Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How Having A Positive Attitude Can Change So Many Things In Life

For someone like myself, living with an alcohol addiction for so many years, I didn't know the words, "Positive Attitude."

I lived each day with a negative attitude, and feeling sorry for myself because I knew deep inside that I had an addiction to alcohol, but I just didn't want to do anything to change my life. Now being sober, I know how having a positive attitude can change so many things in life.

There is nothing worse than thinking and acting negative.  You will never get anywhere in life with that kind of attitude. It took many years for me to get straightened out in my life, and once I did, Positivity took over, and life looked so much different with my new attitude, not only towards myself, but life itself.

Here are just a few things that changed in my life once I got clean and sober and began thinking and acting with a positive attitude.

  • My entire married life my wife's and my dream was to live by the Ocean, but no matter how hard I tried to make that dream into a reality, nothing worked out.  I truly believe that my addiction to alcohol held me back in so many ways, along with my negativity that came with my addiction.
I got clean and sober in October of 2009, and everything began to work out, and the reason that is, and my beliefs are, that I was not willing to help myself before, and when things didn't work out as I wanted them to, I just drank more figuring alcohol was the fix all. I am now writing this down the street from the Ocean. My dream has now become a reality!

  • My marriage and family life was falling to pieces slow, but sure. 
Now sober, I couldn't ask for a better family life and marriage. My best friend, and also my wife stood by my side through thick and thin when I was addicted to alcohol, and now I am proud to say I have sobriety, and we live with nothing but positivity in our lives.  I now realize that your attitude in life can change so many things, for the good or for the bad.

Our attitudes can make or break our lives, so get out of the negative world and start living with that Positive Attitude.  You will be amazed of how your life will change, just by you changing your life, and your attitude towards life.