Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taking Action Is The Key To Sobriety

For anyone that has an addiction to alcohol and wants to get sober, there is one thing that is so important, and that is, taking action is the key to sobriety.

You will never see sobriety without taking action to change your life.  Sobriety will not fall in your lap, that's for sure.  Hard work, determination and the will to get and stay sober is the key to recovery.

Many alcoholics talk  a good game and tell many people that they want to get sober, but the truth of the matter is that they are not willing to stop drinking at that moment in their life.  They may say, I will quit drinking next week after my birthday, or any excuse to drink alcohol for a little bit longer.

If they were that determined to stop drinking they would not waste time and take action right away and not wait to that special moment.

Either you want sobriety in your life or you don't. There is no happy medium when it comes to changing your life and getting sober.

I can tell you, when I tried to stop drinking alcohol many years ago, it lasted about a month or so and then something came up in my life and it drove me right back to drinking alcohol again.  The reason I relapsed was the fact that I wasn't ready to change my life and get sober.  I used any problem that came up in my life as a excuse to start drinking again.  There should be no excuse for drinking alcohol after you have stopped for so long. You need to have the willpower to say no to the demons that lurk
inside of you just waiting for you to break and start drinking again


If you are an alcoholic and want to get and stay sober, you must take the action needed to change your life.  Sobriety will come to you.  Sobriety must be wanted so bad in your life that you are willing to do anything to achieve it.

Sure it will be a long and hard road to recovery, but nothing in life is easy, that is worth wild, such as sobriety without hard work involved.

So get that positive attitude going and start you plans to get sober and stay sober.  Don't look back at your past, only forward to a bright, healthy, sober and happy life ahead.