the same harm to us over time.

When we do start to abuse our bodies with these things, we start off lightly and slowly, because we don't know how it will affect us in the beginning.  Some of us have gotten very sick, including myself, when we have drank to much, and didn't realize just how fast the alcohol would sneak up on us.  So, we say to ourselves, that's it for me, no more drinking for me.

After a day or so, we say, well I feel a lot better now, so I guess I'll have a drink or so.  We get to the number of that drink that put us under a day ago, and realized nothing has happened.  No throwing up, No feeling sick.  So, we then continue to drink until we get to that sick point again, and then call it quits for the night.

This goes on and on as our Alcohol Tolerance gets higher and higher.  As for me, this has happened as I'm sure million of other people feel the same.

As our Tolerance builds higher, we can hang in their with the best of the drinkers.  For myself, nothing to be proud of for sure.

So, for me, to finally be Sober again everyday of my life is a Blessing.  But, if we never started to use Drugs or Alcohol in the first place, then, the word Addiction would never be in our vocabulary.