Monday, October 14, 2013

Breaking Free Of Your Alcohol Demons

If you are someone that has been addicted to alcohol for some time, wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to break free of your alcohol demons?

I know from my own experiences with drinking alcohol that it is not as easy as many think it is, meaning those that don't have an addiction to alcohol, or those that don't drink alcohol at all.

I have heard it all in my days of drinking.  Everyone thinks it is so easy to just stop drinking and forget about everything you have done in the past. Sure. it is easy for them to say that because they are not the ones that are suffering with this horrible addiction to alcohol.

They have no idea how these demons can run and ruin ones life.  Breaking free of your alcohol demons takes a lot from you, as it did for me four years ago this month.

You need to first want to have sobriety back into your life, and not be forced into getting sober or being threatened by others. You need to want it for yourself first!

You need to have a positive attitude, and continue to tell yourself that you can and will get and stay sober.  You have to have a strong desire and determination to change your life for the better.

You need to promise yourself that once you make this huge life change and quit drinking that you will never pick up an alcoholic drink for the rest of your life, and you MUST stick to that promise to yourself no matter what happens, good or bad in your future.

This addiction is not a game, nor is it something to mess around with, such as, stopping drinking, and then you think you are cured and take that one little drink of alcohol thinking that is all you will have. Well I am here to tell you, "It will not work!"  You are about to torture yourself, and your body by thinking, Oh I have been sober for X amount of time so I should be okay to have one or two drinks. It won't work, believe me I have been there.

Don't give in and let those alcohol demons back into your life again.  They are just waiting in your body for you to mess up, and have that one or two drinks, and if you do, they are back in and I mean in worse than when you stopped drinking the first time.  Stand strong to your demons and your past addiction to alcohol.

Never give in, and always love and believe in yourself!!