Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tips On How To Get And Stay Sober

Here are some tips on how to get and stay sober through my own experiences with drinking alcohol and a little information on my life as an alcoholic.

Living a life with alcohol starts as a fun and exciting thing until all hell breaks loose, and the demons of alcohol have taken over our life as they did for me.  You begin to depend on alcohol more and more as you are partying and drinking by yourself as I did.  You can't go a day without having your drinks and getting the high your body longs for each and everyday.

Sure, I love to drink and have fun just as much or even more than the next guy, but it became a huge problem when I got addicted to the alcohol and didn't know how to get out the horrible life I was now living in.

I neglected my family, my friends and even neglected myself, because the only thing I had on my mind is getting that first drink in me right after work and drank until it was time to go to bed.  It became the new love of my life, and I knew I was doing wrong, but my body depended on me feeding the alcohol everyday. 

I felt as if there was no way out of the addiction to alcohol I had.  As time went by I became more embarrassed and a shame of my addiction to alcohol and knew people were talking about me and my horrible life I was leading, but it still wasn't enough to make me stop drinking alcohol.

I would never want to go to any family functions unless there was alcohol served, and if there wasn't alcohol I would hide some in my car and sneak out on my smoke break and have a fast can of beer.  When I think of all these things now being clean and sober, I can't believe that I was so weak and couldn't beat the addiction I had.

These reason I couldn't beat my addiction was that I simply wasn't ready to surrender to my addiction.  No matter what anyone would tell me I wouldn't listen or did I care for that matter. 

I am now sober 2 years tomorrow, October 27, 2011 and want to share what i have learned and how I surrendered to my addiction on my own, with no 12 step, no rehab. and no meetings.  Not everyone can do as I have done, because many alcoholics need to enter a Rehab.Center to be treated professionally and start their detox under Medical supervision.


  1. First and foremost, you need to want to get sober!
  2. If you are a negative person, you need to get a positive attitude.
  3. If need be, you have to ask for help.
  4. You have to admit you are an alcoholic and you need and want help.
  5. You have to have the willingness and determination to get sober.
  6. You cannot let anything or anyone stand in you way of sobriety.
  7. You may need to steer clear of anyone you associated with while drinking alcohol.
  8. You may have to find sober friends.
  9. You have to look at your future as an alcoholic and compare that to a life of sobriety.
  10. There is only one way to stop drinking alcohol and that is to JUST QUIT!
These are a few things that helped me get and stay sober and I hope these ideas and true facts will help you find your way out of your addiction and live a life of sobriety as I have done.

Sobriety is so possible for anyone that is addicted to alcohol.  All you need to do is to want sobriety back into your life so bad that you are willing to do anything to get it back.