Monday, January 23, 2012

What Is A Functioning Alcoholic

Can you handle your alcohol? How do you get along each day with or without alcohol in your life?
Do you miss work or late to work because of a hard night before "drinking alcohol?"

What is a functioning alcoholic, and do you think you are one?  For myself, I would certainly consider myself a functioning alcoholic.  I never missed worked because of my drinking.  I went to work and preformed my job just like the sober ones, but the difference with me was my head was in a fog for most of the day until evening when I was right back to the beer and the fog would disappear and I thought I was thinking straight again.

The booze really does tricks on your mind and body don't you think?  There are so many people that are addicted to alcohol and go about their everyday lives as if they didn't drink at all and many people may not even know that these people have an addiction or a problem at all.  Have you ever heard the old saying, "I never knew he/she drank till I saw them sober?"

That is so true, but we are only fooling our self and no one else.  Even though we can function in our everyday lives does not mean we are not an alcoholic.  It seems that many that are functioning everyday and drinking at night gives the impression to their self that they do not have an addiction to alcohol problem.  That is exactly what I thought and I was dead wrong for sure.  It took me many years, as it may for those that have an addiction to alcohol, but hide it well, to admit there is a huge problem with our drinking and something must be done before the days that you never miss at work because of drinking, turn into something totally different and start to go into a full addiction and may change your life forever.

It can only go on for so long until something happens to your health, your job, your family life and possibly your own life.

So if you think by being a functioning alcoholic gives you the permission to continue to drink alcohol, you are mistaking, exactly what I thought.  Now clean and sober for over two years now, and counting, I now realize alcohol means nothing to me and I don't need it to have a so called great life. Having a great life revolves around sobriety and the ability to think and act straight and clear minded. Out of site, out of mind.

As the months and years have passed I totally have forgotten about my past addiction to alcohol and have not looked back only forward to a more and more brighter future and a clean and sober life.

The only time I think about alcohol now, is when I am writing about it, and that's the extent of it. Goodbye forever my addiction, you will never be missed, but not forgotten of how you almost destroyed my life!!