Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sobriety Is Like Living In Paradise

For any person that has an addiction to alcohol, and has been abusing alcohol for a long time hasn't had the experience of living life sober for some years.  Yes, I was one of those people.

Having sobriety is like living in paradise I must say.  When someone has had an addiction to alcohol for years they tend to forget what it feels like to be clean and sober.  They are so used to having that buzz or being drunk each day they think that this is the only thing in life.

In my opinion there is nothing greater than sobriety.  To be able to think clearly each day, and to be able to wake up in the morning with a clear head and not have that horrible hangover we all know so well.  

When we depend on alcohol in our everyday life we tend to forget what life is really all about.  We don't see the beauty that life has to offer us because we are blinded by our addiction to alcohol.  We tend to breathe, sleep and live for alcohol.

I remember so well that the minute I woke in the morning even after feeling like crap from drinking the night before, the first thing that came to mind was, "when can i have my first drink of the day?"  That is so sad that I thought about how I could ruin my life even more than it already is.

To be able to think and want to self-destruct myself one day at a time.  Now that I have been sober since October 27, 2009 I can not believe those thoughts of drinking came to mind each morning I woke.

I know that many people that have this addiction to alcohol think the same way as I did back then.  Now, I write to help those that have an addiction to alcohol, and to let them know there is hope for all of us if and only if you want to get and stay sober and live that life of sobriety.

I have to tell you that you must try out sobriety for it is like living in paradise.  All you have to do is to want sobriety bad enough and work hard on staying clean and sober and you will too live in paradise as I do now.

Granted getting and staying sober will not be easy, but nothing good that comes out of life is easy right.  You need to work hard and not let anything or anyone stand in your way to living a sober life.

The longer you are sober the easier it will be for you as long as you don't cheat and say to yourself, "well I guess I can have one or two drinks because I have not drank in one month."  That is a huge NO NO!  Once you decide to get sober you must promise yourself that no matter what happens in your life you will not break and have that one or two drinks, because if you do you will be back to square one and day one of trying to get sober again.

Think of what you are doing to yourself and others that love and care for you.  Look into the your mind and see what is making you depend on alcohol each day of your life.  Read this hub I wrote called "looking into the mind of an alcoholic."  You will see how we think, or least how I thought about my addiction to alcohol.

Keep a positive attitude in everything in life, and that includes having sobriety back into your life and you will see, having that positive attitude, the will and determination and the power to say NO I don't drink, sobriety will be a part of your life once again.

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