Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quit Drinking Alcohol And Start Living Life

Are you in control of your life or is your addiction to alcohol controlling life for you?  Quit drinking alcohol and start living life with doing what you want and doing it sober.

Don't let your demons control your life, because they will certainly do just that, and even more.  They will ruin everything you worked so hard to get in you life.  Alcohol can and will destroy you slow, but sure if you let your drinking get out of hand.  An addiction just doesn't pop up over night.  It takes time as you know.  There is no time frame that you will become addicted to alcohol, because these addictions sneak up on all of us slowly and before you know it, you are asking yourself, "what just happened to my life?" Your life will become out of control.  You will start to think unclear and make bad and hasty decisions.

Things start to happen such as missing work because of a bad night out drinking alcohol.  You begin to argue with your spouse or boy/girl friends.  You begin to get distant from you family and friends so that you can drink in peace with not being hassled by those that love and care for you.

Your addiction starts to take over your life and before you know it your addiction to alcohol is your first priority and everything else becomes secondary, including your own well being and your families and friends.  I can say this because this is what happened to me.  Don't let your addictions run your life, because an addiction will if you are not strong enough to say no more.

You may think it is impossible, but it is very possible to quit drinking alcohol if you have it in your mind and heart to change your life and live it clean and sober.  You need to admit that you have a huge drinking problem, and if you can get out of the denial you have been living in and face the facts you are an alcoholic and need and want help, sobriety will follow.

Granted, it will take much work and strong determination to get and stay sober, but what in life doesn't need hard work to make something good come out of it?

Having a positive attitude in life will indeed help you in quitting drinking.  Many people live their lives in a negative way and think they mean nothing in life, so they drink alcohol to ease the pain of feeling useless.  They are doing this to themselves.  Alcohol certainly helps get you into a negative mode and you then lose your self esteem and feel helpless to your addiction, but the thing is, you are not helpless or useless.  You are a human being and people do love and care about you.  The problem is you are beginning to be blinded by your addiction to alcohol and can't see past your addiction.  You might want to try sobriety out and see just how life can be lived without your addiction being with you.

You have to learn to love yourself and do good for yourself.  Respect yourself and believe in yourself.  There is a life after an addiction, believe it or not.  I thought there was no life at all without carrying my crutch everywhere I went and I am sure many alcoholics feel the same.