Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things To Do To Stop The Temptation To Drink Alcohol

Temptation is in every ones life one way or another, but for the alcoholic that is trying to stay sober temptation is their worse fear.  Here are some of the things to do to stop the temptation to drink alcohol from my own experiences.

When I decided to quit drinking alcohol, deep in the back of my mind I always feared that the temptation to drink alcohol would always be there.  I asked myself, "how would I be able to ever go to another party where there is alcohol being served."  "Will I have to stay away from all my drinking buddies?"

These thoughts will forever be embedded in my mind, but in order to stay sober, I must be stronger than my temptation and the urge to drink.  After many months of being sober I tried my luck at going to a party with alcohol being served.  I knew I would be tempted, but I also knew I couldn't just hide the rest of my life from those that do drink alcohol.

I took the chance and I was completely fine.  There was no temptation or the urge to drink, and why is that you might ask?  The reason that I had no temptation or urge to drink alcohol was because I prepared my mind in a positive way to deal with what I was about to do, which was mingle with those that were drinking alcohol.

Your mind is a powerful tool that we all have.  It is just the matter if you choose to use this powerful tool to benefit you and your life. When you have a positive outlook in life you will be able to achieve anything you want including your sobriety.

If by chance you do get the temptation to drink, stop what you are doing for a minute and look back in time to remember just how hard you have worked on getting and staying sober.  Think of what will happen if you took that first sip of alcohol.  Do you think you could do it and set the drink down and never pick it up again?  I bet not, because if it were me I would be doomed and right back at the alcohol as my demons greet me back into the their world of hell.  I have a feeling that many alcoholics would say the same about them self.  So, just be strong and have that determination to stay sober. Be stronger than your addiction or you will be so sorry your addiction came back into your life again.  I know I would be.

I can't even imagine letting our demons take back over our lives again after being clean and sober for so long, but it does indeed happen to many of people that are addicted to, not only alcohol, but drugs as well.

All of us need to keep that positive attitude and not let our past addictions take over our lives again.  We all need to be stronger than our addictions and keep telling ourselves that no matter what happens in our lives we will never pick up that alcohol beverage again, and you must be firm about this promise to yourself.

Staying sober is indeed a hard thing to do, but it is only as hard as you make it.  Remember, sobriety will never hurt you or kill you, BUT your addiction to drugs and alcohol WILL hurt you and sooner or later kill you one way or another.  So just think before you drink and don't let the temptation and urge to drink ruin the life of sobriety you worked so hard to get.