Friday, November 11, 2011

Are You Ready To Get Sober

I asked a question to myself over two years ago and that was, "are you ready to get sober Mark?"  When people drink alcohol they tend to change into someone else in the eyes of others, but the person drinking doesn't see just how their mood, personality and actions change when drinking alcohol.

For myself, when I drank, I thought I was perfect and I never did anything that would hinder my actions or hurt someone physically or mentally with what I did or what I said.  I found out when I became clean and sober I was dead wrong by what people would tell me as I stood in front of them sober.  I was shocked to hear many things and never knew.  I was the talk of the town years ago and never knew it.

The question I have for anyone that is addicted to alcohol is, "when will you be ready to get sober and stay sober?"

Will it take something drastic to happen to you or your life?  Will it take being on the verge of losing your family and friends all because you are drinking too much and can't stop no matter what happens or what people say to you? 

This is something to really think about.  You need to put your priorities in order and think to yourself which is more important, your life, your family and friends or the booze?

Make up your mind one way or another whether you want sobriety in your life or just stay on the path of self destruction by drinking alcohol and take the chance of losing your family or possibly losing your own life.

You can get sober, believe me.   The only thing you must do to start the process of recovery is to admit you have a problem and surrender to you inner demons once and for all.  Once you have surrender and ask for the help you need to get sober, then the process of recovery will begin.

Understand, this will not happen overnight getting back to your old sober life.  It took years for you to get addicted to alcohol and it will take time to get used to being sober and having no alcohol in your body, but don't fear, each and everyday sober will get easier and easier, at least it did for me.

Stay focused on getting clean and sober.  Stay positive and keep that positive attitude going and continue to tell yourself that you can and will get sober again, and with the strength,
determination and the willingness to get sober, it will indeed happen.

This May Help You In Your Quest To Get Sober.