Friday, December 23, 2011

Stuggling Everyday To Stay Sober

For all those that has had an addiction to alcohol and now in recovery find themselves struggling everyday to stay sober and deep in back of their minds wonder if they will relapse during the upcoming Holiday Season.

How strong are you?  Do you think you are stronger than the demons inside you that are just
waiting for you to give in and start drinking alcohol again?  The demons lay back waiting for you to break, but you have to smarter and stronger than them.  As for myself, they have a long long wait to see another drop of alcohol pass my lips.

Sure every alcoholic that has chose to get clean and sober struggles to stay clean and sober and I think that it pretty much the norm, at least it is for me.  What the heck, when you lived with alcohol in your life everyday for years the urge and temptation does come about now and then, but you just have to let that urge pass and not break and drink, not even one drop or else we all know what happens next.  Yep, right back where we began at day one again trying to get sober again.

Don't let anything or anyone get in your way of your sobriety and continue telling yourself you will remain sober no matter what life throws at you.

Life seems like a struggle not only with addictions, but just to live each and everyday and to live it healthy, sober and manage your everyday lives to the fullest, but no one said life is easy right?

You need to make the best of each day and whatever you do, you need to do it the best you can and to your fullest expectations.  Don't cut yourself short, and don't get down on yourself because you might have not accomplished something you thought would of work out well.  If by any chance you do relapse, don't be too hard on yourself, but be stern enough to start all over again and get back up and try again.

Many of us do relapse for one reason or another,but you need to try again and if need be, again until you get it right and stay sober.  Some of us get sobriety on the first try, but those that are having a tough time, never give up on yourself.  Work as hard as you can to achieve your sobriety and at the end of the day and you are clean and sober you will look back at your journey and the hard work you put forth to get sober, you will be one proud person.

Happy Sober Holidays Everyone!!!