Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Should You Do If You Are Just Tired Of Drinking

The question is, "what should you do if you are just tired of drinking?"  Have you had enough of the life you are leading drinking and abusing alcohol each and everyday?

I bet you would love to stop drinking alcohol, but you are afraid of how you will feel with the absence of alcohol in your body right?

Here is what I did to overcome my addiction to alcohol.

  • I took a long and hard look at the life I was leading.
  • I looked at all the things I missed out on because of my addiction to alcohol.
  • I looked into my families eyes and saw fear on each face I looked at.  The fear that I just might die because of my addiction.
  • I thought of all the money I spent on my addiction.
  • I looked at the appearance of my body and how it was failing.
  • I thought of all the morning waking up with a huge hangover.
  • I thought of all the things I said and did when drunk.
So what does someone do if they are too tired of drinking alcohol?
You need to make up your mind once and for all that you want and need sobriety back into your life. You need to want sobriety and not be forced in to it.  If you don't want sobriety for yourself first, than what anybody says or does won't help you whatsoever.  (At least that was the way my life of alcohol went for me.)

Make up your mind to stop drinking and stick to your decision and don't let anyone or anything change your mind ever!

Everything gets old after a while, including drinking your life away.  It least it got old for me, and so what did I do? I stopped drinking and will never touch a drop of that poison again as long as I should live.