Monday, March 4, 2013

Will Sobriety Change My Life?

For all those folks that are addicted to alcohol often may ask themselves, "will sobriety change my life" and I am here to tell you that sobriety will certainly change your life in a awesome way that would you would never even realize.

The only way to find out just how sobriety changes lives, is to go for it, and get sober once and for all.  You have nothing to lose when trying this awesome new lifestyle.  You will be surprised just life changes when you are clean and sober.

I thought about the idea to get sober a few times in my drinking days, but I thought what the heck, it is probably too late to make that change in my life since I have been drinking alcohol for so many years and the damage is done so why even try?

I was dead wrong in that theory of mind, because in October of 2009 I made that huge decision to try and get and stay sober hopefully for the last time.  I made my mind up and picked my sober date and stuck by that day, which I might add was the day I made my mind up to get sober forever.

I thought, why wait and prolong my sobriety.  If I was ready to get sober then lets just start NOW and not wait a minute longer.  That made more sense than saying, "I think I will wait until Monday after the weekend is over and I can get plastered just that one more time."

You know as well as I know that wouldn't work, because that would lead to the next weekend and so on.  I had to be sincere and honest with myself and not let anything change my mind to get and stay sober on that day I chose to stop drinking alcohol.

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol you need to try your hardest to get away from those demons that are ruining your life, and other lives as well.

Make up your mind once and for all and don't back down for anything.  Sure, sobriety is going to be a tough thing to achieve, but in the end, your life will be wonderful as mine is right now, writing article after article in hopes that just one article will touch someones life, and they too can find long term sobriety as I did.

Nothing good in life is easy.  It takes hard work to make it happen as staying sober will be hard work as well, but worth every bit of work and sweat.  In the long run you will be proud of yourself and those that love and care for you will be just as proud or even more proud.  You will save your own life by just surrendering to your demons once and for all.

Never think for a minute that sobriety will come to you, you have to go after sobriety full force and not stop until you have achieved long term sobriety.  It can be done by anyone if that is truly what you want in your life.  To be able to live the clean life and live a happy and healthy life as well.


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How To Have The Willpower To Say No To Alcohol

Willpower is a huge word that many people that are addicted to alcohol do not have. How to have the willpower to say to alcohol is a huge thing for many people that have a drinking problem.

I can relate to those words so very well.  You know when you don't know when enough is enough when it come to your alcohol intake.  Some of us just don't know when to say, "I have had enough."

Yep I was one of those guys that it was never enough until I got that buzz I was looking for and as we all know, it takes more and more alcohol to achieve the buzz or drunk you had the last time.

Having the willpower to say NO is really rough, because you and I might think we will miss out on something if we stop drinking half way through the night, right?  The only thing we would miss out on is having a bigger hangover the next morning!


  • I remember what it was like when I drank and abused alcohol.
  • I remember how I hurt the ones that loved me and cared for me.
  • I remember the money spent to get my fix for the day even though I didn't have it to spend.
  • I remember the mornings I felt like shit, but knew I had to get up and go to work.
  • I remember the awful things I would say being drunk, but never meant them.
  • I remember how I would hide and drink alone because no one wanted to be around me drinking.
  • I remember not wanting to go anywhere that alcohol wasn't being served.
I never want to feel like that again in my life, so that is why I need to say no to alcohol.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a anti-drinking guy.  I loved the drink just as much as the next person, but I never knew when to stop.

I am one of those people that CAN NOT have one or two drinks and call it the night like many people can.  I wish I could, but that will never happen.  So, the only way to stay sober for me is, "NOT TO EVER DRINK again."

Keep that Positive Attitude in everything in life, and it will help you say NO To Alcohol.  Stay Strong and never let anything or anyone stand in your way of your Sobriety.

The Best Things In Life Are Not Things

Material things, what many people in the world think are the best in life.  I have nothing against the finest things in life, but the best things in life are not things by no means.  This is of course is my own opinion.

Ever since I got sober in October of 2009 I realized that life itself is the best thing in life, and not having expensive material things.  Many may call me crazy for not wanting the best of things in life, but I have learned that material things don't make me a happy person and they may not make you happy either if you really think about it.

In my opinion, the best thing in life is to live my life clean and sober.  That is what makes me a happy person, knowing that I have beat the inner demons that took control of my life for so many years.

Just stop and look around you a see what life has to offer you such as a beautiful sunrise or that breathe taking sunset in which there is not one the same.  I go to the bay each night and watch the sunset and take that photo that will only be one of it's kind.  That in my opinion is worth everything in life.  To see what God has made, and to enjoy that breathe taking views even if it is for a few minutes.

These imagines are something that money cannot ever buy. So see, money can't buy everything right?

I usually write about alcohol addiction and the ways I was able to get clean and sober using my positive attitude and the strong will within to make it happen, but in this article I just wanted to point out that there is more to life than having the best of everything and using material things to make you happy.

These sites that God has created are (entirely free) and we all take them for granted, in my opinion, at least I did when I drank. 

Stop for a moment each day and look into the sky for that breathe taking site.  It takes only a second of your day.

As far as myself, when I drank alcohol these things were not important.  I did see them, but never really thought about how beautiful life was, because alcohol was more important at that time, sorry to say. 

The main thing I am trying to say is not to take everything for granted in life.  I found that living with sobriety in my life, my life has become the best ever.  I have everything I once wanted, but couldn't not achieve because of my addiction to alcohol.

Alcohol held me back in many ways, meaning I knew what I wanted in life, but could not achieve them due to putting my addiction to alcohol before all else.  

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How I Made My Life Simple After Surrendering To An Addiction To Alcohol

How I made made my life simple after surrender to an addiction to alcohol was quite simple. Here is how I changed my life around with the decision to stop drinking alcohol forever.

Alcohol as we all know can be very addictive if we don't know who to manage our drinking and start abusing alcohol.

Many times people start off drinking alcohol just to take the edge off of their life and thinking by drinking alcohol things will get a bit easier and they will forget for that moment any problems in life they may have.  The problem for me, and the problem for many drinkers is that they thought by drinking everything will be just fine.

They feel as if drinking alcohol makes them feel great and they tend to forget those problems for awhile until they sober up the next day and that problem that didn't feel that bad is right back on their doorstep waiting to be resolved.

Drinking alcohol will never fix any problems in anyone's life.  It sure didn't for me as I am sure it will never fix anything for you.  Alcohol just makes things worse, and the trend will go on and on, day after day, because the way you felt being buzzed or drunk made that problem somewhat disappear, if only for a few hours of that day.

Today, being sober since October 27, 2009 my world and my life is amazing.  All the things I thought would never happen, such as my dreams and goals to move to the New Jersey Shore are now a reality.  I really believe if you want to help yourself and change your life then things will begin to go your way. You need to help yourself first before anything or anyone will help you.

I wouldn't trade sobriety for anything in the world.  If feels so wonderful to be able to wake up in the morning and remember what you did the day before and the night before.

It is so wonderful that you are not a prisoner to your addiction.  I can get into my car anytime of the day or night and head out onto the roads with not a worry in the world of being pulled over and given that great DUI.

The only worry I have is for someone else that has been drinking and driving their automobile hits me.

I keep my promise that I would never pick up and alcoholic drink ever again and I have stuck to that promise and will continue to do so until the end of my time here on Earth.

I live a simple life now and I am very happy.  No one needs alcohol to so called be happy. Think positive and have the will, determination and a strong desire to stop drinking alcohol and it will happen.
I finally realized after many years of drinking that alcohol does not make you happy, sobriety is the most important that will change your life and make you a happy and healthier person.

I was fortunate that I didn't need AA, or any meeting.  I did it cold turkey, BUT please don't do as I did.  You may need to get the proper help and medical attention to get sober.  I took a huge chance by what I did, and would not encourage to do it that way.  Get sober safe and have the right people treating you so that you can detox in a safe and healthy manner.

So if you truly want a better life for yourself and your family you need to get out of denial and take action to change your life around all for the better and stop drinking and abusing alcohol.

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