Monday, January 9, 2012

Going Back On Your Word To Stay Sober

Staying sober for many alcoholics is the one of the hardest things they will have to endure in their lives.  I can say this because over the last few years many things happened in my life that would of driven any alcoholic that is trying to stay sober right back to drinking alcohol again.

You and I must stay sober now matter what happens in our lives and stop making excuses for going back on your word to stay sober.  I don't know about any other alcoholics out there, but when I decided to surrender to my addiction to alcohol, I made a promise to myself to never ever pick up a drink of alcohol no matter what life throws at me, and I am not a person to break my promise, especially to myself.

Just imagine if you went back on your word and starting drinking.  How do you think you would feel after you took that first sip of alcohol because of something in your life didn't worked out as you planned or it up set you enough to start drinking again?  I know for a fact I would be so disappointed in myself and so sad that I let my addiction run my life again.

All of us that have suffered with an addiction and are now sober have to stand strong to our past addiction and not let it get hold of us ever again.  I know it is easier said than done, but never go back on your word or it might be the worst mistake you have done in your life.

If a situation does arise in your life and drinking alcohol comes into your mind, don't do it.  Don't break and don't give in to your demons.  You and I will get through any situation that life gives us and none of us need to revert back to drinking alcohol to resolve our problems.

Stay Positive, Stay Focused and Stay Sober no matter what!