Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drinking Alcohol In Moderation

For all those that are addicted to alcohol, is drinking alcohol in moderation the way to go?  Can drinking alcohol for the alcoholic be controlled or should they just not drink at all?

For myself, I was not the kind of person that could have two or three beers or mixed drinks and call it the night till the next time.  No, I had to drink until I got that buzz my body longed for.  As many people that are addicted to alcohol they can't drink in moderation because once they start there is no end in site until the booze is gone or they are plastered.

It takes great will and strength to know when you have had enough and to limit yourself before you even walk out the door to go to a party or meet some friends at the local bar.  You need to set your limit of how much alcohol you will consume that evening. 

If you set your alcohol intake to 3 or 4 drinks, than that is all you can have, but many of us have great intentions to stick to our 3 or 4 drinks, but once we start having a good time and realize that we have hit our limit for the night we tend to cheat and say, "I'll just have one or two more drinks.  Well, if that's the case then we can not drink in moderation because if we could we would of stopped at the limit we set before we went out for the evening.

I truly believe that people, including myself are just fooling ourselves saying we have set our limit, but if you are not going to stick by your word then there is no reason to even set a limit at all.  These are the people that just should stop drinking all together, in which I did.

I could never stay true to my daily consumption, so why even try.  I knew in the back of my mind it would never work.  It didn't work in the past and would never work now, so I simply surrendered and quit drinking all together in which I might add was the best thing I have ever done in my life.

It's pretty sad when one can not even trust their self.  This is when you must decide what is best for you and your health.  I wish, and I am sure many alcoholics wish they could drink in moderation, but unfortunately it isn't possible for all.  I love my drink just as much as the next person, but it tends to be hard to stop and know when enough is enough, so in that case I must not drink at all.  I recommend to those with the same problem to not torture yourself and destroy you life with the tease of alcohol.  If you can't drink on occasion or in moderation just quit as I did and believe me you can have more sober fun that being that alcoholic drunk that doesn't even remember the night before.

So, if you think and know for a fact that you can not drink alcohol in moderation then you should consider doing what I did and that is to surrender all together and start living a clean and sober life.  You will not regret living a life a life of sobriety.  You will begin to start feeling your old self again and much happier and healthier.

Always stay positive and continue to keep a positive attitude in everything you do in life and by doing so things will start to look up and you will overcome your addiction to alcohol.  Stay focused, determined and have the willingness to change your life, and by doing these things you will find your sobriety once again.