Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Catch Yourself Before You Fall Into An Addiction

How many people do you know that have fallen into an addiction? They don't get addicted because they are out for a death wish I can tell that much. I had fallen into an alcohol addiction myself, but over many years of drinking alcohol I had fallen, and caught myself, and picked myself up.
Catch yourself before you fall into an addiction. These addictions whether be drugs, alcohol, hoarding, sex, eating and many more things that people get addicted to are controllable if you have the strength to walk away and not let those demons inside you take over your life.
I was one of those people that just didn't have the strength to say no and walk away from the demons that controlled my life. I admit, I was weak and didn't really care what happened to me, but as I didn't know, I wasn't only ruining my life, I was ruining the ones that loved and cared for me, my family and wife.
The way to catch yourself before you fall into an addiction is to don't start doing drugs or drinking alcohol to start with. Yes, I know, you may think I am talking crazy, How can we predict if we will get addicted to any type of drug when first starting our experimenting with drinking or using?
Don't get me wrong I am not anti-drinking because I loved to drink, and loved how it made me feel, but the point is, I didn't know when to stop. I didn't know when enough was enough. I didn't know how to catch myself before I became fully addicted to alcohol. I'm sure any alcoholic, such as myself, the first thing we think of when we open our blood shot eyes in the morning, is what time is it, and when should I start drinking alcohol again?
Now being clean and sober for over 5 years now, and looking back on those dim days of my life, I can not believe I let those demons control my life like they did, and how they control millions of other people's lives all over the world the same way.
It is pitiful and sad that this liquid can destroy a humans life and everything that belongs to us humans, including spouses, families and friends.
We must be stronger than our addiction. Many of us will learn the hard way, and in some cases it will unfortunately be death by addiction. A overdose, drinking so much that you get alcohol poisoning and losing our good health, our looks, our families and friends all for the love of alcohol.
Think about it as I did. Is it really worth all of that because we are just plain weak and can't stand up to our demons and shut them down in their tracks. Learn the word "NO." Learn to live without your crutch.
Remember God gave all of us only one life, so we should use this beautiful gift of life to the fullest and not destroy it with drugs and alcohol. If you are addicted to anything, think about giving your only life a second chance.
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