Thursday, January 7, 2010

Free at Last

Well, I think I am free at last from the demons within.  I last spoke of the Fresh Start in my last post and now I"ll try to explain to you how I prepared for this journey.  First of all, I began by saying to myself what in the world am I doing to myself and my family?  I wanted to get off the addition I had so bad that I decided to go cold turkey.  Now, some people can be social drinkers and not have a problem. I, on the other hand could not handle drinking on occasion and leave it be until the next party or function. Some people say oh no you shouldn't just go cold turkey, you need to start with having say 6 drinks and the next night have 5 and so on untill your at no drinks at all.  That only sounded like a tease to me, so I than decided to do the cold turkey.  I was surprised how well it went with no DT's at all, which I was worried about. You have to start with a open mind and say to yourself I am going to conquer this addiction once and for all. Be true to youself and respect yourself, because we are all only here on earth for a limited time, so why make that time shorter than it should be do to an addiction. I keep myself busy all the time between work and projects around the house and writing these post which I also think helps me with my problem. Till next time stay happy and sober.