Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alcohol Addiction And How It Will Effect Your Life And Others

So many people have this huge problem with alcohol addiction.  We all need to really sit down and think of our alcohol addiction and how it will effect your life and others in the future and right as of today.

We get so involved in our addiction to alcohol and we tend to forget about our life and what our addiction is doing to others that care and love us so.

The more we drink and abuse alcohol the more we are getting addicted. I know from my experience of drinking alcohol, that as each week passed by I needed more and more to get to that point of being satisfied with the buzz I was out to achieve.

We tend to get blinded by our own addiction.  We think more of alcohol than our own life and others that are being effected by what we are doing.

Do you think you are just a social drinker or do you think deep down inside you may have an alcohol addiction?


  • Do you try to hide your alcohol and pretend you don't drink as much as others think?
  • Are you ashamed or feel guilty by your drinking habits?
  • Does your family or friends worry or say things regarding your drinking?
  • Do you need to have alcohol in order to get through each day?
  • Do you drink alcohol in order to relax?
  • Do you disagree with what others say to you regarding your alcohol intake?
  • You never know when to stop drinking.
  • You think of alcohol, and when you can have your first drink of the day as soon as you wake up.
  • You drink alcohol alone.
  • You are embarrassed of your addiction.
  • And you live in denial, thinking there is nothing wrong whatsoever by what you do.
  • You use alcohol to try and solve problems.
  • You relationships are falling apart, but you do nothing to stop drinking. 
  • You refuse to attend a function that alcohol would not be served.
  • Continue to have trouble with the law (DUI) etc.
  • You make any excuse to drink alcohol.
So there are a few things I can think about, and what effected my life regarding my own addiction to alcohol.

If you think you may have a problem with your drinking, then really consider making a life change and seek living life clean and sober. Believe me, lots of your drinking buddies will say something to you about your decision to quit drinking alcohol, but never let that stands in your way of sobriety.

Let them continue to kill themselves as your life begins to improve and you get healthy and happier as each day passes. You will never regret living a life of sobriety.  As I said many times before, "all of us here on Earth have but one life to live," so why would we shorten that one life with an avoidable addiction to alcohol?

One thing I have learned that helped me get sober and stay sober is having a positive attitude. It has changed my life in more ways than one. You need to continue to tell yourself that you Can and Will get and stay sober. No negative thoughts whatsoever, and that means anything you do in life, not just getting sober.