Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alcohol - The Temporary Escape From Reality

Alcohol the temporary escape from reality is so true and I can certainly relate to it. The buzz or being flat out drunk is only temporary and it will go away when you stop drinking and be taken over by your huge hangover in the morning.

So what should someone do to keep reality and whatever problem you may have from coming back? Well of course, keep on drinking and keep that drunk on.  This is what many people do to escape from reality.  They continue to drink each day hoping for things in their life to get better, not knowing that those problems will never go away because you are drinking alcohol.

I used to think, "wow I feel great drinking all this alcohol and I am not worried about a thing."  Sure drinking will tend to ease the problem because you simply don't care anymore at that time, until the booze wears off and then reality sets in and Bang, there is your problem you originally had.

Drinking alcohol will sometimes just make matters worse than they are.  You sit there drinking your life away coming up with all these stupid ideas that you may think will work to solve this so called problem in your life, and when you sober up and reality sets in again those so called great ideas sound stupid.

Your sober and think to yourself, "how in the world would this idea I had last night being drunk even work?"  Although last night when thinking up these wonderful ideas, they all sounded great, because you were not thinking clearly and you were drunk.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?  It sure does to me!

When I was drinking and getting drunker by the minute I thought I could run the world. I thought nothing could get me down. I knew everything and had answer for anything, although those answers were most likely wrong.

Alcohol is a wonderful thing?  It make you forget about anything happening in your life, but just for short while until you sober up.

Don't get me wrong, I love alcohol and loved to drink it every single day of the week without missing on day.  If by chance I was sick and down in bed, my mind only though about when "will I get better so I can drink again?"  That is really a sorry thing to think about when you are down and out with sickness and you are thinking about drinking alcohol and not thinking about getting better and what you can do to get better fast.  It was as if someone cut one of my limbs off.  That is how addicted you can get when you are missing a day or so without alcohol.  Pretty sad right? It is sickening to me now being sober.

I would give a anything to go into a club and have a drink or two and just shoot the breeze with the people at the bar, but I can't do that.  One or two drinks wouldn't cut it for me.  I would start a fire inside me if I were to have one sip of alcohol.

I know what would happen to me, so that is why I simply don't drink anything.  You have to know your body.  I know for a fact if I drank one sip of alcohol I would be right back to drinking alcohol every single day of the week.  That's why I don't drink and will continue not to drink for the rest of my life.  Sad, but true!

I have a friend that has written a book and has a website called "living sober sucks, (but living drunk sucks more)" Those words are so true in my book now.  Living sober does indeed SUCK, but I have to do what I have to do in order to save my life and all those that are in my life.  Family and friends are far more important to me than any alcohol by far. What is your choice?

I guess it is all what you want in life.  To be happy, healthy and sober or just live drunk everyday.  Sooner or later the alcohol will indeed catch up with you and you will be the one that suffers in the end.

Alcohol Addiction And How It Will Effect Your Life And Others

So many people have this huge problem with alcohol addiction.  We all need to really sit down and think of our alcohol addiction and how it will effect your life and others in the future and right as of today.

We get so involved in our addiction to alcohol and we tend to forget about our life and what our addiction is doing to others that care and love us so.

The more we drink and abuse alcohol the more we are getting addicted. I know from my experience of drinking alcohol, that as each week passed by I needed more and more to get to that point of being satisfied with the buzz I was out to achieve.

We tend to get blinded by our own addiction.  We think more of alcohol than our own life and others that are being effected by what we are doing.

Do you think you are just a social drinker or do you think deep down inside you may have an alcohol addiction?


  • Do you try to hide your alcohol and pretend you don't drink as much as others think?
  • Are you ashamed or feel guilty by your drinking habits?
  • Does your family or friends worry or say things regarding your drinking?
  • Do you need to have alcohol in order to get through each day?
  • Do you drink alcohol in order to relax?
  • Do you disagree with what others say to you regarding your alcohol intake?
  • You never know when to stop drinking.
  • You think of alcohol, and when you can have your first drink of the day as soon as you wake up.
  • You drink alcohol alone.
  • You are embarrassed of your addiction.
  • And you live in denial, thinking there is nothing wrong whatsoever by what you do.
  • You use alcohol to try and solve problems.
  • You relationships are falling apart, but you do nothing to stop drinking. 
  • You refuse to attend a function that alcohol would not be served.
  • Continue to have trouble with the law (DUI) etc.
  • You make any excuse to drink alcohol.
So there are a few things I can think about, and what effected my life regarding my own addiction to alcohol.

If you think you may have a problem with your drinking, then really consider making a life change and seek living life clean and sober. Believe me, lots of your drinking buddies will say something to you about your decision to quit drinking alcohol, but never let that stands in your way of sobriety.

Let them continue to kill themselves as your life begins to improve and you get healthy and happier as each day passes. You will never regret living a life of sobriety.  As I said many times before, "all of us here on Earth have but one life to live," so why would we shorten that one life with an avoidable addiction to alcohol?

One thing I have learned that helped me get sober and stay sober is having a positive attitude. It has changed my life in more ways than one. You need to continue to tell yourself that you Can and Will get and stay sober. No negative thoughts whatsoever, and that means anything you do in life, not just getting sober.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

How To Help An Alcoholic Quit Drinking


There are so many families that have one or even two people (husbands and wives) that are are addicted to alcohol.  In many cases that I know of, and one case was my past addiction to alcohol that my wife wanted to help me try and quit drinking alcohol, but anything she said, I just wouldn't listen because I thought she didn't know what she was talking about.  After all, in my mind, I had no problem whatsoever with my alcohol, and how much I drank of it. I guess I was living in denial for sure.

That being said, there are, I am sure, millions of families going through the same thing as I did.  The spouse wants in the worse way to know how to help an alcoholic quit drinking, but doesn't know the right way to go about it without getting into a huge argument with the alcoholic.

It is like walking on eggshells in a sense.  You want to help the alcoholic, but worry at the same time that you my light a fuse and make things worse than they really are.  Some spouses just say nothing and deal with the tortures the alcoholic puts them through, until one day, they just have had enough.

That is when things could get ugly in a sense, because they have been holding back saying to the alcoholic what they really think and feel.  They just want to help the alcoholic get sober again and remain sober, but in many cases lost for words.  And suddenly they start to spurt out everything they have been holding back for so long.

Sometimes arguments and fights may start because the alcoholic knows the truth deep down, but they still don't want to be helped.  They may say, (as I did) "I can stop drinking alcohol anytime I wish."  Well you know, as well as I know that is a false statement, at least for me it was.

Sometimes the alcoholic needs to be threatened, such as the spouse threatening to leave and not come back until things in the alcoholics life changes for the better.  Sometimes, as hard as it might be to do, you need to light a fire under the alcoholics butt and let them know you mean business in every word you speak.

Many times this will work and make the alcoholic think twice before drinking another alcoholic drink.  It worked for me that's for sure.  Those words, "I WILL LEAVE YOU IF YOU DON'T STOP DRINKING!"

Words such as those are not to hurt the alcoholic, they are to help them.  Those words of meaning business may save the marriage or relationship and will in turn save the alcoholics life. Tough love as they call it!

I guess the whole thing here is, if the alcoholic truly loves their spouse, parents or relationship enough, they will stop drinking alcohol and start their recovery process towards long term sobriety.  That is what will make the difference of continuing to drink or quitting drinking.  Love, and what is more important in their life.  Their spouses, families and friends or alcohol?  It is not a hard decision to make!

If you really want your spouse to get sober and stay sober try sitting down with him/her while they are sober, (with no alcohol in them) and try to explain in a calm way what they are doing to them self and how their drinking is effecting the family and friends they have.

The alcoholic has to know this unless they are totally blind to the whole situation.  I knew and agreed that every word spoken was correct, BUT when a alcoholic lives in denial it might be a bit hard to convince them to stop drinking.

The alcoholic has to be ready to change his/her life on their own and not be forced or threatened into sobriety, because if the alcoholic is not ready, no matter what you say will make a difference. I can relate, because I had those talks many times and might of stopped drinking for short time to let the fire burn out and then, bang, right back at my old habits.

In the case of my 2009 experience drinking my beer in the garage all alone, a voice came into my head and it was a voice that changed my life forever.  While the talks I had with my wife helped me understand what I was doing to the family and myself, the voice that came about me convinced me I had to get sober and to do it at that moment.
I wish that every alcoholic could experience what I did. Many people will not believe me and what I have written in this article, but I know what I heard and that is all that matters.  I am a SOBER guy once again and will remain clean and sober for the rest of my life.  I never want to go through the hell of alcohol addiction ever again.   

Stand up to your addiction and save your own life.  Your life is worth a second chance, so give it to yourself.  You will never be sorry you made the decision to quit drinking alcohol!

Signs Of An Alcoholic


Millions of people in the world drink alcohol.  Some can handle it and then there are those that can not handle alcohol whatsoever.

Many of those that can't handle alcohol may often ask themselves."what are signs of an alcoholic?"  Am I an alcoholic or just someone that loves drinking?

From my past experiences of my addiction to alcohol, I can honestly say when I asked that same question to myself, it was YES indeed, I was an alcoholic. I knew deep down inside of me that I was, but did I think others thought the same about me?

I can assure you they thought I had a drinking problem.  Many would not come right out and say it to me, but hearing the way they spoke to me I knew they knew something was up and just didn't want to come right out and say it to me.


If you are seeing signs that you maybe an alcoholic then I would really stop and take a hard look at your life and those lives around you.  Is it really worth losing everything in your life from an avoidable addiction to alcohol.  I bet you are saying NO, it is not worth losing everything from something that will kill you in the end.

If you said No it is not worth it, then are you going to do something about it or just continue to drink your life away?

Believe me once the demons get hold of your body it will get harder and harder to get out of your addiction to alcohol.  Don't let that happen.  Nip it in the bud before it is too late!

I know you might think, "how can I live without alcohol in my life when I have been so used to having it be a huge part of your life?"

Trust me, you can live without alcohol.  You will see a new you my friends!  Your spouse, family and friends will see a new you, and you will be so proud of yourself when you finally stop drinking alcohol forever.

You will start to feel back to your old self.  Your appearance will not look like you are an alcoholic anymore. Your health will improve each and everyday.  You will regain your self-esteem and start living with a positive attitude, and not be so down on yourself because of your addiction. You know how alcoholic may say, Why Me? why doesn't anything go right in my life?

To tell you the truth, nothing will go right in your life unless you do something to change it.  You have to help yourself before anyone or anything can help you.  If you are not willing to make that change and make something out of your life, then I guess you will continue to be a lonely alcoholic for the rest of your life.

You will start to lose things, one at a time, and before you know it, you will then hit rock bottom.  Speaking of rock bottom, sometimes it takes an alcoholic to hit rock bottom before he/she does something to change his/her life.  Don't Let This Happen To You!

Why Is It So Hard To Stop Drinking Alcohol

There are millions of people in the world that drink alcohol.  Some can handle their alcohol and then there are some that just get addicted and wind up abusing alcohol.

For those that got addicted to the booze and want to stop drinking often ask them self, "why is it so hard to stop drinking alcohol?"

I know for a fact, trying to stop drinking alcohol is a very hard thing to overcome since you have been drinking and abusing it for so long.  Somewhere deep down inside us (the alcoholic) wants to live a life of sobriety, but the alcohol that has been in our life for so long wants no part of leaving our bodies.  The demons are settled in us, and very content as long as we feed them the daily dose of alcohol.

But, watch out if we decide to slow down or simply stop drinking all together. That would really piss off the demons inside each alcoholic, and they will put your body through the tortures of hell.  We all know how we feel if we stop drinking.  I know that I felt like crap for sometime, but I keep telling myself that I can and will beat this addiction to alcohol I have.

Any alcoholic can do the same if that is what you want in your life.  Many alcoholics are very content with drinking alcohol everyday of their lives and don't care what the consequences will be in the future.

If you truly love yourself, you will not put your body through this painful thing we call alcohol addiction.  You can stop drinking if you want to!  You are the one that is in full control of the one and only body you have.

Give your life a second chance and just try to stop drinking and see how your life will begin to turn around as mine did back in 2009.

A would recommend highly to seek Professional Help if you do decide to stop drinking.  You have to detox the right and safe way.  It will be very dangerous if you try to stop drinking on your own as I did.  I made up my mind to quit drinking back in October 2009 and simply went cold turkey.  Yes I was scared to death for things I heard about going cold turkey and the dangers of doing so.

I took upon my own to do it anyway regardless of the outcome.  Why, because I was afraid to go to any Doctor or Rehab. Center for the worry of what they may say to me regarding my long relationship with alcohol. I even thought to myself, "it just might too late to heal my body and live a sober life."

With that said, I chose to go Cold Turkey anyway.  I took a huge change and worried every minute of the day and night, wondering if something horrible was going to happen to me.  Will I get sick by not detoxing the correct and safe way? I was a nervous wreck I must say.

Once I made it through the first week or so without a drink, and my nerves started to get a little better, I knew I could make it and change my life.

So Lets Get Back To The Main Question Of Why Is It So Hard For You To Stop Drinking Alcohol?

  • Is it that you are simply not ready to stop drinking?
  • Is it that you don't know how you will survive without alcohol in your body?
  • Is it that you feel that your drinking friends will look down at you because you stopped drinking?
  • Is it that you feel you would have no more fun at parties or any kind of functions?
  • What is stopping you from changing your life?
  • There must be something holding you back from living a life of sobriety.
  • You must know the answer of why it is so hard to quit drinking.
  • Are you simply afraid of living clean and sober because you have been drinking for so long?
Stopping drinking is not as hard as most people make it to be.  I thought I would never in a million years be clean and sober again, but I sure fooled myself.  If you want something bad enough in life you will achieve it, and that includes your sobriety.

The only thing holding you back from sobriety is, you and you alone.  You make the call my friends.  I guess it depends on whether or not you wish to live or die.

Does that word DIE frighten you?  It should.  We all were given a gift of life and many of us chose to ruin the one and only life we have with the addiction to alcohol and drugs.  

Life is precious and we should start to cherish our life a little more than we do.  Get sober and get healthy again.  Live the life you were given in a clean and sober way, and stop making excuses of why it is so hard to quit drinking.

Put your mind to it and it will happen.  Think positive and act positive and you will see results, and that includes anything in life.  Negativity will get you nowhere in life, but pure depression.

It is not hard to stop drinking.  I did it and so can you!  The only way to stop drinking alcohol is to JUST STOP!  It is that simple.  Now, make up your mind to get sober and do it.  Time is wasting away, and your life clock is ticking away as you hesitate on getting sober and finding your sobriety.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Making Peace With Yourself After An Addiction To Alcohol

Making peace with yourself after an addiction to alcohol was harder than I thought.

When I stopped drinking alcohol in October of 2009, I never thought that my earlier addiction to alcohol would haunt me for many years to come.

It was a very hard decision to stop drinking alcohol, because my entire life revolved around alcohol for so many years. Alcohol ran my life and included in that, were the people that loved and cared for me.

I never realized how I hurt them with all those years of my drinking, but now being sober, I now know that you and I could destroy the lives of your own flesh and blood and we would never even realize it.  That is so sad to me now thinking back at those horrible days of my addiction to alcohol.

None of us ever think about others in our life that we are hurting, while we are so much in denial, and don't even think for a moment that we have an alcohol problem.

You know, you or I can not turn back the hands of time and make things better of what we messed up over the years of alcohol abuse, but we can fix our life now and make things better for ourselves and the ones that loved and cared for us while we abused our lives.

If you happen to have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, just stop and think for a moment and look around you and see with your own eyes what you are doing to others.  They don't deserve to go through the hell you are putting them through by your habit of drinking your life away.

They don't deserve being pulled down to rock bottom along with you. This is what bothers me the most.  I put many people, such as my parents, my spouse Linda (of 32 years) and my children through hell.  They saw their husband and father drink every night of the week, and they got to the point when they were older, that they were embarrassed of my life style and they way I acted and talked when getting that buzz and drunk on.

Abusing alcohol, and being so selfish can, and will destroy families sooner or later if you and I don't do something to change it.  We, the alcoholics are the only ones that can make things right in our life and make the lives of those that love us right.

Please don't get me wrong, I have nothing against drinking alcohol at all.  I loved alcohol just as much or ever more than the next person, but I was one of those guys that never knew when enough was enough.  More, more I would say to myself until I got that drunk on that I was so used to having.  In the meantime, it took more and more alcohol to get to that point that I was satisfied.

So getting back to my earlier statement, I never knew how my alcohol addiction would haunt me for years to come, meaning, yes I got sober, but I did ruin many things along the way to my sobriety and I felt, and still feel ashamed and upset of my past lifestyle.  But, I have made it right now, and with that said, I am proud of myself and happy my family stood by my side through all the hell I put them through.

It is my turn to help others now understand that if you have an addiction of any kind, never give up hope. You can change your life.  All you have to do is to DO IT!

I still, to this day, feel bad for what I caused my family and friends to have to go through while I was having a great time drinking my life away.  I remember the arguments and fights (verbal - never physical) over my abuse of alcohol and what I was doing to myself.

So many times I was told to stop drinking, or least slow down. I just let those words go in one ear and out the other.  You know what I am talking about, I am sure of it. None of us alcoholics what to hear the true because, WE CAN'T handle the truth. And why is that?  Because we all live in DENIAL, that is why.  We don't think for a minute that we have a drinking problem, and the people that tell us we do, don't know what they are talking about.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Once you own up and admit you are an alcoholic, and want to stop drinking alcohol, is when you will start to feel peace in your life.  You will not have your demons running your life anymore.  You will feel FREE and at peace with yourself, and at that time you will begin to have peace in your family life as well. Those that you hurt along the way while you were drinking and abusing alcohol will feel that peace in their life too, and will be so happy and proud that you took action and changed your life as I did.

It is the time to make things right in your life, and the people that are in your life.  They too will feel that sense of peace as well when they see that person that they love and care for being clean and sober and getting their life back on track.  In that case, everyone involved will be getting their lives back on track.

It is then you will feel the peace in your life, that you let your demons go and are now living a sober life.

You will start to see how your appearance will improve and will start to feel so much better, physically and mentally.  You beat your demons, and now it is time to take care of yourself and others in your life.  Before, all we thought about is to feed our demons and give them the alcohol they needed to thrive in our bodies.  Bye bye demons, you will no longer run and try to ruin my life for not one more second.

This is what you have to think about and tell yourself in order to make that huge change in your life.  Sobriety will not just come to you.  It will take hard work to get sober and then stay sober forever, but once you make that life change and stick to it, you will be so proud of yourself that you won the battle between you and your inner demons.

Don't get me wrong, it will be a battle for the rest of your life to stay sober.  Your demons will be hanging out in your body just waiting for you to mess up and start drinking alcohol again.  They will never go away.  It is up to you to keep them where they belong, and where they belong is NOT IN YOUR LIFE anymore.

So, if you want that peace in your life and continue to have that peace, DON"T ever give in to the demons of alcohol no matter what happens in your life from now on.  There will be urges, craving for the rest of your life, but never give in, NEVER!  

No ones life is a bed of roses.  There will always be something that will come up that will upset you, or you may have a sickness in the family, or financial problems, but whatever pops up in your life, never give in and turn back to drinking alcohol, because it will NOT solve anything! 

Stand strong and keep that positive attitude at all times in your life and you will see how being strong and positive will help you stay sober.

The past is the past and now it is time to make things right for you and yours.  Get sober, and stay that way, and you will see what a great life awaits you and yours. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Admitting Your An Alcoholic Is The First Step

There are millions of people all over the world that drink alcohol, but how many of them will admit they have a drinking problem?

Admitting your an alcoholic is the first step towards a new life and a life of sobriety.  That's of course if you really want to get sober and live that life of sobriety.  I know so many people that really think they have no problem whatsoever with their alcohol consumption.  In fact, I was one of those people back almost four years ago.

Denial is a huge thing when it comes to drinking alcohol, drugs or any kind of addiction for that matter.  We never think we have a problem, but many people that know you and see you and your actions know better.  They can talk to you until they are blue in the face and you will look at them like they have two heads.  I know I did when someone approached me and told me I drink too much and I might have a problem.

If we, including myself, just would look at our lives and see which way our life is going, and if you have your eyes wide open and be open mined you will see exactly where you are headed in the future if you continue to drink and abuse alcohol.

If you ignore what you see, and what you have been told by others, then the future will not be a surprise as you look back at those statements, because you were told, and you saw your life through your own eyes, but blew everything off because you were living in denial and never believed a word.

I know for a fact, for me, I knew deep down inside that I have a serious drinking problem, but never wanted to change my life for I was so afraid to be without my alcohol.  I was afraid to admit to my family and friends I was a true alcoholic. Although I was a functioning alcoholic, this was one of the reason I thought there was no problem with my drinking.

After all, I never missed work because of those late nights of drinking and never got into fights at bars.  I never got a DUI and never arrested for drinking in public or drinking and driving.  So I thought to myself, "what seems to be the problem with my drinking?" See, that is how I thought, and I am very sure many alcoholics can relate to these words I speak.

When I speak of the first step admitting your an alcoholic means to get out of your denial you live in and take a good hard look at your life and the lives your are taken down on the way to your rock bottom.  Remember you are not only hurting yourself, you are hurting many people that love you and care for you, such as your spouse, children, parents and your friends.

Don't let yourself down or the people that love you.  Stand up to your addiction to alcohol and tell your demons goodbye once and for all.  You don't need alcohol believe me.  Once you have got sober and stay sober you will then realize why in the world was I killing myself when all I had to do is to stop drinking.

Yeah I know, it sounds pretty easy by just writing this, but anyone can stop drinking alcohol anytime you want.  The problem is, and the question is, "Do You Really Want To Stop Drinking?"

If you said yes I would love to stop drinking alcohol, then you are on your way to a new life of sobriety.  Yes it will be hard and yes it will not be easy by any means, but if you have that determination, the willingness and the desire to change your life it will happen.

You have to make up your mind and just do it and stick to it with no cheating whatsoever.  You will need to stay clear from your drinking buddies, the bars and anything that has anything to do with alcohol.

As time goes by you will find it easier and easier to live each day without your crutch, the demons of alcohol.

God Bless to all those that have made it to sobriety and those that are trying so hard to get sober.  Never give up hope because your life is full of hope and sobriety is just sitting there for your taken, so go after it and don't look back at your horrible past of addiction.

Stay positive and strong to yourself and never let anyone or anything stand in your way of changing your life and living that one and only life you have, clean and sober.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To get Your Life Back On Track After Leaving An Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

You have finally taken that step towards a new life and have entered a Rehab. Center for the treatment of your alcohol addiction.

You put your heart into getting well and listened to your counselors every words of advice and wisdom.  Now the time comes that you will be released from their care and back you go to the outside world with many temptations from your past and the friends you hung around during those times of drinking and abusing alcohol.

The questions in your mind are how to get your life back on track after leaving an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center?

There are unfortunately many things that you must avoid when entering back into society as a clean and sober person.  Some you may not like, but it is a must to listen to those words from your counselors, as they know best for your well being and your long term sobriety.

Number 1 - You just may have to say goodbye to your past drinking buddies for they will try to influence you to start drinking alcohol again.  They sure don't like drinking alone without you.  Many of them will not support you choice to become clean and sober for jealousy they don't have the willpower or the determination to get sober as you did.

Number 2 -  You may need to stay clear of any parties or functions that your family has until you feel comfortable being around alcohol again. (This is what I had to do in the beginning of my recovery)

Number 3 -  You MUST stay busy physically and mentally at all times so that your minds doesn't wonder to what you are trying to stay away from which is your past alcohol addiction.

Number 4 - Think of a hobby that you would really enjoy doing and be able to even share this hobby with your family.

Number 5 - Take walks alone or with your spouse or sober friends.

Number 6 -  Start a exercise regiment at home or join a gym to be around others that are trying to make their lives better as you are.

National Alcoholism And Substance Abuse INFORMATION CENTER


When Is it Time to Seek Help And Enter A Rehab.

While we all enjoy our alcoholic drinks, some of us don't know when to quit or don't know when we have had enough of the poison that just may kill us in the end.

When is it time to seek help and enter a Rehabilitation Treatment Center?  Many people that have an addiction to alcohol may think they don't need any help whatsoever and they think they can stop drinking alcohol whenever they want.

It isn't that easy my friends.  You may think you can stop drinking alcohol, but have you tried to get sober, and stay sober for any length of time?

The time, in my opinion to seek help is:

Can not miss one day without drinking.
Can not go anywhere if alcohol is not being served.
Missing work because of that horrible hangover.
Spending money you don't have to support your addiction.
Fighting and arguing with your family, spouse and friends.
Not remembering what you did the night before.
Blackouts from over drinking.
Appearance of how you are changing week by week.
Weight gain or loss.
Waking up in the morning and the first thing you think of is when you can have that next drink. 

I tried this before and it only lasted for a short time and the reason for that was, "I simply wasn't ready to change my life and live a life of sobriety.  I am very sure you know exactly what I am talking about.

As for myself, I was one of the few fortunate alcoholics that could stop drinking alcohol on my own.  Many alcoholics, or I should say all alcoholics should look into getting themselves admitted into a Rehabilitation Treatment Center for the correct and safe way to detox if they want to get clean and sober.

It can't be that you are forced into going into these Centers, although being forced into being admitted to a Rehab.Center might save your life.

I know alcoholics that went into Rehab. for a month or a 90 day stay, and found themselves staying and being a part of the counseling for others that have been admitted in that same Rehab. Center for the same reasons, being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

It has helped them to stay sober and kept them away from the outside world of addiction, and their  friends that are still using and abusing.

They are to this day helping others as they were helped during their stay in Rehab.

The name of the game here is to get yourself sober by entering into a Rehab. Center, and then help others that are suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol as you were. Then, spread the word of sobriety to help others realize there is always hope for anyone that had any kind if addiction.


National Alcoholism And Substance Abuse INFORMATION CENTER

If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, seek the Professional Help that will get you sober and by doing so in a safe and healthy manner.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stop Drinking Alcohol And Get Out Of Denial

Most people I know, including myself, that are addicted to alcohol live their life in denial.  For me, I never thought for a moment that I had an addiction to alcohol although many people thought differently.

If you have a drinking problem, and abuse alcohol like so many people do, you have to stop drinking alcohol and get out of denial.

I truly believe that denial is what holds us back from getting sober and living a life of sobriety.  So many people I know, (and that includes me) thing there is nothing wrong with how much they drink.  They think that having a 12 pack or so each night is no problem at all.  The reason they think this is because that 12 pack that they built up in their system over time has no effect on their personality or the way they act after drinking that much. Little do they know right?  I have people tell me, "I will video you while you have 12 or so beers in you, and will show you when you are sober."

I know people that drink way more than a 12 pack in one night, believe me, and they think nothing of it.  They are so used to having all that alcohol that their bodies just get used to it, but the problem is they want more and more to get that buzz that they had drinking that 12 pack.

You build up that tolerance, and your body just needs more alcohol, and if you don't give your body, (and your demons) what they need you are one miserable person. Such as, running out of alcohol just as you are getting that great buzz and drunk on.

 So the first thing you must do is to admit that you have a drinking problem, and you just could be an alcoholic.  Then you need to get yourself out of the denial you have been living in for so long and take that first step towards sobriety, just like I did in 2009.

A positive attitude is required to even start on your road to recovery.  Without having a positive attitude you will get nowhere fast.  Negativity will hold you back for sure.  You can't tell yourself, "Oh, I don't know if I can get and stay sober."  That is the wrong attitude to have if you want to change your life and live your life sober.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Will Sobriety Change My Life?

For all those folks that are addicted to alcohol often may ask themselves, "will sobriety change my life" and I am here to tell you that sobriety will certainly change your life in a awesome way that would you would never even realize.

The only way to find out just how sobriety changes lives, is to go for it, and get sober once and for all.  You have nothing to lose when trying this awesome new lifestyle.  You will be surprised just life changes when you are clean and sober.

I thought about the idea to get sober a few times in my drinking days, but I thought what the heck, it is probably too late to make that change in my life since I have been drinking alcohol for so many years and the damage is done so why even try?

I was dead wrong in that theory of mind, because in October of 2009 I made that huge decision to try and get and stay sober hopefully for the last time.  I made my mind up and picked my sober date and stuck by that day, which I might add was the day I made my mind up to get sober forever.

I thought, why wait and prolong my sobriety.  If I was ready to get sober then lets just start NOW and not wait a minute longer.  That made more sense than saying, "I think I will wait until Monday after the weekend is over and I can get plastered just that one more time."

You know as well as I know that wouldn't work, because that would lead to the next weekend and so on.  I had to be sincere and honest with myself and not let anything change my mind to get and stay sober on that day I chose to stop drinking alcohol.

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol you need to try your hardest to get away from those demons that are ruining your life, and other lives as well.

Make up your mind once and for all and don't back down for anything.  Sure, sobriety is going to be a tough thing to achieve, but in the end, your life will be wonderful as mine is right now, writing article after article in hopes that just one article will touch someones life, and they too can find long term sobriety as I did.

Nothing good in life is easy.  It takes hard work to make it happen as staying sober will be hard work as well, but worth every bit of work and sweat.  In the long run you will be proud of yourself and those that love and care for you will be just as proud or even more proud.  You will save your own life by just surrendering to your demons once and for all.

Never think for a minute that sobriety will come to you, you have to go after sobriety full force and not stop until you have achieved long term sobriety.  It can be done by anyone if that is truly what you want in your life.  To be able to live the clean life and live a happy and healthy life as well.


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How To Have The Willpower To Say No To Alcohol

Willpower is a huge word that many people that are addicted to alcohol do not have. How to have the willpower to say to alcohol is a huge thing for many people that have a drinking problem.

I can relate to those words so very well.  You know when you don't know when enough is enough when it come to your alcohol intake.  Some of us just don't know when to say, "I have had enough."

Yep I was one of those guys that it was never enough until I got that buzz I was looking for and as we all know, it takes more and more alcohol to achieve the buzz or drunk you had the last time.

Having the willpower to say NO is really rough, because you and I might think we will miss out on something if we stop drinking half way through the night, right?  The only thing we would miss out on is having a bigger hangover the next morning!


  • I remember what it was like when I drank and abused alcohol.
  • I remember how I hurt the ones that loved me and cared for me.
  • I remember the money spent to get my fix for the day even though I didn't have it to spend.
  • I remember the mornings I felt like shit, but knew I had to get up and go to work.
  • I remember the awful things I would say being drunk, but never meant them.
  • I remember how I would hide and drink alone because no one wanted to be around me drinking.
  • I remember not wanting to go anywhere that alcohol wasn't being served.
I never want to feel like that again in my life, so that is why I need to say no to alcohol.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a anti-drinking guy.  I loved the drink just as much as the next person, but I never knew when to stop.

I am one of those people that CAN NOT have one or two drinks and call it the night like many people can.  I wish I could, but that will never happen.  So, the only way to stay sober for me is, "NOT TO EVER DRINK again."

Keep that Positive Attitude in everything in life, and it will help you say NO To Alcohol.  Stay Strong and never let anything or anyone stand in your way of your Sobriety.

The Best Things In Life Are Not Things

Material things, what many people in the world think are the best in life.  I have nothing against the finest things in life, but the best things in life are not things by no means.  This is of course is my own opinion.

Ever since I got sober in October of 2009 I realized that life itself is the best thing in life, and not having expensive material things.  Many may call me crazy for not wanting the best of things in life, but I have learned that material things don't make me a happy person and they may not make you happy either if you really think about it.

In my opinion, the best thing in life is to live my life clean and sober.  That is what makes me a happy person, knowing that I have beat the inner demons that took control of my life for so many years.

Just stop and look around you a see what life has to offer you such as a beautiful sunrise or that breathe taking sunset in which there is not one the same.  I go to the bay each night and watch the sunset and take that photo that will only be one of it's kind.  That in my opinion is worth everything in life.  To see what God has made, and to enjoy that breathe taking views even if it is for a few minutes.

These imagines are something that money cannot ever buy. So see, money can't buy everything right?

I usually write about alcohol addiction and the ways I was able to get clean and sober using my positive attitude and the strong will within to make it happen, but in this article I just wanted to point out that there is more to life than having the best of everything and using material things to make you happy.

These sites that God has created are (entirely free) and we all take them for granted, in my opinion, at least I did when I drank. 

Stop for a moment each day and look into the sky for that breathe taking site.  It takes only a second of your day.

As far as myself, when I drank alcohol these things were not important.  I did see them, but never really thought about how beautiful life was, because alcohol was more important at that time, sorry to say. 

The main thing I am trying to say is not to take everything for granted in life.  I found that living with sobriety in my life, my life has become the best ever.  I have everything I once wanted, but couldn't not achieve because of my addiction to alcohol.

Alcohol held me back in many ways, meaning I knew what I wanted in life, but could not achieve them due to putting my addiction to alcohol before all else.  

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How I Made My Life Simple After Surrendering To An Addiction To Alcohol

How I made made my life simple after surrender to an addiction to alcohol was quite simple. Here is how I changed my life around with the decision to stop drinking alcohol forever.

Alcohol as we all know can be very addictive if we don't know who to manage our drinking and start abusing alcohol.

Many times people start off drinking alcohol just to take the edge off of their life and thinking by drinking alcohol things will get a bit easier and they will forget for that moment any problems in life they may have.  The problem for me, and the problem for many drinkers is that they thought by drinking everything will be just fine.

They feel as if drinking alcohol makes them feel great and they tend to forget those problems for awhile until they sober up the next day and that problem that didn't feel that bad is right back on their doorstep waiting to be resolved.

Drinking alcohol will never fix any problems in anyone's life.  It sure didn't for me as I am sure it will never fix anything for you.  Alcohol just makes things worse, and the trend will go on and on, day after day, because the way you felt being buzzed or drunk made that problem somewhat disappear, if only for a few hours of that day.

Today, being sober since October 27, 2009 my world and my life is amazing.  All the things I thought would never happen, such as my dreams and goals to move to the New Jersey Shore are now a reality.  I really believe if you want to help yourself and change your life then things will begin to go your way. You need to help yourself first before anything or anyone will help you.

I wouldn't trade sobriety for anything in the world.  If feels so wonderful to be able to wake up in the morning and remember what you did the day before and the night before.

It is so wonderful that you are not a prisoner to your addiction.  I can get into my car anytime of the day or night and head out onto the roads with not a worry in the world of being pulled over and given that great DUI.

The only worry I have is for someone else that has been drinking and driving their automobile hits me.

I keep my promise that I would never pick up and alcoholic drink ever again and I have stuck to that promise and will continue to do so until the end of my time here on Earth.

I live a simple life now and I am very happy.  No one needs alcohol to so called be happy. Think positive and have the will, determination and a strong desire to stop drinking alcohol and it will happen.
I finally realized after many years of drinking that alcohol does not make you happy, sobriety is the most important that will change your life and make you a happy and healthier person.

I was fortunate that I didn't need AA, or any meeting.  I did it cold turkey, BUT please don't do as I did.  You may need to get the proper help and medical attention to get sober.  I took a huge chance by what I did, and would not encourage to do it that way.  Get sober safe and have the right people treating you so that you can detox in a safe and healthy manner.

So if you truly want a better life for yourself and your family you need to get out of denial and take action to change your life around all for the better and stop drinking and abusing alcohol.

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