Monday, March 4, 2013

The Best Things In Life Are Not Things

Material things, what many people in the world think are the best in life.  I have nothing against the finest things in life, but the best things in life are not things by no means.  This is of course is my own opinion.

Ever since I got sober in October of 2009 I realized that life itself is the best thing in life, and not having expensive material things.  Many may call me crazy for not wanting the best of things in life, but I have learned that material things don't make me a happy person and they may not make you happy either if you really think about it.

In my opinion, the best thing in life is to live my life clean and sober.  That is what makes me a happy person, knowing that I have beat the inner demons that took control of my life for so many years.

Just stop and look around you a see what life has to offer you such as a beautiful sunrise or that breathe taking sunset in which there is not one the same.  I go to the bay each night and watch the sunset and take that photo that will only be one of it's kind.  That in my opinion is worth everything in life.  To see what God has made, and to enjoy that breathe taking views even if it is for a few minutes.

These imagines are something that money cannot ever buy. So see, money can't buy everything right?

I usually write about alcohol addiction and the ways I was able to get clean and sober using my positive attitude and the strong will within to make it happen, but in this article I just wanted to point out that there is more to life than having the best of everything and using material things to make you happy.

These sites that God has created are (entirely free) and we all take them for granted, in my opinion, at least I did when I drank. 

Stop for a moment each day and look into the sky for that breathe taking site.  It takes only a second of your day.

As far as myself, when I drank alcohol these things were not important.  I did see them, but never really thought about how beautiful life was, because alcohol was more important at that time, sorry to say. 

The main thing I am trying to say is not to take everything for granted in life.  I found that living with sobriety in my life, my life has become the best ever.  I have everything I once wanted, but couldn't not achieve because of my addiction to alcohol.

Alcohol held me back in many ways, meaning I knew what I wanted in life, but could not achieve them due to putting my addiction to alcohol before all else.  

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