Friday, July 23, 2010

Ways To Get And Stay Sober

So many people in our society today long to be sober, but they just do not know how to start to achieve this sometimes huge task in their lives.

First, you must get your mindset in a position that you are in a positive frame of mind. Being negative in anything in life will cause huge problems in accomplishing not only sobriety, but anything in life at all.

There are many ways to get and stay sober, but you must first want it so bad that you are willing to due anything to achieve this goal in your life.

The way I found that helped me get and stay sober was that I turn to God first off and asked for the most powerful help there is. You need to believe in the power above in order to achieve anything in life. He is the main peron to turn to first. Without you believing in him and without believing in yourself you will find it difficult to start out on the right track to the road to recovery.

Once you have finally surrendered to your addiction and admit to yourself that you have an addiction is when your life will start to turn for the better.

For myself and my experiences, I have found that a Positive Attitude is a remarkable thing to have why doing anything in life. It makes a world of difference in the out come of what you are tring to achieve. Being negative just throws a curve ball into your goals and you will never get to where you want to be in life.

It was somewhat a tough road in the begining for me as I started on my road to recovery and leaving my demons behind. We are so used to having these alcohol demons in our everyday life that in the begining, we tend to wonder just how we are going to survive with out our harmful and deadly friends.

Well, from my experiences I have found it a blessing to leave those demons behind and never look back at that awful life I had when addicted. It was not that hard for me to accomplish this life change because I first started off with that positive attitude and prayed to God that I would make this happen and stay sober for the rest of my life.

I truly believe that our minds can make or break us in life, it's all how we train our minds. Like I said before, if we live our lives in a negative manner then our lives will be nothing but negative in anything we do.

Some of the ways I found that helped me stay sober in the being and still to this day is that I keep myself busy, not only physically but mentally as well. We need to keep doing this in order to stay sober. Keep that mind busy so that we don't have a moment to think of our past addiction problems that once ran our minds and bodies.

Stay positive and focused on your new and sober life, and in time you will see a bright and shinning light up ahead and and a sign saying welcome to the world of sobriety.
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