Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sobriety Is Like Living In Paradise

For any person that has an addiction to alcohol, and has been abusing alcohol for a long time hasn't had the experience of living life sober for some years.  Yes, I was one of those people.

Having sobriety is like living in paradise I must say.  When someone has had an addiction to alcohol for years they tend to forget what it feels like to be clean and sober.  They are so used to having that buzz or being drunk each day they think that this is the only thing in life.

In my opinion there is nothing greater than sobriety.  To be able to think clearly each day, and to be able to wake up in the morning with a clear head and not have that horrible hangover we all know so well.  

When we depend on alcohol in our everyday life we tend to forget what life is really all about.  We don't see the beauty that life has to offer us because we are blinded by our addiction to alcohol.  We tend to breathe, sleep and live for alcohol.

I remember so well that the minute I woke in the morning even after feeling like crap from drinking the night before, the first thing that came to mind was, "when can i have my first drink of the day?"  That is so sad that I thought about how I could ruin my life even more than it already is.

To be able to think and want to self-destruct myself one day at a time.  Now that I have been sober since October 27, 2009 I can not believe those thoughts of drinking came to mind each morning I woke.

I know that many people that have this addiction to alcohol think the same way as I did back then.  Now, I write to help those that have an addiction to alcohol, and to let them know there is hope for all of us if and only if you want to get and stay sober and live that life of sobriety.

I have to tell you that you must try out sobriety for it is like living in paradise.  All you have to do is to want sobriety bad enough and work hard on staying clean and sober and you will too live in paradise as I do now.

Granted getting and staying sober will not be easy, but nothing good that comes out of life is easy right.  You need to work hard and not let anything or anyone stand in your way to living a sober life.

The longer you are sober the easier it will be for you as long as you don't cheat and say to yourself, "well I guess I can have one or two drinks because I have not drank in one month."  That is a huge NO NO!  Once you decide to get sober you must promise yourself that no matter what happens in your life you will not break and have that one or two drinks, because if you do you will be back to square one and day one of trying to get sober again.

Think of what you are doing to yourself and others that love and care for you.  Look into the your mind and see what is making you depend on alcohol each day of your life.  Read this hub I wrote called "looking into the mind of an alcoholic."  You will see how we think, or least how I thought about my addiction to alcohol.

Keep a positive attitude in everything in life, and that includes having sobriety back into your life and you will see, having that positive attitude, the will and determination and the power to say NO I don't drink, sobriety will be a part of your life once again.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taking Action Is The Key To Sobriety

For anyone that has an addiction to alcohol and wants to get sober, there is one thing that is so important, and that is, taking action is the key to sobriety.

You will never see sobriety without taking action to change your life.  Sobriety will not fall in your lap, that's for sure.  Hard work, determination and the will to get and stay sober is the key to recovery.

Many alcoholics talk  a good game and tell many people that they want to get sober, but the truth of the matter is that they are not willing to stop drinking at that moment in their life.  They may say, I will quit drinking next week after my birthday, or any excuse to drink alcohol for a little bit longer.

If they were that determined to stop drinking they would not waste time and take action right away and not wait to that special moment.

Either you want sobriety in your life or you don't. There is no happy medium when it comes to changing your life and getting sober.

I can tell you, when I tried to stop drinking alcohol many years ago, it lasted about a month or so and then something came up in my life and it drove me right back to drinking alcohol again.  The reason I relapsed was the fact that I wasn't ready to change my life and get sober.  I used any problem that came up in my life as a excuse to start drinking again.  There should be no excuse for drinking alcohol after you have stopped for so long. You need to have the willpower to say no to the demons that lurk
inside of you just waiting for you to break and start drinking again


If you are an alcoholic and want to get and stay sober, you must take the action needed to change your life.  Sobriety will come to you.  Sobriety must be wanted so bad in your life that you are willing to do anything to achieve it.

Sure it will be a long and hard road to recovery, but nothing in life is easy, that is worth wild, such as sobriety without hard work involved.

So get that positive attitude going and start you plans to get sober and stay sober.  Don't look back at your past, only forward to a bright, healthy, sober and happy life ahead.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How Can You Stop The Urge To Drink Alcohol

If you are addicted to alcohol and want to stop drinking alcohol and get clean and sober, you may want to know, "how can you stop the urge to drink alcohol," if you are trying to get sober.
If you are someone that has tried to stop drinking and you have made some headway, but on certain days in you life you get that urge to drink again.  You know for a fact that if you pickup a alcoholic drink you will be doomed and will be back in the rut of drinking alcohol everyday.

How can you stop that urge to drink alcohol you may ask?  Here is my opinion, and what I thought about when I got the urge to drink alcohol after three plus years of sobriety.

If you have found sobriety in your life after so many years of drinking and abusing alcohol, then a huge congrats to you for a job well done.

getting and staying sober is not a easy thing to do, especially with all the things going on in this world. So many people have problems in their lives, such as loss of employment, financial problems, marriage problems and so many other things that may trigger the sober person to go back to drinking alcohol.  The temptation is all around us everywhere we go in this world.

Bars are on almost every corner and even many restaurants serve the poison alone with a great meal.  You would go to a party, picnic, gathering of any sorts and there will be your friend, called alcohol ready to be served. Here comes that urge to drink, but how can you turn off that urge that will ruin your life once again?

**As I am writing this post, February 3, 2013 the Super Bowl is airing at this moment and people all over the world are parting and drinking their night away, as I am sitting here writing to help others get and stay sober. Let the game begin and the drinking of much alcohol begin as well.  Many people will be drinking and getting drunk as their team wins the Super Bowl, and then the other 50% of people will drinking in disgust and disappointment that their team lost the Super Bowl. (Any excuse to drink right?)

Don't get me wrong, I am not an anti-drinking person, I am just a person that didn't know when enough was enough when it came to drinking alcohol.  So, in that case, I must not drink at all, and that solved my problem of never enough booze.  If you want to get sober and stay sober, (just don't drink) it's that simple!

I got sober on October 27, 2009 and here is what I think about when I get that urge to drink, and alcohol is all around me at the function that I am at.

First, I think of all the hard work it took me to ever decide to stop drinking alcohol and get clean and sober.  My wheels turned for a long time until I was certain I needed to quit drinking alcohol once and for all, not only for myself, but everyone that was in my life. 

Secondly, I always think what I put my body through by drinking and abusing alcohol, and what I put my family and friends through that loved and cared for me through all the years of drinking and abusing alcohol.  I knew I never wanted to put my body, family and friends though that ever again. It just isn't fair to take down your family along with yourself just because you are selfish, and you choose alcohol over people that loved and cared for you.

Third, You need to have a Positive Attitude at all times, before and after you stop drinking alcohol.  You need to keep reminding yourself that you are an alcoholic and if you touch that drink you will relapse and be right back where you started when you first decided to get sober. Trust me, it is not worth that drink or buzz you re urging to have.  Everything you have worked so hard for, (and that would be your sobriety and freedom of the alcohol demons) would be all in vein.

Forth, Think of how much happier and healthier you will feel, and we must not forget those horrible hangovers from over drinking right?  Unless hangovers don't bother you, but I find that getting sick and feeling like crap each morning you wake up is certainly NOT worth any buzz or drunk.

Fifth, Think of what you will look like again if you choose to start drinking alcohol again.  did you like the way you looked when you drank alcohol?  Over weight, tired looking, run down and just no energy whatsoever. 

Stop the urge to drink alcohol by thinking of some of the things above that help me each day to stay sober one more day in my life.  Another way that helps me to stay sober is by writing on HubPages and my other blog called Crushing Alcohol Addiction.  Check them out and some of those articles my help you if you are serious about stopping drinking and living with long term sobriety.