Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is Alcohol Ruining Your Life

Think about how your life was before you started drinking alcohol.  Is alcohol ruining your life or do you think you have a great life even being addicted to alcohol?

Many people would more than likely say that alcohol doesn't effect their life at all, but maybe they should take a closer look around them and see what is being effected by them being addicted to alcohol.

So many alcoholics live each day in denial and really don't see what is going on around them.  They can't see who is being effected by their addiction and who is crying inside that the alcoholic will not get out of denial and seek help.  They are basically blinded from their own addiction and don't have to willingness to surrender to the addiction that is slowly ruining their life, and I might add, slowly killing them self.

There is no one that can change an alcoholics life except the alcoholic them self.  If every person that is addicted to alcohol would stop and look at their life and those lives around them, they will realize that something is horribly going wrong.  Alcohol addiction not only ruins the addicted person's life, but their spouses, children, family and friends suffer right along with them.  The difference is that the alcoholic is slowly killing them self and making their families and friends start to become distant because of the lifestyle the alcoholic leads. So, the alcoholic is losing everything in their life ever so slowly and they don't see it coming until the bottom falls out completely and they hit rock bottom.  Then they may wake up and change their life. It's sad, but true.  Sometimes it takes a huge life upset in order for the alcoholic to realize there is no way to beat this addiction, except to surrender to it once and for all.

Alcohol will certainly ruin your life and others, but you have the power within to stop this poison from destroying everything you have.  All you need to do is admit that you have a problem and then DO SOMETHING about it to correct this addiction you have.

Once you step up to the plate and get out of the denial you are living with and take all the necessary steps to get and stay sober you will see how your life will begin to change in a positive way.  It's all up to you whether you want the life of addiction or a clean and healthy life of sobriety.