Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alcohol Detox - Ways I Survived Doing It

In the world we live in today there are so many stresses and things we all have to endure.  Some of us can handle these these stresses on our own, and then some may turn to a different source.  Unfortunately, we tend to turn to some sort of habit which most of the time is bad.

When I decided to turn my life around, and take the road to Sobriety, I had to do a lot of preparing, both mind and body.  I knew I could not just slow down the drinking, because of my last experience, it didn't work.  So the only other thing that I could do is to just go Cold Turkey.

I picked a Sober start date, and I stuck to it.  It was hard to say goodbye to my so called second love, or as I always say my Demons.  But, I did, and I will never look back at the past. I knew deep down inside that this addiction I have is destroying my family, my dreams and goals, and my Life.

So, I said to myself, how I am going to feel with my Alcohol Detox program that I'm about to start on my own?  Will I be able to do this own my own?  I answered both questions with a Positive Attitude, saying, Yes I Can and Will achieve this goal of getting Sobriety back into my life.

So, during my Detox of Alcohol, I needed to find things to do to keep my mind and my body busy.  One of the first things I started to do was to start writing about my Addiction.  Believe it or not, it has helped me so much to be able to express my thoughts and my feelings of my life with Alcohol.

As I continue to write many things pop into my mind.  Some are good and then their are the ones that I am ashamed of.  Those are, what I have put my family through all the years of drinking.  I am not happy nor proud of it by far.  I never realized what I was doing due the Alcohol.

One of my Goals is that, I hope that someone in the world will get a chance to read what I have written, and be able to maybe use some of the things I have learned to help them Achieve Sobriety in their lives.

The Detox program that I did on my own, will unfortunately not help someone completely, that really has a far worse addiction then I.  But, if they really want to Achieve their Sobriety, then I strongly suggest by first Getting that Positive Attitude going in your life.  Without that first you are fighting a losing battle.

Once you Surrender to your Addiction, and  grab a hold of that Positive energy you will succeed.  You will also have to agree to yourself that you will never be able to pick up a drink again ever in your life.  We all know what could happen if you do so, and no one wants a Relapse after working so hard to Achieve their Sobriety. 

With a lot of prayers, and to put your life into God's hands he will help you through all of the things you never thought you could ever do.