Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Make A New Life For Yourself After An Addiction

Here is how to make a new life for yourself after an addiction from my own experiences with drinking and abusing alcohol.

I drank alcohol for the majority of my life, but in October of 2009 I had had enough of the life I was living and was pissed off at myself for what I put my wife and children through all the years I drank and abused alcohol. SO what did I do to fix this?  I STOPPED DRINKING ALCOHOL!


Here are few things I think about when that urge to drink alcohol comes over me, and hopefully they will help you to say NO when the urge and temptation comes over you.

  • Remember how you felt when you drank.
  • Remember what you looked like from drinking and using drugs or alcohol.
  • Remember what you did and said to the ones you loved and cared for.
  • Remember how much money you spent on your addiction.
  • Remember those huge nasty and painful hangovers.
  • Remember when your drank and drove your automobile under the influence. 

Lets just say you are sober, and you go somewhere that is serving alcohol and your mind starts to spin out of control thinking about all the so called good times you had back when you drank alcohol. Were they really good times or just the alcohol saying to you that life is so great being drunk and stupid?

You need to think of all the times you felt so sick and what you did and said to people that you loved and cared about because the alcohol was making you say things you would normally not say being sober.

How many times have you said something nasty, and hurt the ones you loved? I can count many times for myself.  Would you really say those things being clean and sober?  I bet not my fellow friends!

Making a new life for yourself after an addiction to alcohol, or even drugs for that matter will be hard to get adjusted to because  you and I have been living with this addiction, and that addiction was a huge part of our life, and now that we became sober it will be a new life to get used to. Where has our friend and crutch gone?

A life of sobriety is the best thing in the world, and you will then see what your life is truly about when you get and stay sober.  It will be loving and respecting yourself, and loving yourself when you hated yourself and your life when you were using and drinking alcohol for so many years of your life.

You and I need to keep ourselves busy each and everyday in order to keep our minds off the addiction that we just gave up.  Keeping your mind and body busy will indeed keep your mind off of your past addiction.  I know it helps with me to staying sober.

Writing is now my passion, and knowing that I might just help one person in the world realize that there is a beautiful life out there being sober means more than anything to me.

Alway keep that Positive attitude and keep telling yourself that you will continue to beat this addiction you once had.  Your attitude in life can make or break you in anything you try to do, and that includes getting and staying sober forever.

Spend that quality time with your family and friends that you never did when you were drinking and abusing alcohol and drugs. It will be like a breath of fresh air to you, as it is to me right at this moment.

The best thing I had ever done in my life was to get out of my denial and stop drinking alcohol forever.  Sure, I will always be an alcoholic, but I will never let my past addiction to alcohol take control of my life and the lives of all the people that love and care for me.