Friday, January 16, 2015

What Kind Of Role Model Are You?

Since the very day we are born we look up to our parents, because after all they are ones that gave us life right?  We look up to them through the years as our role models.

What kind of role model were they all through the years they brought you up to be a decent and respectable adult?

What happens if the very ones that brought you life into this world are alcoholics or drug addicts?  What type of role model are they to you now having this addiction?

As you become an adult, and have your own family, "what kind of role model are you?"  Are you the same as your parents were?

How can anyone such as children look up to a parent that has an addiction to alcohol or drugs? They are not the role model that you would like to look up to right?

Any child brought up in an environment of nothing but alcohol and drugs can't have a great future can they?

They sure can have a great future, as long as they don't follow the footsteps of their parent that were poor role models. They still love and want them be a role model, but unfortunately, their parents chose a different type of life and were not able to be a great role model for their children.

When you become a parent and have your own children, be the best role model you can to them.  Your children want to look up to you, and idolize the very people that brought life to them.

Teach them the proper way and show them what life is really all about.