Monday, March 4, 2013

How To Have The Willpower To Say No To Alcohol

Willpower is a huge word that many people that are addicted to alcohol do not have. How to have the willpower to say to alcohol is a huge thing for many people that have a drinking problem.

I can relate to those words so very well.  You know when you don't know when enough is enough when it come to your alcohol intake.  Some of us just don't know when to say, "I have had enough."

Yep I was one of those guys that it was never enough until I got that buzz I was looking for and as we all know, it takes more and more alcohol to achieve the buzz or drunk you had the last time.

Having the willpower to say NO is really rough, because you and I might think we will miss out on something if we stop drinking half way through the night, right?  The only thing we would miss out on is having a bigger hangover the next morning!


  • I remember what it was like when I drank and abused alcohol.
  • I remember how I hurt the ones that loved me and cared for me.
  • I remember the money spent to get my fix for the day even though I didn't have it to spend.
  • I remember the mornings I felt like shit, but knew I had to get up and go to work.
  • I remember the awful things I would say being drunk, but never meant them.
  • I remember how I would hide and drink alone because no one wanted to be around me drinking.
  • I remember not wanting to go anywhere that alcohol wasn't being served.
I never want to feel like that again in my life, so that is why I need to say no to alcohol.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a anti-drinking guy.  I loved the drink just as much as the next person, but I never knew when to stop.

I am one of those people that CAN NOT have one or two drinks and call it the night like many people can.  I wish I could, but that will never happen.  So, the only way to stay sober for me is, "NOT TO EVER DRINK again."

Keep that Positive Attitude in everything in life, and it will help you say NO To Alcohol.  Stay Strong and never let anything or anyone stand in your way of your Sobriety.