Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Go Cold Turkey Or Go To Alcohol Rehab.

Go cold turkey or go to alcohol Rehab. is what I want address in this post because of a few comments from readers on my previous post regarding going cold turkey is deadly.  Well, yes we all know that cold turkey is dangerous and could be deadly, but why did I choose going cold turkey when I decided to stop drinking alcohol?

The first thing was I was so afraid to even go to the Doctors for a check up because I was so worried of what he may find regarding my health due to over drinking for so many years.

I took a HUGE chance going cold turkey when I decided to quit drinking and I would not recommend anyone to do like I did.  It is very dangerous, and could indeed be deadly.

Go to a Rehabilitation Treatment Center to get the proper care and guidance for this life changing thing. I say life changing because it was sure a life changing experience for me.  To drink alcohol every single day of the week for many years and to not have one drop of alcohol is sure a experience.

If you do have a addiction to alcohol and want to stop drinking, PLEASE check yourself into a Rehab. Center to get the Professional help you need to get better.  They will be right there for you and keeping you safe from anything that could happen during detox from your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

I was so foolish to go cold turkey, but I was a shamed, and afraid to be placed behind closed doors to get help, so I did it myself, and thank God nothing happened bad to me during this time.

Get out of denial.  Make up your mind you want to stop drinking alcohol forever.  Ask for Help. Check into a Rehab. Treatment Center and start living the life of Sobriety!

Why It Is So Hard To Stop Drinking Alcohol

There are many reasons why it is so hard to stop drinking alcohol.  The number one reason for so many alcoholics is that they are just not ready to stop drinking and start living a life clean and sober.

As for me, it took many years to finally realize I was slowly killing myself by drinking and abusing alcohol. If you truly want sobriety back into your life, you will need to first get yourself out of the denial you have been living in for so long.

I know that I lived in denial for many of years, thinking and saying that I had no problem with alcohol whatsoever.  Once I got out of denial and admitted that I truly had a huge problem with this addiction I had, it made it easier to stop drinking and start to live the life I was put on this Earth to live, and that was living sober, not drunk.

Many people just don't want to change their live, or they are simply afraid to get sober worrying about what might happen if they gave up alcohol.  They worry about if they would get sick for not having alcohol in their system, something they are so used to having.

They may worry about losing their long time drinking buddies, but do they worry about dying or losing their family because they pay more attention to the addiction to alcohol they have then their own spouses, children, fathers or mothers?

When I finally got clean and sober back in October of 2009 I never realized just how easy it was once I made my mind up to quit drinking.  The thing is, that you must want to stop and not be made to stop drinking.

I have to admit though, it was hard in the beginning when I stop drinking alcohol, and the reason being was, I was so used to having alcohol everyday of the week, and to go from that to nothing was a hard adjustment to make, but I made up my mind that I had enough of the life I was living and I wanted a new life for not only myself, but my wife and children as well, and that was enough for me to stick to my guns and never go back to the old ways of drinking and abusing my body anymore.

I did it when I thought it would never happen, and so can you!!  Keeping a positive attitude is a must my dear friends, and staying away from all temptations, and people that are still drinking is a MUST.