Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Do Alcoholics Lie To Others

Being an alcoholic myself, but now clean and sober for over two years I learned all the tricks of how to hide and lie to others about my drinking.  The question is, "why do alcoholics lie to others?"

When a person has become addicted to alcohol, some of them may hide their addiction from others for the reason of embarrassment.  I know that after many years of my drinking alcohol I began to get embarrassed to even go outside with a beer in my hand.  I knew deep down that what I was doing was wrong, and I say wrong because I would have a beer in my hand pretty much all day.

Don't get me wrong, I love to drink and have nothing against anyone that drinks alcohol, but in my case I carried it too far and didn't know when to stop.  I didn't have that luxury of having one or two drinks and call it quits for the day.  I had to get enough alcohol to cop that buzz I longed for each day.  Now sober and looking back on those days I was really foolish and a very weak person to say the least and never learned to say the words, "enough is enough."

As far as the lies alcoholics tell, they are endless.  I knew a few myself, but in the end I (we) are only lying to ourselves.  I lived, as many alcoholics live in a world of denial.  No matter what anyone tells us we don't believe them or care to listen to their ridiculous remarks on how much we drink.

People would come up to me and ask:
Why do you drink so much?
Haven't you had enough beer?
Do you think you have an addiction problem?
Do you think you are an alcoholic?
Can't you ever go a day without a drink in your hand?
Can't you go anywhere without asking if there will be alcohol?

All these things people would ask me and I am very sure they have asked these same questions to just about every alcoholic that people and family worry about and care for their well being.

After all said and done I still never thought I had a addiction problem at all and just thought these people were rude and didn't know me as they thought they knew me.  Man was I dead wrong with thinking that way that's for sure.

Here are some examples of my lies and maybe a few will ring a bell to other alcoholics.
I promise I will slow down on my drinking.
I promise to only drink on weekends and Holidays.
Please don't leave me I will stop drinking alcohol now.
I didn't mean what I said last night, I was drunk.
I only had a couple of beers.
No I didn't stop at the bar on the way home from work.
I promise I will quit drinking alcohol after this weekend.
I will not buy anymore alcohol I promise.

Maybe some of these lies will hit home to a few alcoholics and maybe you will have your own lies that you think you will get away with.  Believe me, we are only lying and fooling our self and no one else.

'Get out of denial and stop lying and making excuses for your addiction and your actions and lifestyle.  Man up and surrender to your addiction and start to live life like it should be lived and that is clean and sober.

When you surrender and stop the lying it will feel like the world is lifted off your shoulders.  I know it felt that way for me once I became clean and sober.  No more lies and excuses why I drink and now more hiding behind the bottle. No more feeling embarrassed of your addiction and instead feeling proud as hell of your achievement of finding sobriety and living a new and sober life.