Saturday, March 8, 2014

How Remembering Your Past Alcohol Addiction Helps With Your Recovery And Long Term Sobriety

This has helped me in many ways over the past years of my sobriety.  How remembering your past alcohol addiction helps with your recovery and long term sobriety.

I have been sober since October 27, 2009, and I must say it has been a journey to say the least. Many times during those years of recovery the urge and temptation to drink alcohol again came over more than I can say.

Once the urge or temptation came on me I admittedly thought of my past drinking days and what I did to myself and those that loved and cared for me. I remembered the wrong things I said, and the wrong things I did.  By thinking of my past addiction, and the things I did and said put a stop to the urge and temptation to drink alcohol again.

I knew and learned over the years that drinking alcohol solved nothing, and in fact only made things worse.  I drank alcohol all those years thinking that whatever was wrong in my life it would just go away by drinking and abusing alcohol.

If you are in recovery and those temptations and urges come over you, like they do me, just remember those bad days of your addiction and hopefully that reminder of those days will put a stop to picking up that drink of alcohol.  It really works for me and I truly think it will work for you, BUT you have to be stronger than that temptation and those urges to drink.

Another thing that pops into my mind when that urge to drink comes over me is all the years I have been sober and if I were to touch that drop of alcohol all those years would be in vein,, meaning I would have to start at day one in my sobriety and that is something you or I would never want to happen!

So, this is what really helps me to stay clean and sober, and hopefully this will help you to remain sober when that temptation or urge to drink comes over you.

Granted, I am sure that urge will come over you, more than once during your recovery, as it does me, but if you think of what your past was while drinking and abusing alcohol, and give that urge some time to pass, you will be just fine.  Just do yourself a favor and never give in to the demons that will always be inside our bodies. You must be much stronger than them, and if you keep that positive attitude and stay strong (you and I will be just fine!)

God Bless all those that have made it to sobriety and have had the strength to surrender to their inner demons, and God Bless all those that are still coping with their addiction to alcohol, but never fear, with the right frame of mind, having a positive attitude and having the willingness to stop drinking forever, all will be fine for you.  

It is not the end of the world because you have an addiction, but it could be if you don't change your life around for the better.