Monday, January 20, 2014

How To Make Your Dreams A Reality

Everyone dreams in the world, but the question is "how to make your dreams a reality?" We all have dreams when we sleep.  Some dreams we may not remember, and then there are those that stick in our minds as we wake up and we tell others what kind of dream we had during our sleep.

Some of those dreams maybe happy and some maybe a plain nightmare that wakes you out of a sound sleep, shaking, sweating and your heart pounding out of your chest.

Then of course all of us have those dreams while we are awake.  Dreams of having the best of everything, and dreams of living near, or on the white sandy beaches of that one spot you love in your life.

This is me making that one dream I had my entire life a reality.  Living near the white sandy beaches of Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

The Ocean is only a few minutes from my home and where I live is out of harms way of floods and Hurricanes.  I am not saying a hurricane would not harm my home and where I live because I lived through two hurricanes since I moved here at the Jersey shore two years ago. The best thing is that we had no flood damage, but plenty of Hurricanes force winds.

Getting back to how you can make those dreams you have a reality.  Everyone like I said have had dreams of what you truly want out of the one and only life you have here on Earth.  The problem is that so many people that have these dreams do not pursue them and keep them as just a big dream in life.

As for me, I had that dream of living near the Ocean and I sat down with my wife on many occasions trying to figure out just how to make that dream we had become a reality. One day my wife came up with this brilliant idea, and that idea was to downsize and sell everything we had to get rid of the bills that would haunt us for many years to come.

Yes, selling of my toys, such as my Corvette, my motorcycle and then the house that I just remodeled and the home that I was raised in as a child.  That was the hardest thing I could ever done, because this home belonged to my parents.  The only home they owned in their married life.

When they both passed away the home was left to me.  At that time I lived in another home with my wife and children and and when my parents passed away I had make a decision to stay where I was living or selling that home and moving back into my childhood home.

We decided to move back into my childhood home and remodeled it to our liking figuring this would be the last move in our life.  We still had the Ocean back in our minds at that time and as I said, after about 5 years living and remodeling this childhood home we decided to sell it and move to the Ocean.

We made this decision as a joint one and agreed that we needed to make our dream a reality once and for all.

Long Beach Island Our New Home 

These are only material things.

Yes my toys are all sold, but they can be bought again one day. The plate on the Vette reads, "LIVON" and that is exactly what we are doing in our life. Live on and make that dream a reality.

We thought positive and did everything we could do in order to live at the shore.  We sold my childhood home and downsize to a double wide modular home in a 55 + Community.  No garage and nowhere near the room we had in the home I sold, but living life simple now makes us much happier than we have ever been.

If you have a dream in life, don't hesitate to make it happen because as I said, we are only here on Earth for a short time, so make the best of it and make those dreams you have become a reality.  You will never be sorry.

If you need to sell everything you have top make you a happier person then remember they are only material things and can one day be re-bought if you choose to do so.  For me, it is cash only and no more credit cards that will haunt is to the end of time.  My home I live in now, although small, but we remodeled this one too, and it is paid in full.
Here is the side of our new place. total remodel inside and out.