Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To get Your Life Back On Track After Leaving An Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

You have finally taken that step towards a new life and have entered a Rehab. Center for the treatment of your alcohol addiction.

You put your heart into getting well and listened to your counselors every words of advice and wisdom.  Now the time comes that you will be released from their care and back you go to the outside world with many temptations from your past and the friends you hung around during those times of drinking and abusing alcohol.

The questions in your mind are how to get your life back on track after leaving an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center?

There are unfortunately many things that you must avoid when entering back into society as a clean and sober person.  Some you may not like, but it is a must to listen to those words from your counselors, as they know best for your well being and your long term sobriety.

Number 1 - You just may have to say goodbye to your past drinking buddies for they will try to influence you to start drinking alcohol again.  They sure don't like drinking alone without you.  Many of them will not support you choice to become clean and sober for jealousy they don't have the willpower or the determination to get sober as you did.

Number 2 -  You may need to stay clear of any parties or functions that your family has until you feel comfortable being around alcohol again. (This is what I had to do in the beginning of my recovery)

Number 3 -  You MUST stay busy physically and mentally at all times so that your minds doesn't wonder to what you are trying to stay away from which is your past alcohol addiction.

Number 4 - Think of a hobby that you would really enjoy doing and be able to even share this hobby with your family.

Number 5 - Take walks alone or with your spouse or sober friends.

Number 6 -  Start a exercise regiment at home or join a gym to be around others that are trying to make their lives better as you are.

National Alcoholism And Substance Abuse INFORMATION CENTER


When Is it Time to Seek Help And Enter A Rehab.

While we all enjoy our alcoholic drinks, some of us don't know when to quit or don't know when we have had enough of the poison that just may kill us in the end.

When is it time to seek help and enter a Rehabilitation Treatment Center?  Many people that have an addiction to alcohol may think they don't need any help whatsoever and they think they can stop drinking alcohol whenever they want.

It isn't that easy my friends.  You may think you can stop drinking alcohol, but have you tried to get sober, and stay sober for any length of time?

The time, in my opinion to seek help is:

Can not miss one day without drinking.
Can not go anywhere if alcohol is not being served.
Missing work because of that horrible hangover.
Spending money you don't have to support your addiction.
Fighting and arguing with your family, spouse and friends.
Not remembering what you did the night before.
Blackouts from over drinking.
Appearance of how you are changing week by week.
Weight gain or loss.
Waking up in the morning and the first thing you think of is when you can have that next drink. 

I tried this before and it only lasted for a short time and the reason for that was, "I simply wasn't ready to change my life and live a life of sobriety.  I am very sure you know exactly what I am talking about.

As for myself, I was one of the few fortunate alcoholics that could stop drinking alcohol on my own.  Many alcoholics, or I should say all alcoholics should look into getting themselves admitted into a Rehabilitation Treatment Center for the correct and safe way to detox if they want to get clean and sober.

It can't be that you are forced into going into these Centers, although being forced into being admitted to a Rehab.Center might save your life.

I know alcoholics that went into Rehab. for a month or a 90 day stay, and found themselves staying and being a part of the counseling for others that have been admitted in that same Rehab. Center for the same reasons, being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

It has helped them to stay sober and kept them away from the outside world of addiction, and their  friends that are still using and abusing.

They are to this day helping others as they were helped during their stay in Rehab.

The name of the game here is to get yourself sober by entering into a Rehab. Center, and then help others that are suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol as you were. Then, spread the word of sobriety to help others realize there is always hope for anyone that had any kind if addiction.


National Alcoholism And Substance Abuse INFORMATION CENTER

If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, seek the Professional Help that will get you sober and by doing so in a safe and healthy manner.

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