Monday, March 4, 2013

How I Made My Life Simple After Surrendering To An Addiction To Alcohol

How I made made my life simple after surrender to an addiction to alcohol was quite simple. Here is how I changed my life around with the decision to stop drinking alcohol forever.

Alcohol as we all know can be very addictive if we don't know who to manage our drinking and start abusing alcohol.

Many times people start off drinking alcohol just to take the edge off of their life and thinking by drinking alcohol things will get a bit easier and they will forget for that moment any problems in life they may have.  The problem for me, and the problem for many drinkers is that they thought by drinking everything will be just fine.

They feel as if drinking alcohol makes them feel great and they tend to forget those problems for awhile until they sober up the next day and that problem that didn't feel that bad is right back on their doorstep waiting to be resolved.

Drinking alcohol will never fix any problems in anyone's life.  It sure didn't for me as I am sure it will never fix anything for you.  Alcohol just makes things worse, and the trend will go on and on, day after day, because the way you felt being buzzed or drunk made that problem somewhat disappear, if only for a few hours of that day.

Today, being sober since October 27, 2009 my world and my life is amazing.  All the things I thought would never happen, such as my dreams and goals to move to the New Jersey Shore are now a reality.  I really believe if you want to help yourself and change your life then things will begin to go your way. You need to help yourself first before anything or anyone will help you.

I wouldn't trade sobriety for anything in the world.  If feels so wonderful to be able to wake up in the morning and remember what you did the day before and the night before.

It is so wonderful that you are not a prisoner to your addiction.  I can get into my car anytime of the day or night and head out onto the roads with not a worry in the world of being pulled over and given that great DUI.

The only worry I have is for someone else that has been drinking and driving their automobile hits me.

I keep my promise that I would never pick up and alcoholic drink ever again and I have stuck to that promise and will continue to do so until the end of my time here on Earth.

I live a simple life now and I am very happy.  No one needs alcohol to so called be happy. Think positive and have the will, determination and a strong desire to stop drinking alcohol and it will happen.
I finally realized after many years of drinking that alcohol does not make you happy, sobriety is the most important that will change your life and make you a happy and healthier person.

I was fortunate that I didn't need AA, or any meeting.  I did it cold turkey, BUT please don't do as I did.  You may need to get the proper help and medical attention to get sober.  I took a huge chance by what I did, and would not encourage to do it that way.  Get sober safe and have the right people treating you so that you can detox in a safe and healthy manner.

So if you truly want a better life for yourself and your family you need to get out of denial and take action to change your life around all for the better and stop drinking and abusing alcohol.

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